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PacMan 30th Anniversary – Chase Google Doodle Nostalgia

Pacman 30th anniversary celebration marks the 30th anniversary of the most iconic game ever released. Pac-Man(originally referred to as Puck Man in Japan) continues to amuse new generations of casual gamers. To recall the most admired and recognizable game ever made, Google Doodle brought it back in the year 2010, commemorating its success since it was first released back in the 80s.

Pacman 30th anniversary is immensely popular even today as it was back in the day, leading to multiple sequels, animated TV series, merchandise, and even a hit song.

Pac-Man is still being released in new systems with updated graphics while keeping core gameplay the same. The character can be seen as the mascot of Bandai Namco Entertainment which published the game a few decades ago.

Pac-man 30th anniversary also celebrates the game’s record for being the best-selling game collecting the highest revenue and generating more than $14 billion in sales. 

The game successfully sold 43 million units and has an impressive commercial and pop culture legacy. Undeniably, crowned as one of the best games of all time. 

PacMan 30th Anniversary Chronicle:

On 22nd May 1980, Namco Limited a famous arcade game manufacturer from Japan introduced the world to Pac-man. Toru Iwatani was the lead designer who wanted to design a game that was not violent and could be enjoyed by gamers regardless of age and gender. 

As stated, he wanted to make a game that would be appealing to men and women alike. While he was working on the game he noticed that most games in the arcade were violent and had you killing aliens. 

He also found the environment of most arcades was depressing where only boys hang out. So he started to work on a game that even women and couples could delight in.

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PacMan 30th Anniversary Origin:

There is a fascinating story behind how Toru came up with the main character of Pac-Man. He stated that while staring at a half-eaten pizza the idea for the iconic design came to his mind. The pizza had two slices already eaten and it resembled a mouth to him. 

He got the inspiration to create “Pakuman” which is a straight reference from the Japanese words “paku paku taberu”. This expression is used to describe the sound coming out of your mouth when it is opened and closed intermittently.

This is undoubtedly a very interesting way to come up with an iconic pop culture character that people still love after 30 years.

PacMan 30th Anniversary Setup:

The game’s simple setup could be the reason behind its massive success. The player controls the infamous character through a maze while running away from four ghosts.

Although it does not seem so intimidating, the gameplay gives you a rush as you are always being chased or chasing the ghosts yourself. The feeling of being cornered by ghosts, munching pills, and clearing levels is addictive and fun even in this decade.

Since the game was released back in 1980, and the developer designed it for the arcade, it was primarily played using a joystick and later with arrow keys on PC. 

The main objective of the game is to eat up all 240 pills on every level while avoiding the ghosts. To pull it off the player must always be in motion while navigating the direction of Pac man.

The character’s famous feature has to be its wide opening mouth that he uses to crunch away at pills, cherries, and power dots. This is the only weapon at his disposal that players must decisively to achieve victory.

Even today the music and the sound effects remain popular and people still use them as their notification tones or even ringtone.

The Characters of Pac-Man:

While most of us see the characters as AI that chases you around, you will definitely be surprised to discover that each of the four characters has its own attacking strategies.

The four ghosts also have names that we are unaware of and attack using three different modes namely frightened, scatter, and chase. 

They are called Clyde who is Orange, Blinky red, Pinky as the name suggests pink, and last but not least Inky who is light blue in color.

The strategies used by them are totally random and difficult to predict. However, the game’s veteran has provided some sort of cheat sheet to describe how each character works.

Clyde also known as pokey is recognized for being dangerous in the lower part of the maze. 

Blinky has the nickname Shadow and prefers following Pac-Man but his movement changes to blinking speed after you’ve eaten a lot of dots.

Pinky moves near the walls and doesn’t directly attack or follow you but waits in the corners to the corner and eliminates you.

Perhaps the most unpredictable and menacing character is Inky as he can mimic the strategy of other characters and can be termed the wild card.

The Influence of Pac-Man:

PacMan 30th Anniversary in itself is an indication of the appeal of this retro video game. The game Pac-Man inspired many genres of gaming like strategy and power-ups.  It also made players formulate ways they could beat the game.

This game was the first game to feature cutscenes in a game and nowadays every game features multiple scenes. So we can be grateful to this game for introducing such a concept.

Mainly, the game proved that it doesn’t have to be violent and complicated for people to enjoy a game. A simple maze chase design with cute characters is enough for it to be considered the greatest videogame of all time.

The first person to claim a perfect score of 3,333,360 points (the highest score possible) was William James Mitchell Jr.

The Ending Note:

Google Doodle has a lot of easter eggs to discover and unquestionably PacMan 30th Anniversary has to be the best one yet. It not only provides you with the information but also lets you enjoy the game. 

All you need to do is search for Pac Man in your Google Chrome browser to view the Google Doodle. To play the game simply click on play and you can enjoy the whole game in your browser without needing to download any files. 

In the same, if you want to enjoy the game on your smartphone, simply open the Google Chrome browser and follow the steps mentioned above. The only difference is that you use swiping gestures as opposed to using arrow keys on your desktop.

We must thank Google for letting us enjoy the game for free without any hassle and hopefully, we’ll soon get to enjoy Ms. Pacman too when it celebrates its 35th anniversary.

When Did The Game PacMan 30th Anniversary Development Begin?

The game started development in 1979 by lead designer Toru Iwatani with nine members and the game was released in mid-1980. It took around 1 year and 5 months to make.

Who Was The Inspiration Behind The Main Character Design In PacMan?

The developer came up with the design of the main character by looking at a pizza that was missing two pieces and resembled an open mouth.

How Many Stages Does Pac Man Have?

There are in total 256 stages that a player has to clear without making a single mistake.

To Whom Was The Game Pac-Man Targeted?

The game was mainly targeted at women and also couples, as the developer found the environment of the arcades at that time, was dominated by men.

Did The Game Pac-Man Win Any Record?

It won the prestigious “Best Arcade Game” at the Arcade Awards in 1982 and numerous Game of the Year awards.

Does Pacman 30th Anniversary Hold Any Record?

The game holds the Guinness World Record for being the  “Most Successful Coin-Operated Game” and a total of eight records are held by it.

Does Pacman 30th Anniversary Have Any Sequels?

The game has a lot of sequels and it has been made for a lot of systems again and again for the last three decades. Google Doodle is the last prominent platform where we can enjoy the game.

Why Is Pacman’s 30th Anniversary Important In Pop Culture?

Pac man has inspired a lot of pop culture since its release back in 1980. It’s iconic sound effects and art style has made it popular and inspired merchandise, tv-shows, music, and even movies. The game appeared in films like Pixels, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wreck-it Ralph, and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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