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What Does Modafinil Do for Mental Health?

Have you used Modafinil or other similar types of stimulants to boost your focus, concentration and memory during exams or work hours?  If yes. Read on to how it works in detail.

The eugeroic this medication used to treat narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and excessive daytime drowsiness.

A number of studies have revealed the processes involved in how this tablet acts within the brain. In this article I will discuss what research has been done on Modafinil and why it works. You can read more information about this medication.

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What Do We Know About Modafinil?

One study looked at subjective feelings of ‘high’ and ‘drugged’ in subjects given modafinil compared to control (sugar pill) conditions, using two different doses (200mg and 400mg). 

They found that both doses caused significantly higher scores on scales measuring these feelings without affecting alertness or performance. This goes against previous claims that Modafinil only causes positive mood effects through indirect dopaminergic mechanisms.

In another study participant tested on attention tasks from which it may inferred. And that Modafinil’s effects occur through alterations to working memory processes mediated by the prefrontal cortex.

Modvigil 200 has also been shown to increase firing rates in the locus coeruleus. Which is a noradrenergic cell group located next to neurons that use dopamine as their neurotransmitter.

This could explain why Modafinil was found to enhance consolidation of information from working memory into long-term memory, because noradrenaline increases information transmission by modulating synaptic plasticity.

More About This Sleeping Drug:

It may also be related to how it increases wakefulness and arousal through its role as an orexin receptor agonist.

Orexins are neuropeptides produced in the hypothalamus and involved in controlling appetite and sleep cycles.

One study found that injection of orex directly into the brain’s cerebral ventricles results in increased alertness and arousal.

Orexin deficiency found to be an important cause of narcolepsy, which Modaheal used to treat.

This suggests the state of decreased orexin levels may be related to feelings of tiredness/sleepiness.

It was also showing that injection of orexin into the ventricles caused a decrease in neuronal activity through increased alertness – this could help explain Modafinil’s stimulatory effects in addition to its interactions with dopamine receptors in the prefrontal cortex.

As well as its role in memory function, it indicated that Modafinil improves inhibitory control processes involved in behavioral inhibition.

These are processes that allow us to stop a particular action or behaviour, such as removing our hand from a hot stove.

Modafinil found to promote inhibitory neurotransmission in the D1-type medium spiny neurons of the nucleus accumbens.

Stimulating these neurons increases stopping accuracy on some tasks that require inhibition. And this theorized to be due to increased levels of dopamine within the prefrontal cortex.

What about Modafinil’s effects on creativity?

Positive effects have been noted following Modafinil administration on numerous creative parameters using divergent thinking tasks, including number of ideas generated and originality of responses.

There were also no adverse effects on task performance or mood when performing these cognitive tasks.

One study found that genetic influences on creativity in healthy individuals are mediating by the dopamine system.

Another study found that Modafinil increased subjective feelings of ‘high’ and ‘stimulated’ in addition to reducing fatigue when performing tasks requiring sustained focus.

But also resulted in more negative responses on other parameters – specifically mood and drive after the task finished.

In addition, there have been studies which indicate that Modafinil has positive effects on working memory processes.

These findings provide evidence for Modafinil’s ability to enhance cognitive performance at least under some conditions through its actions on neurotransmitter systems within certain areas of the brain.

How Modalert Works?

This drug known to affect specific cells and pathways in the brain that control alertness, attention, learning and motivation. 

In particular, it stimulates the hypocretin neurons which are locating in a part of the hypothalamus called the posterior lateral hypothalamus or PLH.

Also referred to as HCRT, these cells activate when a person is awake and becomes inactive when he falls asleep.  Modafinil works by binding itself to hypocretin receptors thereby leading to activation of the neurons.

In addition, Modalert also promotes release of glutamate neurotransmitters from an important projection from these cells called the orexin/hypocretin projection.

Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter that enhances memory by triggering release of dopamine leading to increased focus and attention during tasks. 

Also, the drug causes release of histamine which promotes wakefulness further making Modalert 200 even more effective in boosting mental cognition.

Benefits of Using Modafinil for Mental health

Modalert (Modafinil) has several benefits ranging from improving cognitive performance or mental health. And greater productivity at work or studies, improved mood and energy levels among other advantages. 

Some people use it for recreational purposes to enhance their alertness while partying or engaging in sexual intercourse with their loved partners.


Modafinil is a substance that wakes you up and makes you feel energetic/adrenaline-like effects. It noted to improve memory processes though it also has other effects on the central nervous system.

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