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How To Play Squareword Unlimited Word Game

If Wordle excites you, then squareword is a hot new trend. Regular word games are similar to Wordle, but a new and exciting game form is available here. It is an addictive game because players are presented with new tasks daily. The game helps with coming across new words, which helps improve vocabulary and mental ability.

The motive of the Squareword game is to engage people and help them improve their English. The two-dimensional game requires guessing valid 5-letter words to uncover the mystery of words in a square horizontally and vertically. Let’s discuss all the essential information about square words in the article.

What Is Squareword?

Squareword is an excellent game to pass the time and learn new words whenever played. It gives new goals to do every day, which has kept players hooked on to the game. The squareword org is entertaining, educational, and enjoyable, and it helps improve vocabulary. 

To solve the riddle of the words in a square, one must guess valid five-letter words in a two-dimensional game. Although it is an easy game, it can sometimes be challenging. It is tricky to start the game, as players must pick a legitimate five-letter word that will fit in the square’s first row. 

The first correct word predicted will appear on the square’s top row, and the remaining letters can be combined to make more acceptable words. Then, the player keeps figuring out the next word to fit into the square’s second row. Players are required to keep repeating the process until the square is complete. 

The squareword game gets complex with each correct five-letter word being guessed, revealing more letters and words. The difficulty increases with becoming more advanced in the game, and one must utilize their understanding of word patterns and vocabulary to predict the right words. 

Players can choose new terms from each game, and by playing frequently, anyone can gain confidence and make use of new English words. New tasks and goals are provided, which make the game addictive, and players become consistent with playing. Overall, the game is promoting education along with entertainment.

How To Play Squareword?

Squareword is a straightforward game that requires guessing five letters to reveal the words in the square. The game is similar to Wordle but has additional benefits and two modes for playing. In daily mode, players can play only once daily, but in random mode, players can play as many times as they wish.

The squareword org is simple yet complicated as the number of attempts to complete the task is limited. After figuring out all the words, players must wait and tell the next day’s words to continue playing. The addictive nature and curiosity to complete the task and advance in the game have made it successful. Players generally get 15 attempts to discover the secret word for starting the game. 

After every try, the color of the letters changes to show how close they are to spelling the word correctly. Ten hidden secret words in the square box, both vertical and horizontal, that must be solved. The challenge is the same for all the players. Players can also share their results on social media platforms to boost others’ curiosity.

What Are The Rules For Playing Squareword?

The rules for playing a squareword game are simple, and people get it quickly. As players processed with becoming regular with the game, they became pro within a week. Before starting the game, some basic rules to remember are:-

  • Rule 1:- Players have 15 chances to decipher the hidden words daily, so make fair choices.
  • Rule 2:- For every try, a new five-letter word must be guessed and entered.
  • Rule 3:- Pay attention to the changing color of letters with each try, as it indicates how close the player is to spelling the word correctly.
  • Rule 4:- The word guessed must be the same when arranged horizontally and vertically in a grid inside the square box.
  • Rule 5:- No one can skip to the next level without completing the task assigned for the day.

Step-by-step Guide For Playing Squareword:

1. Getting the game:

The first step to start playing is launching the squarewords App on the device. After opening the App, the player will see a square with grids inside it. Below the grid are some words as clues for making the correct guess. The word can be set from left to right ( horizontally) or from top to bottom (vertically).

2. Paying attention to clues:

Pay close attention to the hints for each word to make the correct guess quickly, as the attempts are limited. Other information about the right word is also available, which can be taken in terms of its meaning or the letters it includes. Some clues are also displayed as puns or wordplay to make it sure and entertaining. Anyone who pays great attention to the clue and takes their time to think can crack the word first.

3. Identifying the Letters: 

Take your time and guess the letter belonging to the empty grid in the square based on the hints. For example, if the clue is “a fruit that is round and orange,” then the precise guess can be “orange,” so use the letters O, R, A, N, G, and E to fill the grids.

4. Identifying the mistakes:

Keep looking for mistakes before proceeding and making the final guess of the word, as there will be only 15 chances to complete squarewords. Make sure the letters in the words match the letters in the clues. Players must wait another day to start if all 15 chances are consumed. 

5. Using strategies:

To solve the problem quickly, the player must apply the standard crossword method, which includes searching for common letters in different words, eliminating the words that are not in use, and focusing on the simpler words first. It makes it much easier to find words without wasting the clue and limited chances.

6. Completing the Grid: 

Once all the words are guessed and no blank space is left in the square, keep guessing some applicable letters to identify and correct the mistakes.

7. Completing the Puzzle: 

Once the grid is filled with correct words, the game app will congratulate the players for completing the puzzle and accomplishing a new level.

8. Sharing the score:

Players can challenge their friends to beat them by sharing their scores on social media or inviting them personally.

Remember that the Squareword game can be challenging sometimes, so one must take the time to figure out the words without wasting 15 chances of the day.


A two-dimensional game of finding new words daily is squareword. Players must guess valid 5-letter words that fit in the grids of the square provided. Playing the word game is entertaining and helps improve vocabulary and mental sharpness. 

With the unique feature of time limits hence, random letters and daily task square word have made their name among the top rankers. Anyone can download the Play Store app and start playing immediately. New levels and achievements are made every day in the gameplay. So, download the App and enjoy the game for yourself.

Can Squareword be played offline?

No, Squareword cannot be played offline; players can only play the game on the official website or online App.

Is Squareword suitable for all ages?

Yes, Squareword is suitable for all ages and can be a fun and educative game for children and adults.

Is Squareword a free game?

Yes, Squareword is a free game that does not require any subscriptions. It can be played just by downloading the App.

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