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Can Dandruff Causes Hair Loss? [Causes And Prevention]

Dandruff is one of the problems in our hair and everyone wants to know can dandruff causes hair loss? If yes then how to remove dandruff on hair? Dandruff can cause regular itching on the scalp. It is caused by an excess of a type of fungus on the scalp. Let’s find out about the causes, remedies, and prevention of dandruff.

If you ask can dandruff causes hair loss then yes it causes hair loss. As a normal cycle in the scalp, some new cells are always produced and some old cells fall off. But if the old dead cells freeze and the white scales start to fall off and there is itching which we call dandruff. Dry skin on the scalp is caused by an excess of a type of fungus called Malassezia. Let’s find out in detail about the causes, remedies, and prevention of dandruff.

Different Causes Of Dandruff On Scalp:

In fact, dandruff is not a disease or a symptom of a disease. Dandruff is usually caused by the accumulation of dirt in the hair follicles of the head and the effects of fungi. The following are some of the conditions that cause dandruff.

1. Dry Skin:

Dandruff is more common in winter when the humidity in the weather decreases and the skin of the body, as well as the scalp, becomes dry. Dandruff can also be caused by the temperature imbalance caused by the cold air outside and the relatively hot air in the house at this time.

2. Not Combing the Hair Enough:

Dandruff can occur even if the hair is not combed enough. If the hair is combed less, the tendency of the scalp to fall out is much less. This causes dandruff on the head.

3. Use Extra Oil on the Head:

People who use extra oil on their heads are more prone to dandruff infections. Excess used oil accumulates in the hair follicles in the form of piles and later there is an outbreak of fungus which increases the amount of dandruff on the scalp.

Use Extra Oil on the Head

4. Infected With Leukaemia:

Dandruff is more common in people with yeast infections or allergies. This problem is more common in women. The sun’s ultraviolet rays and yeast counteract and increase the risk of dandruff.

5. Not Getting Enough Shampoo:

If not enough shampoo is applied then the scalp remains unclear. This can also cause dandruff.

6. Lack of Proper Diet

Lack of proper diet is also one of the causes of dandruff. The risk of dandruff increases even if the food consumed does not contain adequate amounts of vitamin B and zinc. Eating too much fat can also lead to dandruff.

7. Increased Amount Of Fungus Called Malassezia:

Everyone has a small amount of a type of fungus called Malassezia on their scalp and does not cause any problems. However, if the amount of fungus on the scalp increases excessively, it absorbs the oil secreted by the skin. This causes the scalp to produce extra skin cells. When these extra cells are dead, they mix with the scalp and hair oil to cause dandruff.

8. Excessive Stress:

Excessive stress is also one of the causes of dandruff. Those who are under extra stress are more prone to dandruff.

Excessive Stress

9. Decreased Immunity:

People with low immunity tend to have more dandruff. Dandruff is also more common in people with certain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, stroke, sensitive skin, and skin problems (psoriasis, eczema). A recent study found that most of the people who have HIV are more likely to have dandruff.

10. Due To Water Problems:

Dandruff can also be caused by water problems. If the amount of chlorine in the water is high then the skin becomes dry quickly which can cause dandruff on the head.

Treatment Of Dandruff On Scalp:

Dandruff can be reduced by reducing the amount of fungus called Malassezia on the scalp. Therefore, doctors recommend the use of the only science-based fungicide shampoo Ketoconazole to eliminate dandruff.

The rule of using this shampoo is to wash the hair to remove dandruff, apply shampoo of ketoconazole in it and wait for 5 minutes. Then the hair should be washed well. In this way, using it twice a week for 2-4 weeks will reduce dandruff. People who have regular dandruff can use this shampoo as a preventative after 1 or 2 weeks.

This allows them to stay dandruff-free for a long time. The shampoo also reduces the secretion of oily skin from the oily sebaceous glands which eliminate dandruff. It also reduces itching on the scalp, stops hair loss, and relieves the affected person from embarrassing situations. If one does not have fungal or another eczema, then using this shampoo will cure dandruff 95%. However, if there is an infection or the itching is more, then cream or lotion may be used as per the advice of the doctor.

What To Do To Prevent Dandruff On Scalp?

1. Use Shampoo:

People who often have dandruff can use moderate shampoo on their hair regularly.

Use Shampoo

2. Use A Scarf On The Head:

When you go out, dust accumulates on your head and increases the incidence of dandruff. So a scarf or scarf can be used to overcome this problem.

3. Changes in Eating Habits:

Dietary changes are an important factor in controlling dandruff. Therefore, to keep the scalp good, it is necessary to avoid eating fatty foods including eating lots of vegetables.

4. Cleanliness:

Cleanliness is very important for dandruff-free hair. Dandruff is more if the hair is dirty. So you have to keep trying to take hair care tips and clean regularly.

5. Wet Hair Dries Quickly:

It is not right to tie hair in wet conditions. Therefore, after bathing, the hair should be removed as soon as possible. If necessary, gently comb the hair with a thick tooth comb. In addition, it is better to dry the hair in the air of the fan without using a hairdryer.


Dandruff needs to be treated quickly. Otherwise, this problem can lead to various problems including hair loss. Therefore, in addition to using shampoo to prevent dandruff, it is necessary to stay clean and pay equal attention to food. At the end, I hope this article able to clear your doubt about can dandruff causes hair loss.

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