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Help With Decluttering and Get Organized

Most people have a bit of clutter in their lives. From rooms which need to be cleaned out to the closet space which has been avoided there is usually something with which we can have help with decluttering. Do not worry, getting organized can be accomplished with minimal stress and strain. If you have a space which needs to be decluttered, here are a few tips to get you started.

Have a plan:

One of the key areas in which focus is on planning. This helps you to avoid taking on too much at one time. When decluttering, one of the problems which many fall into is trying to organize everything at once. This is a sure way in which to become overwhelmed. Try to plan on taking on one room or space at a time. If the room is large and has a ton of clutter, focus your plan on certain areas of the room. For example, if you have a guest room which has become a storage room or sorts, you may want to first focus on getting the clutter out of the main space, then move to the closet, and finally finish with the nightstands and dressers. 

Plan to take on what you can handle. If you need help with decluttering your space, try to find individuals who can stick to your plan. True, you can both work on separate parts of your plan, but there needs to be a final goal in mind and steps in place to get there. 

Declutter one room at a time:

The best method of organizing and decluttering your life is to take on one space at a time. Know what is best for room to room organization. Certain spaces require more clearing than others. Hallways, for example, should be free of anything which would hinder passage from room to room. Kitchens need to have clear counterspace. Bedrooms can have more stuff within them, but the objects should be arranged in such a way so the person can get from the bed to the closet, bed to the door, or bed to the window without having to step over things.

Room to room organization may require that you have help with decluttering. Ensure that when you declutter, that you find someone that can assist you in determining what needs to be organized, what needs to be shared with others, and what needs to be discarded/recycled.

Items to get rid of:

The main reason why clutter occurs is that the person who gains the objects, does not know what or when to get rid of something. This does not mean that they do not want to declutter their space, but rather that there are factors which keep them from getting rid of something. There are a few simple rules which you can follow to know how to get rid of items. First, get rid of anything that you have not used in a year.

If you have not used it by now, the odds are that you will not use it in the years to come. Either give away the object or recycle/discard it. Second, do not hang onto items because you feel guilty about getting rid of them. Objects which are not used, or you do not like should be gotten rid of. Finally, if you have duplicate items, get rid of one of the items. There is no need to have multiples in most cases. 

Store the sentimental:

While it is important that you sell or share excessive clutter, there are some items which hold sentimental value which should not be gotten rid of. The issue with sentimental items is that they may not be suited for your space. This is especially true of furniture and family heirlooms which tend to be larger and more cumbersome to apartments and smaller homes. Storage Units may be the best option in these situations. Storage units can provide you with a means of keeping the important items in your life.

However, you should be cautious when using a storage unit. It is easy to shift the clutter from your living space to your storage space. Have help with decluttering your sentimental items by invoking a family member’s assistance. The family member will help to keep you on track with the items that need to go into storage, and those which need to be shared with other family members.

Keep it organized:

To have a decluttered life, you will need to keep the space clean and organized after you have performed the initial decluttering. For this, you will need to ensure that you put things back where they are supposed to go. Clean things as you go. By doing so, you will know items which may cause clutter. Avoid keeping items which do not have a place within your space. 

When focusing on keeping your space organized, you should try to refrain from using closets as temporary storage spaces. Many times closets are used for temporary and become the permanent home for objects, cluttering up the space again. While you can use a closet for organization of seasonal objects, such as Christmas decorations, family games, and sports equipment, it should not be used for a storage area of items which you just do not want to get rid of.

Watch where you spend your money:

Perhaps the biggest way in which you can minimize your clutter is to minimize your spending which lends to the clutter. It may not be that you have a huge space which needs decluttering. It could be a movie shelf, a collection of stuffed animals, plates, etc. Anything which requires you to allocate additional space in your house to accommodate for the excess should be evaluated. Is this something which adds to the happiness and the fullness of your life? Can you be happy without having so much of this item or object in your life? If you answered that you can be happy without these items, you may want to spend less on gaining these items and more elsewhere.

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