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5 High School Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Kids

In the United States, there are approximately 15 million high school students. Each year, many of these graduate and head off to college, where they’ll begin their adult lives. Thus, it’s no surprise that many parents want to send their child off right with a high school graduation gift they’ll remember forever!

Are you searching for gifts for 2022 grads? If so, keep reading this post as we share five of the best gift ideas

1. Subscriptions:

One of the best gifts for grads is a subscription to a service they can use while at college. Some examples include:

  • Hulu
  • Disney Plus
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Prime

Of course, if your grad is health-conscious or loves to cook, you could sign them up to Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, so they don’t have to worry about shopping for groceries. 

Whatever subscription you choose, make sure they don’t already have it and that it’s something they’ll put to use! 

2. Electronics:

College students need all sorts of electronics to get their school work done. Some items, like laptops and tablets, are essential. So, if they don’t already have one, you could purchase them one as a gift. 

Meanwhile, other electronics and accessories will make their lives a lot easier and help them be productive. Examples include a digital pen, portable battery charger, or headphones. 

3. Mode of Transportation:

Depending on where your child attends college, they may not have access to public transportation. So, if they don’t have a car, it’ll not be easy to get around. That’s why one of the best graduating high school gifts is a vehicle! 

Nevertheless, not all students need a car, especially those who attend college in the city. So you may want to consider getting them a bike or electric scooter instead so they can get around campus faster. 

4. Something Personal:

Some parents prefer to get their child something sentimental for graduation, especially if they already have sorted out practical needs.

So, if that’s the case, you may want to consider giving them a watch or jewelry. You can shop this collection or get your child custom grad gifts with engravings. 

Or you can make them a handmade gift, such as a scrapbook of their school memories or family photos. This is especially a great gift because they’ll be able to flip through the pages when they’re far away and feeling homesick! 

5. Cash or Savings Account:

Unless your child has a part-time job or plans on getting one, they’re likely going to need cash while at college. That’s why some parents choose to give their child graduating some money to help them purchase anything they need during their first year. 

Of course, not all young people make the best financial decisions. So if you want to help your child save up for their future, you can give them a savings account at graduation with some money already in it. 

Give Your Child a High School Graduation Gift They’ll Love!

It can be a real challenge to choose the perfect high school graduation gift, but with the help of this post, you’re on the right track! So start brainstorming what your child needs or wants before going to college in the fall. And, if you still aren’t sure, you can always ask them directly! 

And if you want more advice on finding the perfect gifts for any occasion or shopping guides, be sure to check out more posts on our blog for smart consumers!

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