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The Kind Older Sister Is No More

The Kind Older Sister Is No More is a Korean novel by Yun Yeo-rum. The novel is about two sisters, Riel and Irene, living together in a family. The story is based on the unwanted situations faced by Irene because of her sister.

The fiction story of a family impacted people quickly and has even become one of the best-selling novels worldwide. The article will be an in-depth discussion of the book and its review, so keep proceeding.

The Storyline of The Kind Older Sister Is No More:

The novel is about the girl Irene who struggles for love and affection in her own family. When you read the novel, you will know that the kind older sister is no more manga. She has to go a lot because of her younger sister Riel in her own family. As Irene realises her position in the family, she decides to work hard on herself to become independent.

She was treated like an unwanted child after Riel was born. Even servants in the house never respected her because of her family’s ill-treatment towards her. It is shocking to come across a family who is blind enough to notice what’s going on in their lives. Everything is blamed on the older sister, even if it’s the younger mistake.

When Irene starts doing something for her family, her sister steals everything from her, leaving her in a dilemma. One day when she could not deal with everything going on with her, she decided to leave the house. 

Later in the story, she comes across Noel Kristan, whose way of thinking is similar to Irene’s. It is most properly shown that both will have a common fate. You must read the novel to know what happens in the story The Kind Older Sister Is No More.

About the Novel: 

The Korean novel was published in 2018 by the author Yun Yeo-rum. The book, in total, has 143 complete chapters on a girl named Irene. The book has done well commercially for the business, with an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

The book was published in Korean and is available in the same format. Offline it is challenging to find the novel in any other language. One can read the novel from online sources in the English language worldwide.

Youth love the storyline, and many can even relate to the characters. The fiction story is written so well that it has strong visual effects on the reader. One can imagine the situations as if they are one of the characters in the story because of the extraordinary form in which the story of The Kind Older Sister Is No More is portrayed.

Meaning of the Title:

As the world changes, so do relationships between siblings. In older times, the elder sister was always there for you, someone you could completely rely on in times of need. However, as time goes on, the kind older sister has disappeared. Her presence, love, and unconditional support are becoming a thing of the past.

The kind older sister always played a crucial role in her younger sibling’s upbringing. She is always there to care for them, teach them new things, and guide them through life. Elder sisters are the most responsible individuals in a family.

The older sister is the one who would always give her a helping hand whenever they needed it. Her love was never conditional, and she would never judge them on their mistakes. She was a second mother, a guide, and a confidant.

However, in today’s day and age, things have changed. The kind older sister is no longer around. The relationship that once existed between siblings has been replaced with a more distant one. Several reasons include the increasing demands of modern life and the ever-growing distance between generations.

The novel The Kind Older Sister Is No More is similar to the story of a Kind older sister Irene who has to go through unwanted circumstances because of her younger brother Riel. The story is emotional and heart-wrenching, making you feel for the character.

Review of The Kind Older Sister Is No More:

The audience has mixed feelings about the story. Some expressed sadness for the lead because of the family’s favoritism among their children. At the same time, some praise the character for being strong and reliable. 

Everyone expresses that the original, as well as the translation, is at the point. The dynamic between the family members is the real deal. The drama in the story is emotionally challenging to read. The starting gives a good feeling of a hopeful ending, which takes the reader ahead. 

There is a roller coaster ride of emotion among the reader because of the ill-treatment received by Irene from her own family. The enthusiasm is increased as one goes from one chapter to another to know how the kind older sister finally ends up. 

The pity goes on to the family, who barely cares about their older one and gives all their attention to the younger one. The hope is high among the audience for Irene to end up with Noel. To know whether the novel has a happy ending, you have to read it for yourself as I don’t want to give you the kind older sister is no more spoiler.  


The novel is a real trip full of emotions and unpredictability. The story is a dynamic of love and loss faced by an older sister. The rating has been comparatively high, and the review is also positive. The book has placed itself among one of the most popular novels in Korea.

The novel is a must-read suggestion by the majority. If you read this article, you are surely considering reading something different. You must read the novel to know how the situation can be in someone’s life, changing the dynamics with living the impact that the kind older sister is no more.

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