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Cierra Wight: Age, Boyfriend, Wiki, Net Worth & Facts

A lot of things happen to a lot of people every day, but we tend to ignore them. Nevertheless, when this happens to our favorite celebrity or star kids, the internet is flooded with the narration of the incident. One such personality is Cierra Wight.

Now the question arises, who is Cierra Wight? She is a young girl who is getting popularity across the globe. Although, the ultimate reason for the popularity is her Wrestling superstar dad Big Show. There are a lot of questions you’ll find yourself struggling with about her. But, not to worry, as we are here to let you all know about some unknown facts about Cierra Wight Instagram.

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#Who is Cierra Wight?

To all those people struggling with the question, who is Cierra Wight? Ease yourself, as this article right here is all that you need to read. Cierra Wight is an American famed personality, public figure, and celebrity kid. She is the firstborn child of the Wrestling Champion Paul Wight aka Big Show. She gained fame because of her father.

Wight is currently pursuing her higher education at the University of West Florida, United States of America. Cierra did her primary schooling at a private high school in Florida. She is a fitness freak, who loves being healthy.  She likes gaming and also takes part in sports activities. Her love for food makes her a foodie and Italian cuisine is her favorite cuisine. Despite being a famous star kid, she wants to create her personality. She wants to make her parents proud and make them known by her name.

#Cierra Wight Wiki:

Till now, your excitement would have increased. So, to keep up with that we will now have a closer look at Cierra Wight Wiki. As of now, we all know, Cierra Weight is an American. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida, US. She was born on 28th November 1998. As of 2021, she is 23 years old. She belongs to the Christian religion.

Cierra has two half-siblings. According to the information, her parents got divorced on 6th February 2020. She currently lives with her father. 

Many are eager to know about Cierra Wight’s height.  According to the reports, she is 5 feet 6 inches or 1.70 m or 170cm. As of, her weight is 60kg or 132lbs and white.

#Short Wiki Details:

Full NameCierra Wight
FatherPaul Donald Wight (Big Show)
MotherMelissa Ann Piavis
StepmotherBess Katramados
Famous AsBig Show’s daughter
Date Of Birth28 November 1998
Age23 years old
Birth SignSagittarius
BirthplaceMiami, Florida, United States of America
CurrentlyTampa, Florida, US
ProfessionNo profession ( she’s currently pursuing graduation)
Height5 feet 6 inches
BoyfriendNot yet disclosed
Marital StatusNot married
Net WorthUSD 300 thousand

#Age, Height, Weight:

Being updated on celebrity life has become a daily custom. Many people want to know about the big show’s daughter’s age. Cierra Wight was born on 28 November 1998 in Florida, United States. According to this information, you may have learned that she turned 23 in 2021. She is the firstborn child of her father Paul Wight and mother Melissa Ann Piavis. She got into the limelight because of her dad who is a professional wrestler, actor, and commentator. Although, Paul tried to keep his daughter away from the media as much as possible.

She eventually gained fame, as she was destined to be a star kid. There is a great difference between Big show and his daughter’s height. Cierra is 5 feet 6 inches tall or 1.70 m or 170 cm. Her current weight is 60kg or 132lbs.


Knowing your favorite famous personality’s family members is a must. So, to know about Big Show’s daughter’s early life read on. Till now, we all know Cierra Wight is the firstborn child of Paul Wight aka Big show. Her mother’s name is Melissa Ann Piavis.

Her parents married on 14th November 1997. But very few of you know that soon after her birth her parents decided to get separated. As a result, Cierra had a very rough childhood. She had to live her early life without constant affection from her family. Her parents got divorced on 6th February 2002.

Later on 11th February 2002, her father tied the knot with Bess Katramados, who is a renowned model, promoter, and fitness trainer. Cierra also has two half-siblings.


We all get excited to know about our favorite celebrity relationships. And if the celebrity is a woman/girl the excitement multiplies. Cierra Wight is too young to get married, as she turned 23 this year. Her relationship status is assumed to be single, as no traces of her boyfriend are found till now. She has maintained her private life a secret and hasn’t declared her boyfriend publicly. Cierra is currently studying so she might be interested in love later.

#Net Worth:

We all get excited to know about the celebrity kids’ net worth, so here it is. Cierra Wight’s net worth is $300,000USD. This net worth is perhaps calculated from her father’s (Paul Wight) wealth. Many people have considered her as a millionaire. But this is not the case with Cierra. We know for the fact that she’s currently pursuing her higher studies and has not been involved in any business. Just imagine if someone could earn such a high amount of money without any profession. It is next to impossible. We hope Cierra excels in her career and achieves everything she desires for.

#Unknown Facts:

Cierra Wight was born into this limelight because of her globally renowned father who is none other than Big show. Though her father tried his best to keep her away from the media but is a Starkid, she eventually got her fame. She is currently unmarried and has no boyfriends, so she is single. Not clear about Cierra Wight’s net worth. However, according to some of the sources, her net worth is valued at $300,000US, which is a part of her father’s wealth. You will be stunned to know that she isn’t active on Instagram or any other social media platforms. She is focusing on her studies currently and might come on social media only after completing her education.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:- Is Cierra Wight a Millionaire?

People get thrilled to know about their favorite celebrities’ net worth. So, this question has been the talk of the town several times. Well, you all know the answer to this question till now. The answer is No, she isn’t. She is currently pursuing her Graduation and is not involved in any profession. Her net worth is calculated from her father’s wealth. She ought to focus on her higher studies at the period.

Q:-Is Cierra Wight on Instagram?

We are all excited about knowing our favorite celebrity Instagram handles. And this question has been asked several times by the Big Show’s Daughter’s admirers, so read below to know the answer. Sorry to disappoint you, readers, Cierra isn’t active on Instagram or any other social media platforms. She tends to have a private personal life and is busy building her career. She isn’t active on Instagram, FB, or Twitter. Wight has been fully devoting her time to her higher studies these days, and can only be on social media after the completion of her studies.

Q:-What is Cierra Wight’s height?

Many people assume that like her father she is also very tall. To your surprise, that’s not the case, she and her father have a very great height difference. Cierra being a girl has an average feminine height. According to the reports, is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Q:-What is Cierra Wight Age?

People are curious to know about Big Show’s daughter’s age and we can guess why. Big Show is a famous wrestler and actor and people are always interested in their favorite celebrity’s personal life.  Cierra was born on 28th November 1998 in Florida, United States of America. According to this, she turned 23 in 2021.

Q:- Has Cierra Wight Appeared on a TV Show?

This question has been asked several times by all Bigg Show fans and Cierra fans. So let me answer this question for you. According to several news channels, she once appeared with her stepmother and sisters in a TV show.

Q:- Is Cierra Wight Married?

Many of the big show’s daughter’s admirers struggle with this question as to the internet flood with fake information. But according to our reports, you would be delighted to learn that she isn’t married. She doesn’t have a boyfriend or at least that not disclosed yet, so she is single.

Q:- Is Big Show’s Daughter Dating Anyone Or Is This A Rumor?

The eldest daughter of the renowned wrestler Big Show is Cierra Wight. As a celebrity kid, she gained fame across the globe. Many people wish to know if she is dating anyone or if this is just a rumor.  The answer to your question is No. As per the reports, she is currently not dating anyone or if she’s dating it isn’t publicly disclosed yet. So, the big show’s daughter is single.

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