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5-Tips to Instantly Brighten Your Moods

Bad days come and go, moods actually do swing, and when you are not feeling so good, even a bad moment can seem a big deal. Achieving happiness has become a cliché, but when you are feeling bright and sunny inside, the stresses of life can just melt away.

Material possessions can give you a temporary boost of excitement. But true contentment with life and yourself comes from immaterial things like care, love, empathy, and honest human connection. Therefore, instead of searching for your next big high, look for things that may shift your mindset about how to be happy.

What causes us to feel low?

Hormonal changes are constantly taking place within our bodies in reaction to external and internal stimuli. In the same context, if someone were to bring themselves close to a negative stimulus, say, substance abuse, they’re going to feel the reflex reaction of the hormones. Hormonal changes that occur due to substance use are erratic, really high highs and lowest of the lows are experienced by the user based on the availability and taking of the substance.

It’s extremely unpleasant to live life merely as a puppet for your hormones. Therefore, to get your life back on track, organizations, like the Palm Beach Institute, offer various treatment options that can help you get your control over your happiness, life, and destiny.

But, if you are a normal, healthy person who is going through a rough patch, is feeling a little depressed, or sad, then you have nothing to worry because we bring you tips on how to brighten your mood instantly. Although achieving happiness should be life-long obsession in learning, these tips will help you turn that frown into a smile this very moment, so that you can feel better to take action and to change your life.

Trying New Recipes:

While eating a box of chocolates might be tempting when you feel low or stressed out, it is usually a bad idea because it can make your moods come crashing down after the sugar high runs out.

Most people munch on junk food when depressed, but what most people who consume junk foods don’t know is that their diet could be causing them depression in the first place. Nutritious snacks like yogurt, whole-grain cereals, blueberries, and salads, can help elevate your mood levels. Consume more vitamin B, which is associated with good mental health

Read Books:

Reading improves memory and may prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Reading books help with your short-term memory, especially when you read a book with many characters and sub-plots, and it engrosses you in a whole new world of imaginations, which leads to a lot of brain activity.

Individuals suffering from depression keep their minds inactive or occupied mainly with negative thoughts. Reading a book can shift your attention from the negative and on to something worthwhile.

The self-help genre has a lot of books where former patients of depression or other mental illnesses and experts of the field highlight their struggle and findings in great detail, dropping nuggets of wisdom now and then to help you along the way. Fiction reading, on the other hand, is a great form of healthy escapism, where you become the characters you read about, experience life from their perspectives, and learn about human nature at a much deeper level.

Listen to Music:

Listening to music has a positive effect on individuals suffering from sadness or stress. Upbeat music will make you feel optimistic, ready to take action, and excited, whereas, slow music will help you relax your mind and muscles. So, which music is best for relieving stress? Drums, flutes, or Indian stringed instruments can help fixing bad moods. Always you can take photos or snaps and share within your friend circle so your mind will be divert and you will feel goodness.

Sometimes forcing yourself to listen to relaxing music will aggravate your mood rather than improve it. In such cases, it is better to look for other music options on the Internet, or ask a close friend or sibling for suggestions.  You get a better handle on situations once your mind is relaxed.


Therapy and medication are viable options for relieving bad moods. But wouldn’t it be more fun to just paint your sorrows away? Art therapy is a trendy therapy option used to elevate people’s moods by helping to draw their focus to the canvas and away from their negative thoughts. Painting has a positive effect on one’s mental health and, of course, leads us to enjoying the pleasures art has to offer. Art therapy helps with creativity and fires up the levels of dopamine—the feel-good hormone—in your brain.


Life is a series of bad and good moments. You can’t always be happy, and you should certainly not remain sad. Especially when you can do something to brighten up your moods. The above-mentioned tips will help you instantly elevate your mood. And, finally, as the famous Monty Python song goes, “always look on the bright side of life.”

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