Terms Of Use

Readers and viewers welcome the terms and use of BiZeeBuzz. A digital site created solely to provide you with information about Business, Technology, Beauty, Food, Fashion, Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel, Society, and the world. We strongly oppose any content spreading hatred or sexual violence. 

Your privacy is our topmost priority. Before you start using the start you must read the terms of use. Only if you agree with our terms of use you can start using the site. So you must read it carefully and agree to it to proceed further with the site and its content. You must follow the site’s instructions of use to avoid any confusion. 

You need to know that we don’t use any of your personal information nor do we share it with a third party. It is only shared with the third party once we know their privacy policy governing the data and information. We only send you cookies after your permission and not without it. The terms and conditions of use and services were last updated on June 15th, 2022. 

General Notes: 

Whenever information from others is disclosed the sources must be mentioned. If someone else is using our information elsewhere then it’s mandatory to mention our author or publisher or should be hyperlinked to trusted websites. The blogs that we publish are copyrighted by themselves. When it comes to images we only publish royalty and copyright-free images with our blog posts. We don’t use images that are not authorized to be published without royalty or the images having copyright. 

The content on our websites is written by ourselves or by freelance writers. We make sure that the content is 100% original and unpublished. The content we provide is solely to provide information to our readers. Any content that may spread hate or negativity does not come under our policies for providing the content. We also don’t publish satire or humorous content as it may offend some people. 

Article Submission: 

As responsible media, we strongly oppose hatred, sexual violence, sectarianism, hatred, orthodoxy, and so on. We don’t publish personal opinions so if anyone is harmed by it the responsibility doesn’t come to us. Our policies are 100% transparent and the content is 100% authentic and original. We only publish the content from some information sources. It can either be from the government or any other organization, national or international. We prefer content that helps people explore ideas and make them curious to innovate and explore more. 

If anyone has any objection with the content available on our site or finds it offending then the person needs to inform us by sending a mail. We only recommend and accept criticism as far as it is healthy. And we ensure that only high-quality and authentic articles are published on our site. 

Use Of Cookies:

Yes. But first, you should know what are cookies. Cookies are small files that are transferred to your computer’s hard drive through the service provider’s system. This enables the service provider’s computer to capture and remember some information about you to offer you an improved experience in the future. Your permission is required for cookies to be sent to your system. It can only happen if you allow the cookies while the site is opened. If you disable the cookies it won’t be possible for the service providers to capture or remember your information. 

You can change the settings of your computer to notify you whenever a cookie is sent on your computer or you can also turn off all the cookies. The browser’s settings can be modified to allow or disallow cookies. If you turn cookies off, your site experience might not be as efficient as it is when the cookies are allowed. There is a possibility that Some of the features may not function properly making your overall experience less effective. 

Modification Of Terms Of Use:

BiZeeBuzz holds the right to modify its policy and terms of use anytime. It has to come into practice from the time it is uploaded. We recommend our users keep checking it from time to time and get updated about all the modifications done to the terms of use or services. 


BiZeeBuzz does not entertain any kind of advertisements on the site. Sharing information with any third party is not a part of our privacy policy. To allow advertisement the information had to be shared with a third party which can harm the privacy of our readers and viewers. So we don’t allow any advertisement on the site keeping the data and privacy of our users intact. 

Third Parties: 

Just like the user’s information on social media is governed by the companies owning them similarly the user’s information with the third party is also governed by their privacy policy. 

We only gather your information when you register on our site or subscribe to a newsletter or anything of that sort. 

We don’t share our reader’s information with the third party, especially with those longing to advertise. BiZeeBuzz only shares information after knowing the third party’s policies. This information does not contain your private information and whatever information we share it is after your permission.