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My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person

An authorized Manhwa series titled My School Life Pretending to be a Worthless Person is published by Jung Ji-Hoon, a member of well-recognized ultra media, and written by Sandfairy. The series was published on Naver in August 2022, with a new chapter of the series every week. 

The story is based on the school life of a boy who faced various circumstances and started living as worthless to hide himself from attention. This Manhwa will captivate the reader’s attention and provide an unforgettable reading experience with its 63 chapters. Let’s discuss the plot, turning point, and assumed ending for the story ahead in the article.

What Is The Starting of My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person?

MC Jinsung, the story’s lead, is first seen in the series-opening, pouting after being thrown around like rubbish during his exam. Despite this, some of his classmates embarrassed and tortured him. They band together and beat him to overcome their humiliation and release their frustration. 

None of the students hurt his face or any other visible area. If somebody sees them and reports them, it would be difficult for them. They all know that the individual they harass can eliminate the entire class without breaking a sweat, but students are so arrogant that they don’t even try to find out how powerful he is.

Jinsung was raised by his money-hungry uncle and aunt, who intended to kill him and seize all of the belongings his parents left him. His aunt treated him like a piece of trash, only wanting to see him beaten and swollen so they could make fun of him and feel good about it. 

Jinsung family considered him a burden, and his classmates bullied him for fun. The circumstances in Jinsung’s life gave the title its name: My school life pretending to be a worthless person. Later in the story, Jinsung will rise as a phoenix and hopefully live a beautiful life. 

What Is The Plot Of My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person Novel?

After discovering Edeya, the essence of the human soul, humanity began to materialize. Edeya was the center of society since she was a traditional believer and considered it her weapon. Humankind began to concentrate solely on Edeya’s martial prowess.

The story’s protagonist is Park Jinsung, who has F-rank combat power and an F-rank soul. Jinsung became weak after his high school implemented a compulsory military curriculum and the Edeya rank system, and he endured ten years of being treated with scorn by his peers.

Despite being deeply troubled by the fact that the idea of murdering people consumed his entire being, Park carried on with his life. Park Jinsung was profoundly bothered by the fact that the essence of his soul centered around the concept of killing people, and he continued to live his life while thinking of himself as a useless F-rank.

Will Park Jinsung, possessing a killing soul, be able to subdue his murderous desire and demonstrate that a person’s soul has a different perspective toward life is the real question. The story has intriguing points that capture attention. It will be surprising for the readers to come across something they never imagined would exist.

Why Did Jinsung Pretend To Be A Worthless Person His Entire Life?

Jinsung was one of the most critical students in the story My School Life Pretending to be a Worthless Person, but because of his trauma, he pretended to be a weak person to protect everyone. Since he was unable to manage his desire to kill people and still felt a need to protect everyone, it appeared as though he was forced to live alone and without companions. 

His perspective shifted when he made friends at his school who decided to rescue him from that horrible situation. Additionally, the main character is written nicely and is understandable. He is the typical high school student who experiences bullying, grows stronger over time, and exacts retribution. What will happen in the will is fascinating to know.

Twist Of My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person:

Until everyone around Jisung is dead, he cannot stop himself. His life was awful until one day when he attempted to play the weak child in a school activity, the best student struck him from a blind point. It caused his Edeya to activate, which he quickly controlled, but the top 5 noticed and picked interest in him.

After that, Jisung joined Sungho’s club, where he would teach them non-Edeya combat, hand-to-hand fighting, and Edeya manipulation since they were interested in him and wanted to see him reach his full potential. Here, a new life began for Jisung, as he had been trying to hide himself and live a worthless life throughout his childhood.

An Attempt at Self-Redemption:

Following Park Jinsung’s attempt to regain control over his intriguing but unsettling murderous intent in My School Life Pretending to be a Worthless Person Manhwa is a fascinating comic. Will Park Jinsung, a person who was related to the idea of killing, be able to control the overwhelming need to kill?

Jinsung struggles with the essence of his being as he tries to control his powerful, deadly intent. In a society where soul rankings are essential, Jinsung sets out to question the status and show that a person’s soul hierarchy is not a reliable indicator of their value. Finally, he starts controlling himself to prevent hurting others as he cares for everyone. 

During his practice of protecting people from himself, one day, when Jisung and his friends were outside the classroom, they were ambushed by North Korea’s most fearsome commander, Kim Jung, and his crewmates, who slaughtered several workers there. Despite his best efforts, Park was unable to control his bloodlust after witnessing so much blood and dead bodies. 

Jisung went crazy and slaughtered the majority of the terrorists. He was going to assassinate Kim, but Giyoung got in the way and made him flee. Nevertheless, Park lost control and attacked Giyoung, threatening to murder him.

Fortunately, Park exhausted his energy, passed out, and slept for three days. He worried he might have killed everyone in the building, that the police would arrest him, and that he would lose Kim and all of his friends. Jinsung woke up in a panic but was also relieved that he didn’t kill everyone. 


Although the narrative twist and the characters more than makeup for the lack of a compelling plotline, the novel My School Life Pretending to be a Worthless Person is mediocre and may be similar to other stories. If you stay with the series longer, the first few chapters may seem dull, but it improves.

Consider your options before beginning this series because, save from a few battle scenes and characters, the artwork could be better and appeal to a broader audience. The overall rating for the story is three stars, which is an average rating. 

Is My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person worth reading?

Although many mistakes exist in the storyline, a new reader will love this story. On the other hand, those who read many stories will find the storyline repetitive.

Where to read My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person?

The entire chapter is available on the Kakao page, where readers have to subscribe. Chapters are not translated into English officially, but some unofficial pages have the story in English.

How many chapters are in My School Life, Pretending To Be A Worthless Person?

There are 63 chapters published in the series.

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