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How to Drive Customers Towards Your Self Storage Business

With millennials becoming more career-oriented and currently being at the most productive stage of their lives, their priorities change considerably. As a result, businesses have to understand the requirements and proclivity of this new breed of customers to attract them to their services. The same goes for the self-storage businesses looking to bind their existing customers or attract more. Today, young people have a very active life; they don’t prefer to stay in one place, instead, roam around the world. This can be one of the many reasons that the young generation is not buying houses the way they traditionally did. Another reason is that the prices of houses are hitting the roof, so why would you want to invest in something that you don’t use year-round. This is where the need for self storage business units comes into play.

There could be various other reasons for people to choose self-storage units. Families might be looking to downsize and move to a cheaper property, or they might be moving to enjoy the village life for some time. Whatever the reason for moving out, the self-storage business is booming, helping them plan. But with more success comes the competitors who want to take a chunk out of your success. So, with growing competition among self-storage businesses in the market, are there adequate techniques for self storage marketing today? If you are in this business, do you have enough ideas to drive customers to your self-storage? If not, have a look at the ones mentioned below.

Offer Small Storage Units:

With more people renting houses than buying, they will undoubtedly be short of space to adjust their belongings. Frequently stored items include kids’ toys, bicycles, electrical appliances, old furniture, shoes, clothes, etc. So, many people looking for storage units might want to use them as a detached closet away from their house. Therefore, large storage units might be too big for them, so make sure to have smaller units available in your facility. Moreover, they might be visiting their closet several times a week to take some things out and put others back.

Develop A User-Friendly Website:

With a smartphone on your palm, you have the entire world snugged inside a device. Your customers use this same device when they look for a self-storage unit. So, understand the search process of your customers to attract them to you. So, businesses need to understand the inevitability of maintaining a user-friendly website. People come to your website to know about the rates, availability of storage units for rent or talk to the manager. Therefore, make sure they easily get everything they look for. Moreover, make it easy to rent online and look at the storage units with a well-curated gallery and a hassle-free payment system.

Run Google Ads:

Often businesses try to fight back their competitor by using their strategies; the same can happen in your ad campaigns. If your competitors are running online ads, you must try them too. One of the ways is to run Google ads since it has become the most widely used search engine in the current times. The ads come at the top of the search, so it is your chance to grab your customer’s attention when they start their searching process.

Google has made these ads very prominent, so more people click on them and land on your website. Over the years, they have moved far ahead from a few words to adding long sentences describing your services. Ads can also be turned on or off; their reach can also be tweaked depending on your budget.

Capitalize On The Power Of Positive Word Of Mouth:

You might be investing a lot in online adverts, but you cannot deny the power of word of mouth that never goes out of trend. Since old times, businesses have depended on positive word of mouth and referral marketing to convey their message to their audience. Positive word of mouth directly influence the thinking of people who still believe the word of those they trust. They might not know you or your service, but they will believe if you have been referred to them through their relatives. This is the power and influence of word of mouth that can sway people’s loyalties.

You can spread the positive word about your service by introducing customer referral programs. By them, you can reward your old customers with discounts and coupons who refer your services to their peers and family. However, when making your discount deals, make sure to design them to attract new customers but not at the outlay of your own business.

SEO Of Your Self-Storage Business Website:

The purpose of SEO is to promote your online presence by increasing your website’s visibility to your potential customers. Your website has no purpose if people can’t find it online. Therefore, optimize your site to rank it above others in the search results of the search engine.

You can optimize your website by adding searchable keywords and terms. Searchable keywords are those words or a group of words that people frequently type to look for storage units. Some businesses want to target their local audience, adding content that emphasizes their location. They also mention their location with searchable keywords. Some notable aspects of SEO of a website include the speed of your website, more focus on user experience, and relevant and credible on-page content that offers value.

Have Well-Managed Social Media Pages:

Rules of marketing have completely changed now. Few people are reading pamphlets and brochures today, but you will find thousands of them getting the same information through various social media platforms. Therefore, make sure your self-storage business targets these social media addicts too. Have your pages and accounts on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., to reach them.

The first rule is to think and behave the way your customers do and have your services ready for them. If you target a young audience, you much know their living style and behavior. The same rule applies to all other customers. Moreover, if you intend to stand out among the crowd, be ready to implement innovative marketing strategies.

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