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What Skills Do You Need to Be a Successful Bookkeeper?

On average, bookkeepers earn around $45,167 every year, which can quickly increase once you develop your skillset.  Successful bookkeepers understand the power behind their skills, from analyzing figures to having a sharp memory. Although it sounds daunting for newbies, with enough studying and practice it’s possible to become an expert in the field. Perhaps you’re hoping to improve your bookkeeping skills, but you’re unsure of which areas to focus on.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top bookkeeper skills to hone. 

Attention to Detail:

Once you’ve brushed up on a bookkeeping course, it’s important to pay great attention to detail. This means you’re accurate when handling a company’s financial data, which reduces the risk of errors. Plus, businesses rely on this for handling critical matters so being laser-focused is a must. 


You’ll notice that all accounting jobs want invoicing skills. During this process, you’ll note down transactions and explain each charge on a bill. To prepare yourself for your bookkeeping career, it’s important to know how to read these documents and figure out what you’re looking for. 


Every successful bookkeeper understands the importance of staying organized. You’ll receive piles of paperwork and countless folders, so knowing how to keep these data safe is crucial. If not, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed and could lose important documents. 


If you want to become a bookkeeper, then you must be transparent. Because you have access to a reservoir of information, team members or clients have complete faith in you to do your job properly. Make sure that you never tamper with the figures or give them to unauthorized employees as it could put your career at risk. 

Technology Skills:

Bookkeepers no longer have to pore over figures with a calculator and pencil. Instead, there’s a huge selection of accounting software that companies use. This means you should familiarize yourself before applying for jobs as it’s likely a deal-breaker. If you are a beginner, you can take a look at Zoho Books review by SmallBusiness HQ to understand the features of a good bookkeeping tool.

Great Memory: 

The top bookkeeping jobs require a sharp mind and memory. You’ll often be confronted with issues that will force you to recall figures, records, or procedures. To stay atop your role, keep the data safe so it’s easy to retrieve when asked. 

Time Management Skills:

Bookkeepers have excellent time management skills, which means they know how to divide their tasks. At the beginning of each day, list your priorities and any upcoming deadlines so you’re not rushing through your tasks. Plus, if you’re a freelancer, you’ll be juggling multiple clients so honing your time management skills is essential. 

Develop Your Bookkeeper Skills Today:

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know which bookkeeper skills to improve.

Make sure you develop your attention to detail abilities, familiarize yourself with the latest accounting software, and learn how to invoice. You should also improve your time management skills and stay organized as it will save you so much stress. Good luck! 

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