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4 Unique Ways to Express Yourself

Madonna once said, “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself” and we couldn’t agree more. She’s the queen of self-expression, even when it might ruffle a few feathers, which is how she’s been so wildly successful. If you’re feeling like your life could use some ruffling up, but are looking for ways to express yourself, look no further! We have four ways to do just that, below.

1. Change Up Your Hair:

Did you know that in the movie, Legally Blonde, Elle Woods never repeats a hairstyle? She has a different one in each scene, they change along with her outfits.

It’s part of Elle’s charm – and it can be part of yours too. Hairstyles are a great way to express yourself, without making any major changes to your appearance.

Of course, using some barrettes, gel, and ponytail holders isn’t the only way to change up your hair. You could also get a drastic cut, dye your hair a different color, or do something subtle but fun, like dip-dyeing your ends. Many workplaces are now easing restrictions for allowed hairstyles and colors, but your handbook before doing anything permanent.

2. Revamp Your Wardrobe by Choosing a Signature Color:

If your favorite color has been blue all your life, who said everything you own can’t be blue? There are so many shades of each hue that you could furnish an entire home – or wardrobe – in one color without trouble.

We’d recommend you keep some basics, like black work pants and jeans, but otherwise, the world is your very specific colored oyster.

If you like this idea but it feels too bold or too expensive, start with something small, like your purses or shoes. That way you can start feeling like you have a signature thing, without throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

3. Dress Up an Old Item With Patches:

Patches are an awesome way to spruce up your jacket or bag. Whether you’re a beginner looking for something simple, or a dapper look. To establish your identity as a brand, consider sporting 4incustompatch patches to express uniquely who you are and the ideas you stand for. A well-made logo with a unique font, specific color scheme and even professional product photography will help you develop a positive image in the marketplace.

Patches are traditionally worn on denim jackets and vests (thanks to Motorcycle enthusiasts), but an old pair of jeans works too. Want to have these colorful statements with your everyday? A canvas backpack or purse is also a great canvas.

Ironing on a patch is so easy, anyone can do it – though kids should have parental supervision.

4. Create an Accent Wall in Your Home:

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your digs, an accent wall is a perfect way to do that. That’s an interior design term, but all it means is that one wall is different than the others, it’s “featured”.

Renters can do this with peel and stick wallpaper, while homeowners can get a little more creative with paint or shiplap. It’ll add a pop of life to your space that you didn’t know you needed.

Always Be You: Finding Ways to Express Yourself

Each person on this planet is unique, and that’s what’s so great about them. Expressing the things you love not only helps you find ways to express yourself, but it can help others connect with you too. At the very least, it’ll at least make a lasting impression on the people around you.

And if you’re not remembered for something, you’ll be forgotten. So be bold and express yourself freely, we’re cheering for you! For more creative life tips, follow our blog.   

I'm Bipasha Zaman, a professional author with vast experience in the research field. Presently, I work for many sites. Also, I have a strong passion for writing creative blogs.


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