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Is Target Pet Friendly: Are Dogs Allowed In Target?

A Target is a place where you can get all the things you require for your house. However, many of us are pet owners, and we deeply care about our pets. So it is important for us to know that Is target pet friendly. Knowing this is very important as if the place is not pet friendly, we can keep it someplace else while we shop. 

Is Target Pet Friendly?

Several places such as hotels, public establishments, and shops have allowed some pets like cats and dogs inside their premises. Moreover, some places even allow owners to carry pet food with them. However, shopping places such as Target, IKEA, Costo have strict no pet policy. This policy is put into place to ensure that their customers are not threatened by any strange animal in their shops.

So the answer to the question that Is target pet friendly is no. Moreover, Target’s pet policy is the same for its stores all over the country. The only exception they make is that they allow service dogs in their shops. This means that your cat or any kind of pet cannot enter the target with you.

Are Dogs Allowed In Target In 2022?

No, dogs are not allowed inside the target in 2022 unless you are carrying a service dog with yourself. This rule is not restricted to dogs but applies to all kinds of pets that a person may wish to take inside Target.

Some people might think that they will carry their dogs instead of walking them inside the premises. But you should know that you also cannot carry your dog in a carrier at Target. Even if you are carrying a service dog, you are not allowed to enter with it.

What Are Service Dogs?

Service dogs are those which provide physical, psychiatric, sensory, or intellectual aid to their owner’s disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) expects every shop to accommodate service animals. Service animals need to be kept in close range by the owner for the owner’s benefit. And this is the reason why they are allowed into the target.

Types Of Service Dogs Allowed In Target:

Now that you have a fair idea that dogs are allowed inside the target, specifically service dogs. And if you don’t know what service dogs are, here is a complete list of pet dogs that fall under service dogs. 

1. Psychiatric Service Dogs:

These dogs are specially trained to aid people with psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, autism, and sleep disorders. Moreover, these dogs also remind the patients to take their medicines on time. Therefore, these dogs are to be kept close to the owner suffering from these ailments at all times.

2. Medical Alert And Assist Dogs:

When a person suffers from serious ailments such as diabetes or blood pressure, a medical alert and assist dog is very helpful. These dogs can detect the rate of flow of blood and its warmth. They alert the patient on time, saving their life by doing this. Apart from this, these dogs can also provide medical assistance to the owner at times.

3. Seizure Alert And Response Dogs:

Seizures are conditions that are unprecedented, and one cannot have a person attending them at all times. However, you can be safe if you have a seizure alert and response dog with you. These dogs are specially designed to help people when they get seizure attacks. Moreover, these dogs also help you by calling out to people around you, asking them for help.

4. Guide Dogs:

If someone is visually impaired, they require a guide dog, which can easily guide them on their way. Moreover, these dogs also alert their owners when they see any dangers.

5. Mobility Assistance Dogs:

These dogs are known for their ability to help their owners in opening doors, carrying objects to them and helping them perform basic household chores. These dogs are also trained to assist their owners in case of any emergencies.

6. Hearing Dogs:

Hearing dogs are trained for deaf people, and they help their owners reach the places by hearing a certain type of sound coming from it, like the cry of a baby or the sound of the doorbell.

7. Allergy Alert Dogs:

If you are allergic to a certain type of food, you would want to stay away from it at all costs. Thus, allergy alert dogs are ideal for people who are allergic to certain types of food. These dogs can easily detect food constituents by smelling them, alerting the owner.

Dogs Allowed In Target

Why Are Service Dogs Allowed In Target?

Service dogs are allowed in most pet-free areas because they are trained to help their owners in any kind of emergency. These dogs know more about their owners through their sense organs and can alert their owners about any problems that they might be facing inside their bodies.

As their services are crucial to the owner’s well-being, Target allows people to enter with service dogs. Moreover, the owner would be required to show some proof that their dog is a service dog.

Where To Keep  A Non-service Dog At Target?

If you are visiting Target with your dog, you would be required to keep your dog outside. There are a lot of places outside Target where you can keep your dog, and you can choose to tie it to any of those places using a leash.

However, keep the dog in your car if you are skeptical about your dog or have a long shopping session.


So now we know the answer to the question: Is target pet friendly? Target does not welcome any pet unless it is a service dog. So you should try to avoid bringing your pet to the store to create unnecessary issues for you and other fellow customers at the shop. However, if you don’t have any other choice, you can either keep your pet outside the target or keep them at any other pet-friendly store.

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