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Enhance Your Vision By These Powerful 6 Recommendations

Taking our eyes for granted and working prolonged hours on bright screens often leads to various eye-related diseases. We can experience eye redness, loss of vision, eye strain, blurred vision, cataracts, dry eyes, eye discomfort, and much more. Henceforth, doctors always recommend having regular eye examinations to detect any eye problems. 

But how do you keep your eyes fresh, healthy, and comfortable after working prolonged hours of working on laptop screens? First, ensure that you are using impactable quality prescription eyeglasses.

You can also buy the latest Vincent Chase glasses from Lenskart. This write-up highlights the best six recommendations for keeping your eyes healthy. Let’s explore the points together:

6 Powerful Handy Tips Ensuring Disease-Free Eyes:

The best six tips we are jotting down to improve the quality of eyesight. If you follow these below-mentioned tips, you’ll never face eyesight issues in life. In addition to these tips, ensure that you keep washing the eyes twice or thrice a day and can also use the eye-drop after the doctor’s consultation. 

1. Prefer Nutrient-Rich & Balanced Diet:

To save your eyesight from common spreading eye diseases, you should incorporate a balanced diet into your lifestyle. So, what kind of food is good? You can have food that is a good source of Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Here is the list of the food encompassing the above nutrients:

  • Broccoli & Brussels Sprouts
  • Green veggies, including Kale, Spinach, and Collard Greens
  • Legumes and Beans
  • Squash
  • Seeds and Sunflower Nuts
  • Eggs

This way, you enhance your eyesight and improve your body health. The nutrient-rich food is also suitable for optimal body health. Besides, well-balanced food also mitigates the risk of blindness among aged people. 

2. Relax Eye Muscles With Eye Exercises:

Various eye exercises assist us in enhancing our vision, like, near and far focus, blinking, palming, pencil push-ups, and much more. In addition, you must emphasize developing the habit of regular physical exercise, which is also responsible for the eye’s health. Yes, owing to overweight issues, people experiencing Diabetes Type-2 are more likely to fall into eye disease. The overweight issues result in massive damage to the tiny blood vessels of the eyes. Hence, ensure a regular walk for a minimum of 30 minutes daily to keep your body and eyes fit.

3. Steer Clear of Smoking:

Smoking is not harmful to our health but also to our eyes. Unfortunately, it can give birth to cataract disease in the eyes. Further, it can damage the optic nerve and lead to macular degeneration in the eyes. If you are experiencing problems in quitting smoking habits, consider consulting with a professional therapist. It’s indispensable to shun smoking; otherwise, you could soon fall under Glaucoma and dry eye syndrome. 

4. Sunglasses Act as a Great Eye Protector:

Sunglasses are a great protector when we have to go outside into the sun. It saves us from the sun’s UV exposure which is quite harmful to our eyes. Excessive exposure to sunlight may lead to cataracts and temporary blindness. But wearing high-quality sunglasses or shades can protect you from the UV rays. Furthermore, if you have to work on a computer or laptop for more than 8 hours, you must adhere to extra precautions like purchasing the prescribed eyeglasses and having a balanced diet. 

5. Take Proper Eyes Break:

While working on the bright or digital screens, ensure that your eyes take little breaks, like once every 30 minutes. For example, you can close your eyes for 15 to 20 seconds and let them relax. As a result, the eyes get some moisture. If you continuously work on the computer or laptop screen, it may cause CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), resulting in eye pain, discomfort, stain, and blurry vision. Always wear eyeglasses while using the laptop. You can purchase the Lenskart Vincent Chase frames, which ensure 100% high-quality with prescription. 

6. Proper Adjustment of Light:

When working on digital screens, it’s crucial to adjust the lights in the office or home. It shouldn’t be harsh; otherwise, it causes eye strain and pain. You can turn off the few lights if possible and ensure that no window light is affecting the computer screen through the window. Furthermore, you can also adjust the computer’s screen brightness allowing you to work on the screens comfortably. 

The Daily Recommendations to Promote Healthy Eyes:

When you consume the daily recommendations mentioned below, eye-related diseases will be far away from you. You won’t feel any pain, stain, or blurred vision in your eyes. 

  • 10 mg lutein
  • Vitamin C: 500 MG 
  • 2 mg zeaxanthin
  • Vitamin E: Intake of 400 international unit
  • 80 mg of zinc oxide

Wrapping Up:

The above write-up state that never takes the eyes for granted as it is priceless. Follow all the above recommendations to keep the eyes healthy, ensuring the deliverables are done on time. Additionally, it is essential to have enough sleep to promote healthy eyes and the body. Furthermore, always keep your hands clean, and they should be germs-free. If you are looking for eyeglasses, consider the latest Vincent Chase glasses from Lenskart. 

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