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Marla Heyman | Things To Know About Paul Heyman Ex-Wife

Marla Heyman is an American woman who is well-known as Paul Herman’s ex-wife. She was born and raised in an American family. 

Marla Heyman gained popularity as the ex-wife of a Jewish American producer and wrestling manager Paul Herman. She came into the limelight after their relationship went public. 

Who Is Marla Heyman?

Marla Heyman is a very famous American woman. She is well-recognized as Paul Herman’s ex-wife. They united in wedlock after being together for a long time. 

Marla Heyman gained public attention when rumors spread about her relationship with Paul Heyman. However, after the divorce, she is no longer seen on cameras so it’s hard to keep up with her personal life. 

Marla Heyman’s Wiki:

Marla Heyman is an American-born mixed-breed woman. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. She was born in the United States of America and is Christian by religion. Marla got fame for being Paul Heyman’s ex-wife. She gained popularity when they got married. However, after a while, they got separated. 

Their love affair and marriage were very confidential as she likes to keep her life private. She doesn’t use any social media handles so it’s quite difficult to gain her personal information. There is not enough information about her on the internet. So in this article, we will tell you all about Marla Heyman

Who Is Marla Heyman

Husband Paul Heyman:

Paul Heyman is an American former promoter, professional wrestling manager, and executive. He was born on September 11, 1965, and is now fifty-seven years old. Paul Heyman holds an American nationality and was raised in the American culture. He got married to Marla and has two children. However soon after their marriage, they got separated. He got custody of both children. His net worth is ten million. 

Marla And Paul’s Wedding:

The relationship between Paul Heyman and Marla Heyman was kept secret. Their marriage was also held secretly. However, they got separated after some time. The exact date of their marriage and divorce is still unknown. Marla likes to keep her private life away from public interest so not much information about her personal life is available. 

Early Life:

Marla Heyman’s exact date of birth is unknown. She was born in the United States of America. Her family and friends are unknown. She persuaded her early education at the American Friendship Residential school. She also went to Princeton University. However, her full education is unknown. She got married to a famous American wrestling manager Paul Heyman but the marriage didn’t last for very long and they got separated. 


Marla Heyman is not a celebrity. She got famous for her marriage and divorce from a famous American wrestling manager and former promoter Paul Heyman. Her age is not known. However, it is assumed that she is in her early forties. Her previous life is not mentioned on the internet. She doesn’t like to be a public figure. 

Height And Weight:

Marla Heyman is a very professional lady. Despite being famous for her married life she knows well how to keep her personal and public life separate. She never disclosed her personal information to anyone. However, as per reports, her height is 172cm or 5’8 feet inches. She is 55kgs in weight. 


Marla doesn’t like to disclose anything about herself publicly. So her parent’s and siblings’ information is not available. After dating Paul Heyman for a long time she got married to him. Although the marriage date is not clear. They have two children but after getting separated from her husband she didn’t get custody of any of her children. 

Love Life:

Due to a lack of information, it’s hard to say if she is dating someone right now. However, as per reports she only had one love affair with her ex-husband Paul Heyman. Before getting married they were in a romantic relationship for a long phase of time.

Even so, they got divorced after some time as it is said that they were not able to maintain their love life. There is no information about their relationship after the divorce. They also have two children. According to sources they are not seeing anyone and living their life separately. 


After getting married to Paul Heyman, Marla Heyman had two children. In the year 2002, they were blessed with their first child, a daughter Azalea Heyman. In the year 2004, they welcomed their son Jacob Heyman. However, after getting divorced from Paul he got custody of both their children. 

Net Income:

Marla Heyman got fame for marrying Paul Heyman, a well-known American celebrity. She doesn’t have any celebrity background due to which her personal life information is not available. So it’s hard to assume her net income. 

However, since her ex-husband, Paul is a well-stabilized wrestling manager, former promoter, and executive so his net worth is pretty well. 

Social Media Accounts:

Marla Heyman does not like to use social media. She is a very practical woman and keeps her private life confidential. However, she has a lot of fan following on her Instagram account. She often refers to her fans as her family. 


Who is Marla Heyman? 

Marla Heyman is an American woman who is married to a famous American wrestling manager and promoter Paul Heyman. 

Who is Paul Heyman married to? 

Paul Heyman married an American lady Marla. She is an American woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. Her personal life information is confidential. 

How does Marla Heyman become famous? 

Marla Heyman is well known as Paul Heyman’s ex-wife. He is a famous American wrestling manager, promoter, and executive. 

When does Paul Heyman and Marla Heyman got married? 

Well, it’s not mentioned when Paul and Marla got married. However, after dating for a long time they got married secretly. 

How many children does Marla Heyman have? 

After getting married to Paul Heyman Marla Heyman have two children. She had a daughter in 2002 and a son in 2004. However, after getting divorced from Paul the custody of the children went to him.

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