Hi, I am Bipasha Zaman, a professional writer and the voice of “BiZeeBuzz” (my little corner of the world). Though I’m a professional writer and writing is also my favorite hobby. I always try to share my real-life experiences and thinking through “BiZeeBuzz”.

“BiZeeBuzz”, is an online platform where I share my thinkings with the world. It engaged people with amazing pieces of writings, stories and information about Food, Fashion, Health, Travel, and Beauty & Fitness. Readers can get lots of ideas on the latest styles in fashion can get huge information about foods and can get knowledge of healthy tips & how to stay fit. Here reviewers can get genuine and informative ideas on travel or outing in different places or ways.

Mainly, “BiZeeBuzz”, was created early in 2020, for expanding numerous knowledge or data for the reader, writer and speculator to gain abundant experience. “BiZeeBuzz”, focuses on sharing a different kind of unique and real contents which help the people to enlarge their wisdom globally.