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Wearing Glasses Are Really Helpful For Eyes?

There are so many questions in our minds about the safeties of our eyes. How to protect our eyes from outside? Are glasses necessary to protect our eyes? If glasses protect our eyes then how can we use it? Though spherical eyes are always protected for positional reasons we need extra care of our eyes. Whatever is seen from the outside, the eyes are covered with eyelids. In addition, eyelash and eyewear protect the eyes from dust and dirt. Tear water usually keeps the eyes healthy by washing and destroying dust and pathogens.

There are undoubtedly many benefits to glasses. Yet how annoying it is to those who regularly wear glasses, those who do not wear glasses will never understand. Glasses on the nose, lost hands, loose hands, etc, do not have to worry about the use of glasses. Here the question is wearing glasses really protects our eyes? Yes, somehow glasses protect our eyes in various ways. We should know the proper use of glasses and proper caring of eyes.

How To Protect Our Eyes Following Some Tips?

Here are some tips that protect our eyes:

Proper Use of Light:

The eyes can receive any light at any moment. But to keep the eyes good, low light or intense light should not be done in writing and other activities. During the day, it is better not to look directly at the sun. The light of the tube lights at night is comfortable for the eyes. It is better to read the reflected light when placing the lamp on the wall while studying in the lamp lamps.

Watching TV:

When watching TV, you should watch the TV with a tube light or shade-attached 40 or 60-watt bulb on the back wall of the TV. It’s not okay to watch TV in a completely dark room. During the day, it is better to close the door or window light reflected on the TV screen. Generally, you should watch TV from 10 feet away. However, the TV should not be viewed from less than six feet away. You have to maintain different distances when watching TV in different sizes. It is better not to show shaking, shaking pictures and ghostly shadow pictures. Color TV, color, brightness, and contrast should be seen on the TV. You should not watch TV for a long time; it is good for the eyes to watch TV with occasional breaks.

The Use of Cosmetics:

Cosmetics are harmful to the eyes. Additional cosmetic eyes are more prone to allergic conjunctivitis, blepharitis, sty, etc. If you have dry eyes, use a dry shampoo twice a week to keep your head dry. Otherwise, blepharitis may appear in the eyes of the dryness of the head.

Eye Care during Various Diseases:

Children should take special care in diseases such as hemorrhoids, seizures, whooping cough, diarrhea, etc. If the disease is not treated properly there is a possibility of eye damage Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure are prone to permanent eye damage if not treated properly. Diabetes retinopathy can occur in the eyes if the diabetes is uncontrolled for a long time. In these diseases, regular and accurate control of diabetes or blood pressure can keep the eyes well.

Dust and Polluted Environment:

The eyes should be washed thoroughly with cold and clear water at the end of the day. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight are the enemy of the eye. So it is best to stay away from sunlight. Sunglasses should be worn when sunshine. For those who need to wear glasses, it will be comfortable to use a photochromatic lens. The use of black glasses is important for patients with conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, irritation, and after cataract surgery. It is best to wash the eyes thoroughly with cold and clear water before going to sleep daily to keep the eyes well.

The Use of Glasses:

Those who need eyeglasses should wear eyeglasses at the doctor’s advice. Naturally, around the age of 5, it is difficult to study and see things nearby. At this time, many use their own readymade sight glasses, which are harmful to the eyes. Of course, the ophthalmologist will wear the necessary glasses by examining the eyes. Many people think that if you use glasses at this time, you should use glasses throughout your life. So do not use glasses. If you use glasses at this time, it is good for the eyes or the eyes to see the study or near things. This pressure tends to damage the eye. Glasses should be kept clean at all times. Opaque lenses should not be used.

What To Do When Something Suddenly Falls Into The Eye?

Basically, there is something different from dust, pests, small bricks or pieces of wood to small game balls that can suddenly be seen. Because of these, the eyes are cracked at first, the water continuously through the eyes, when the eyes are irritated and the eyes closed, the eyes become red. If not taken out quickly, rubbing the cornea can cause eye damage to the cornea, and it is not uncommon for the eyes to become blind at one point. If you feel that everyone, especially children, often have eyes that are crippled or itchy, it is not possible to do the job at all. If there is something that is easy to see, then you need to try to get out of cotton buds or cotton with a little help and gently pull out.

Some Tips To Properly Use Of Glasses:

  • There are times when the glasses box cannot be found. Apply a little dark glowing glue to the back of the glasses box, in which you will also find the box in the dark.
  • Clean glasses with fine cotton cloth or soft cloth. Keep clothes close to your hand for this.
  • Clean the glasses with soapy water. Never clean with a cleaner that contains alcohol, ammonia, or vinegar. Glass coating can be damaged in it.
  • Those who work long hours at the computer will benefit from using computer glass.
  • Those who wear glasses should use volumetric masks rather than curly mascaras.
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