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Healthy Foods For Children’s Growth And Development

Every one of us knows the fact that we get all the nutritious properties from healthy foods. Healthy foods help our bodies to grow and develop. However, when it comes to our children we become very much conscious about their food. We want to provide the best of the best healthy foods for children’s growth, which will offer them good health and brain too.

Feeding healthy foods to little kids, it is quite a tough job for the entire mothers. They have to struggle a lot to convince them to eat. Sometimes they have to take them out to feed the healthy foods for children’s growth. It is important to provide them all the nutritious properties whether it is vitamin, protein, calcium, mineral, and iron.

Some Of The Healthy Foods For Your Child

Many of us know the thing that we should give our children healthy foods to eat. However, a majority of people do not know which foods will be beneficial for a child’s growth and development. Thus, here I will discuss with you all what should all the mothers offer their kids to eat. Let us have a quick look.

1. Berries:

Between the ages, two to twelve the children grow very fast both mentally or physically. If we do not give them the right food then their growth will be stop and motor skills also. Therefore, it is necessary to give the best healthy foods for children’s growth and activities. Berries are one of the best healthy food for the little ones. All the blueberries and strawberries are very rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and photochemical which protect the healthy cells from damaging and boosting the immunity system.


2. Eggs:

For the growth of the kids, eggs play an important role. The eggs are full of high in protein and vitamins. From the egg, your child can get choline, which will help to develop their brain. Thus you can give one or two eggs every day to your kids as healthy foods for children’s growth.

3. Cow’s Milk:

For the children’s growth and development stages, cow’s milk is very essential. As we, all know the thing that milk helps to strengthen the bones of the body. Milk is full of calcium and phosphorus. You can provide a glass of cow’s milk at breakfast or at dinner.

cow's milk

4. Peanut Butter:

One should include this peanut butter in child growth and development chart foods. From the peanut butter, children will get monounsaturated, which will help them to get energy and protein. One can spread the peanut butter on the bread in the breakfast table.

5. Meat:

Meat is the source of iron and protein. It is another one of the best healthy foods for children’s growth. The irons in the meat optimize the brain’s function and development and support the immunity systems of the children.


6. Wholegrain Foods:

For digestive health and prevent constipation, you should give your children wholegrain foods like brown rice, wholegrain bread, cereals, and biscuits. Sometimes you can alter them with refined grains like white rice and white bread to help them get used to the taste. It is also one of the healthy foods for children’s growth.

7. Fishes:

If you take the help of a doctor then in the children’s growth chart, you will see the fish, which the doctor suggests for your child. Fishes are also very rich in protein, which helps to build healthy muscles and bones. Even the oily fishes like tuna and salmon contain a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids, which is the cause of the development of eyes, nerves, and brains.



Here in this content, I mentioned all those healthy foods that are very important for a child’s growth and development. However, there are, few other foods, which will also help them in this matter such foods, are broccoli, cheese, green vegetables, and colorful fruits.

Indrani Ghosh
Indrani Ghosh
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