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José Trinidad Marín Wiki, Family, Wife, Net Worth & More

José Trinidad Marín, who is popularly known for his ex-wife, Jenni Rivera. Jose is better known as Trino Marin or Dolores Saavedra in the public eye. He is well-known because of his famous ex-wife Jenni and the victim of a prisoner in the prison for 31 years.

We all know Jenni Rivera was a famous American singer, songwriter, actress, and television producer. She was not only an actress but also a businesswoman, philanthropist and spokeswoman. But the evergreen talented actress passed away on 9th December 2012 in Monterrey Mexico in a plane crash. 

There are so many rumors about Jose Trinidad Marin and also some true stories. The famous restaurant manager is now in the jail and survive his life’s 31 years in the jail because of accusing sexual harassment to his own daughters and his sister in law. And the main thing is there is no possibility of getting released from there. 

So we can say that Marin attracted everyone’s attention after the sexual abusing charges to his own daughters Jacquie Rivera and Chiquis and his sister in law named Rosie even when they were children.

In this article we will discuss everything about Trinidad Marin so that everyone can know about his life and his journey.

Who is José Trinidad Marín?

José Trinidad Marín is mainly known as the ex-husband of famous American actress and TV producer and songwriter, Jenni Rivera. The 57years old man’s real name is Trino Marin. However, He changed into born in California, US, on 15th February, 1964.The man has a cute appearance and a wholesome physique.

 His actual name, Trino, is famous. Jose is beginning a Christian own circle of relatives and has combined ancestry. Trino Marin Family had a family call earlier than his marriage to famous actress Jenni Rivera (ex-spouse). José Trinidad Marín Wife is famous within the amusement enterprise for her songwriting, acting, and making song ability.

He is five ft nine inches tall also weighs sixty-seven kg, with a properly-described muscular physique. Trinidad Marin, whose zodiac signal is Aquarius, is of combined ethnicity and also has a combined background. Furthermore, he’s a religious supporter of Christ then a robust believer within the Christian religion.

When it involves Trinidad’s own circle of relatives, there’s little or no facts to be had concerning his parents.  However, had one sibling, whose identification has now no longer but been found out. Jenni changed into his past love even as he changed into excessive faculty.

José changed into the supervisor of a Mexican-American espresso shop. Marin enjoys touring in addition to being attentive to music. His number one supply of earnings comes after his commercial enterprise ventures.

She was pregnant with the primary of her 5 kids, Janney “Chiquis,” whilst she changed into simply 15 years old, in 1985, even as she changed into nevertheless in excessive faculty. Their marriage was terminated due to José’s actual mistreatment of his spouse, Jenni. Marin changed into abusive to Jenni’s sister in addition to his kids

Short Wiki:

  • Name: José Trinidad Marín
  • Date of birth: 15th February, 1964
  • Age: 57 years
  • Height: 5″ 10′
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Color of eye: brown
  • Body measurement: not known
  • Hair color: brown
  • Nickname: Trino
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: American
  • Wife: Jenni Rivera
  • Children: Jacqui Campos, Chiquis Rivera, Michael Marin
  • Occupation: Retired manager of a restaurant

Trino Marin Family:

When it involves Trinidad’s own circle of relatives, there isn’t a whole lot to head on in relation to his parents. He does, however, have a more youthful brother or else sister, whose identification has but to be found out.

According to Jenni Rivera First Husband’s statements, he encountered Jenni Rivera whilst she changed into simplest 15 years vintage and fell in love with Jenni.

At the time of life of 20, Jose Marin Trinidad proposes to Jenni, and that they marry some months far ahead in 1984.

She has become pregnant with “Chiquis,” the primary of her 5 kids, whilst she changed into simplest 15 years vintage, in 1985, even as nevertheless in excessive faculty.

José’s genuine maltreatment of his spouse, Jenni, resulted on the stop in their marriage. Marn changed into abusive to his kids in addition to his ex-sister-in-regulation.

José changed into arrested and condemned to jail for mistreating his own circle of relatives after the own circle of relatives cried out aimed at justice.

Once José changed into a two-decade vintage, José Trinidad Marín married Rivera. Their 3 kids have been born within the year 2000, and they are Chiquis and Michael.

José Trinidad Marín Wife:

Jenni changed into simply excessive faculty whilst she gave delivery to their 1st baby. In June, 1985, each former fan gave delivery to their 1st kid. Chiquis changed into the call given to their firstborn baby, who changed into a female.

Notwithstanding being an adolescent mother, Jenni treated the pressures of excessive faculty properly and progressed on time. They introduced the delivery of their 2nd daughter, Jacqueline, after some years of raising their first child.

Rivera introduced her 1/3 being pregnant in September 1991. Chiquis Rivera Dad’s youngest baby is Michael. Following their divorce, they have been each worried in a prolonged felony warfare over custody of their baby.

Rivera changed into offered custody of kids whilst the courtroom docket dominated in her errand.

All 3 of their kids are finished in separate businesses. Chiquis, accompanied in her mom’s footsteps. Her making a song career has paid rotten generously for her.

His different kids started out their careers by way of English actors in Mexican and American tv series.


José changed into the supervisor of the Mexican-American espresso shop. He enjoys touring in addition to being attentive to music. His number one supply of earnings comes from his commercial enterprise ventures.

Throughout the early levels of his courting with Jenni, Trino labored at lots of occupations. Once he changed into hired as a supervisor at the restaurant, he changed into capable of starting incomes with respectable earnings.

While Jenni changed into a domestic with their kids, he encouraged her to stay at home and take care of them instead of attending school. José Trinidad Marín Wife Rivera, on the other hand, changed into comfy and chose to commit extra while to her kids and domestic.

This minor quarrel quickly escalated into a chief squabble. Jenni changed into first of all adamant, and Trino have become bodily violent towards his spouse due to this.

Height, Weight, Age:

Jose Trinidad Marin is a 57 years old man who is popularly known as famous producer and songwriter, Jenni Rivar’s ex-husband. He was born on 15th February in 1964 in California, United States. He has a healthy physique with a lovely complexion. 

His height is 5 feet and 10 inches with 67 kg of weight. His zodiac sign is Aquarius with a mixed background. He is Christian who is also one of the strong believers of religion.

Jose Trinidad Marin Net Worth:

Jose Trinidad Marin Net Worth

Chiquis Rivera Dad, consistent with the sources, has between 600,000 and 800,000 USD in his possession. Trino changed into sacked from his preceding control position.

Someone had hooked up the rumor that he desired to expand sexual connections together along with his coworkers, consistent with his words. Nevertheless, wondering found out that it changed into by no means a rumor.

One of Jose’s personnel changed into additionally assaulted.

Dead of Jenni:

Jenni Rivera changed her manner to Mexico to perform at a melodic event, which was canceled due to the aircraft crash. On 31st December, 2021, her very last recites have been fulfilled in the Long Island, Jenni’s hometown. She is buried in the All Cemetery and Souls Chapel.

Jenni died in a plane crash on December nine, 2012. She changed into touring in Learjet 25 whilst the incident occurred.

According to several reports, there has been a mild trouble with the aircraft’s engine, which brought on the accident.

The aircraft crashed in Mexico. 6 extra passengers at the side of Rivera exceeded away throughout the aircraft crash.

Current status of José Trinidad Marín:

According to the rumor, it changed into all within the information that Jenni Rivera First Husband changed into getting away from prison for retaining his suitable behavior.

On twenty eighth August, certainly considered one among Trinidad’s colleagues, spoke publicly aimed at the first actual time in a lot of these ages.

According to Marin, he no longer understands something about Jose being liberated from prison. He additionally stated that Marin is in suitable fitness in prison. Some humans additionally signed the petition approximately how Jose have to now no longer launch from prison.

This suggests that humans are nevertheless livid about the movements of Trino then do now no longer need him away. Rosie additionally stated that if Jose is willing, he can take part in certainly one among her conferences. She runs unique saviors then centers of voluptuous harassment.


Q. Who is José Trinidad Marín?

Ans: Jose Trinidad Marin is a 57 years old man who is popularly known as famous producer and songwriter, Jenni Rivar’s ex-husband.

Q. Who is Jenni Rivera First Husband?

Ans: Trinidad Marin was a restaurant manager and the Jenni Rivera First Husband.

Q. Where is Jose now?

Ans: Jose is in the prison now as he was arrested for sexual harassment and will spend in prison for 31 years.

 Q. How old is Trinidad Marin?

Ans: Trinidad Marin is a 57 years old man.

Q. Why he is popularly known?

Ans: He is mainly known for his ex-wife Jenni River who was a famous and well-known songwriter and TV producer.

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