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Flakes Aren’t Enough: All About the Best Fish Food for Your Pets

Are you the new owner of a beautiful aquarium? Are you wanting to fill it with energetic fish but aren’t certain how to keep them healthy? With so many people realizing the unique qualities of raising fish as pets in recent years, it’s important that those fish get the best fish food to thrive within their new home. We’ve put together an easy guide that’ll help you learn about the different types of foods available.

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Dry Food:

Fish food flakes are the most iconic type of food for fish, but did you know that there are different types of dry food? Depending on the fish you have in your tank, some dried foods will be better for those fish than others. 


Some fish love the typical flakes that float on the top of the water for a while. They have upturned mouths that make it easy for them to nibble at the flakes. They’ll have trouble eating foods of any other kind. 


Other fish need food that sinks slowly through the water, giving them a chance to swim and eat. These fish often have mouths that point straight out. If the food sinks too fast, they’ll struggle to eat enough but the food disappears to the bottom. 


The last main type of dried fish food is the type that drops to the bottom of the tank and collects there for the bottom-feeders. Their mouths only allow them to eat food on the bottom of the tank. 

Live Food:

There are many types of fish who want something more than fish food pellets. This is where live food options come into play. Live food, such as brine shrimp, are tiny enough for your fish to eat and entice your fish to chase after them to eat. 

It keeps them active and healthy all at the same time. The great thing about live food is that even the pickiest of eaters go after the tiny shrimp!

Fresh Greens:

Did you know that some fish love to nibble on green vegetables like zucchini, lettuce, spinach, and peas? It’s a great way to give your fish extra nutrients while also diversifying their diet. 

Secure the greens to the side of the aquarium or near the bottom of the tank and watch as your fish go straight for them.

If you give your fish this kind of food, you need to remember to replace the greens every day. If left in the water too long, it’ll start to rot and ruin the delicate balance of the aquarium!

Feed Your Watery Friends Only the Best Fish Food Possible:

Although fish stay contained within their aquariums, they’re still a big part of the family. You must give them the type of food they enjoy so that they get all the nutrition they need to thrive. 

Before choosing generic flakes, do your research on which is the best fish food for your finned friends!

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