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Why Virtual Debit Cards Are a Must for Your Business?

Nearly half of small businesses in the U.S. use personal cards to pay for expenses. This can make it difficult to track and keep business transactions separate from personal ones. To stay on top of bookkeeping and budgeting, it’s crucial to get a business card. And if you thought getting a separate card for your business needs to be complicated, think again. Virtual debit cards are one of the latest tools used by businesses to manage expenses and regular payments. Read on to find out why these cards are a must.


If you want to keep your business cards simple, virtual debit cards are one of the most convenient options.

Because these cards require no physical card payment, they can be used by multiple employees. Never worry about who’s holding the card or if someone misplaced it.

They’re also easy to use with just the card information or an app.


A business debit card must have top-notch security features to keep your business and team protected. Thankfully, virtual debit cards offer extra security that other cards may not.

For one, you get the benefits of using a debit card but without revealing any bank account information. Just order your virtual card, connect it to your business bank account, and your sensitive account information and number will remain completely concealed.

These cards are also impossible to clone because they don’t involve any physical card. Never worry about having someone steal or copy your information.

You can also create settings that require authorization for each purchase, giving it an expiration time and issuing a token each time. That way, every purchase is monitored and accounted for.

Easy to Control:

There are many unique features that make virtual cards easy to control and personalize.

You can set spending limits, turn on and off cards when needed, and set recurring payments for things like subscriptions. Learn more about the different controls and features associated with virtual debit cards here.

Tracking Features:

As a business owner or manager, you must stay on top of spending to make sure you don’t go over budget or make reporting errors later.

Virtual debit cards make it easy to track daily business expenses, with everything recorded instantly and digitally. And even if you have a paper receipt, most cards make it easy to upload the receipt and match it to the transaction on the card.

Quick to Sign Up and Receive:

Signing up for a traditional debit card requires setting up a bank account and waiting days for your card to arrive in the mail.

But with a virtual purchase card for business, you can sign up for the card in little time, from the comfort of your home or office. Then, once it’s approved, you can start using it right away.

Get Started With Virtual Debit Cards:

If you need a spending card for your business, look beyond physical cards and opt for virtual debit cards instead. From convenience to a number of useful features, there are several benefits that make these cards perfect for your business transactions.

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