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Upcoming Star Seven Sirius Benjamin, Son Of Andre 3000

Seven Sirius Benjamin, a very popular star kid, has lived his life with his legendary parents. Similarly, Sirius is also expected by everyone to become like his parents and carry on his name and fame to the next generation. Let’s see all about this upcoming star.

It seems that the life of a celebrity kid is awesome, but sometimes it is not true. In many cases we see, being a star kid is the most difficult aspect of living with your whole life. Though it is good to be known by everyone, people following your every step may feel insecure and irritated many times. As a star kid, there is a lot of burden and tough challenges to becoming like their parents.

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Who is Seven Sirius Benjamin?

Seven Sirius Benjamin is the son of legendary Hip Hop singer, songwriter, actor, and rapper, Andre 3000. His mother was an outstanding actress, record producer, singer, and actress, Erykah Badu. She is also known as the Queen of Neo-Soul. Sirius Benjamin is an American simple man born on 18th November 1997. His birthplace is Dallas Texas, United States.

Seven’s mother revealed in one of her posts that he studied botany in college. Nothing more can be said about him because he is not very active on social media.

Rise To Fame:

Seven Sirius Benjamin is an introverted person and he does not like much to come into the public’s attention. He came into the spotlight because of his father, Andre 3000, and his mother, Erykah Badu. Seven looks similar to his father, though there are very few photos of Seven Sirius.

As a celebrity kid, he is under a lot of pressure to appear on any big stage. It is believed by the fans of his parents that Seven Sirius Benjamin is an upcoming star.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Appearance:

Seven Sirius Benjamin mostly keeps his life private and is a little shy to come to the public’s attention. He has good taste in music and has talent in lyrics just like his father, Andre 3000. He made his surprise visit to Kid Kraddick: In The Morning. From there, Andre Reveals that his son can rap, but he wants to keep this private and not let people know about his rapping.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Family Life:

Seven Sirius Benjamin Family Life

Everyone knows about his legendary mother and father. But there is still something left when it comes to the family of Seven Sirius Benjamin. The grandparents of seven are very down-to-earth people, and they led a common life.

The grandmother of Sirius was Sharon Benjamin, a single mother. She was a real estate agent. His grandfather, Lawrence Harvey was a simple collection agent. They both died in 2013 and 2014, respectively. However, until 1999, Seven Sirius Benjamin was the only son of Erykah, but later she had two more girls. Both the girls are from another father, not with Andre Benjamin. Thus, Seven has two stepsisters named Mars Merkaba, and Puma Sabti Curry. 

Seven Sirius Benjamin parents: 

The parents of Seven Sirius Benjamin are well-known and popular figures in their fields. His parents are Andre Lauren Benjamin, popularly called André 3000, and Erica Abi Wright also named Erykah Badu. Seven Sirius Benjamin is the single child of this lovely couple. But in 1999, when Sirius was one and a half years old, his parents got separated. They remained in a relationship for approximately four years from 1995 to 1999.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Age:

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on November 18, 1997, and now he is 24 years old, but this November 2022, he will turn 25. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Moreover, his nationality is American, but his ethnicity is African American.

Short wiki:

  • Name: Seven Sirius Benjamin
  • Date of birth: November 18, 1997
  • Place of birth: Dallas in Texas, United States
  • Father: Andre Lauren Benjamin (Andre 3000)
  • Mother: Erykah Badu (Erica Abi Wright)
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Average height. (not known, but assumed to be 5 feet 6 inches)
  • Weight: Not known, as Seven Sirius never shares his personal information.

Personal Life:

The personal life of Seven Sirius Benjamin is not well known, as he is not very active on social media. There are no details about his educational background or career. However, it is believed that he went to high school in his hometown Texas, United States. Similarly, there is no valid proof of any of his relationships, so it is still unknown if he is engaged or seeing someone.

Height & Weight:

Seven Sirius Benjamin is of average height and weight. There is no detailed information about his physical attributes. With the view of his photos posted by his parents, it is believed that he is definitely an attractive chunk.

Net Worth:

The net worth of Seven Sirius Benjamin is not known yet, as he is still pursuing his studies. It is said that he has a great interest in music, so it is sure he is an upcoming star just like his parent. As he is the only son of his parents, he has got everything from them. However, Andre  3000, has a net worth of 35 million dollars, and his mother, Erykah has a net worth of 10 million dollars.

Social Media:

The young Seven Sirius Benjamin is not very active on social media. His pictures go viral only when his parents post them on Instagram. Seven posts very few pictures on social media, as he is not like other celebrity kids, who post dozens of pictures every day. Seven Sirius is obviously a quiet person.

Bottom Line:

Now that we know all about him, we can say, he is really a handsome person with an average height, judging from his posted pictures. Though his career or profession is not well known, it is assumed that he is going to join his parent’s music profession really soon.

Moreover, there is no need to calculate the income or net worth of Seven Sirius Benjamin, as his parents are already one of the richest music stars in the music industry. Besides being a secretive person, Seven Sirius is a very childish and naughty person in his family and has a good relationship with his step sisters too. This shows how sweet and lovely a person he is from the heart.

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