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Complete Guide to Selecting and Arranging Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated every year on February 14th. It honors love and affection between partners, family members, friends, or anyone you care about. In the United States, people spend as much as $1.9 billion on flowers alone for valentines. This goes to show just how important valentine’s day flowers are and why you should get your loved one a bouquet. Whether it’s red roses or pink peonies, valentine’s day flowers are a must for your loved one. That said, the real trick comes in choosing the right flowers and the best floral arrangement. 

How do you know which flowers your loved one will love the most? In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on selecting and arranging valentine’s day flowers.

Selecting the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Loved One:

When choosing valentines day flowers for a loved one, there are some important factors to consider. First things first — who’re you trying to impress? You may have a crush you want to surprise with valentine’s day floral arrangements.

Maybe you’re trying to catch the attention of someone you met recently, or you’re getting an arrangement for the love of your life. It could be someone you’ve been living with, someone you’re looking to marry soon, and it could also be a friend.

Whatever the reason for getting valentines day flowers, spend time thinking about what you want. It’s important to choose flowers that are appropriate for said person. Also, you want them to enjoy their flower arrangements, so if they’re allergic to certain flowers, find out what kind and stay away from those.

Picking the Best Types of Valentine’s Day Flowers:

Choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s Day can be tricky. There are so many options, how do you know which ones will say “I love you” the loudest to your special someone? Here’s a list of some of the top Valentine’s Day flower choices and what they symbolize.


Ah, roses — everyone’s favorite flower! There are many different varieties of these lovely blooms, including red, white, and yellow. Red roses are perfect for lovers as they represent desire and passion, while white roses express appreciation and gratitude.

As for yellow roses, these warm colors symbolize friendship, so they’re perfect for giving to best friends or siblings. Pink roses show that you’re thinking of them and care deeply about them, while orange roses symbolize excitement and energy. Garden roses suggest a deep connection between people who share similar interests or simply enjoy spending time together.

If you know that your valentine enjoys long walks through the garden or has a green thumb themselves, these might just be the best type of Valentine’s Day flowers for you. If roses are your choice, ensure you purchase them early from a reliable florist such as 800florals.com.

Love Lilies:

These colorful blooms send a positive message to the recipient because they simply love life. They’re also known as Tiger Lilies or Day Lilies both of which represent “new beginnings” and new opportunities in life.

These flowers are perfect for people who recently went through a breakup and want to apologize to their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. You can’t go wrong with lilies for any reason, so give these gorgeous blossoms some thought when looking for the right Valentine’s Day flowers for your loved one.

Passion Flower:

This vibrant flower is great for the person who loves to show off their free spirit and embrace new ideas. These exotic-looking flowers are associated with love and devotion, so they’re perfect for giving to your parents or siblings.

Basically, passion flowers symbolize passion in all forms of life — adventure, romance, and relationships. So, if you know someone who’s always up for an exciting new challenge or flirtatious rendezvous, this may be the right choice for them.


Carnations are the flower of love, so it’s no wonder they’re commonly given on Valentine’s Day. These lovely blooms come in many colors and varieties, but if you’re looking for something with an elegant touch, carnations arranged in a white container say, “I’m sophisticated.”

If your beloved is into spicy things, then red might be your best bet. If they like to have fun, then white carnations are perfect.


The cheerful tulip reminds us of springtime since they are among the first flowers to bloom every year. Thus, these warm-weather favorites make great choices for Valentine’s Day gifts as they symbolize hope.

The vibrant hue makes them multi-purpose flowers. If your valentine is a hopeless romantic, then pink tulips would show that you’re thinking of them, and if they like to have fun, then red tulips are the way to go.


If you want to remain simple yet eloquent, daisies are a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day gift-giving. With their cheerful petals and delicate center, they make everyone smile.

They look good in every container, from a small glass vase all the way up to a large urn. These versatile blooms come in many colors, but if it’s an extremely special gift, go with white or yellow, which represent innocence and humility.


Give your valentine a gift that’s as rare and special as he or she is because orchids are among the most exquisite flowers you can give. They come in so many colors and varieties that it would be impossible to list them all here.

Still, if you’re wondering about red, these gorgeous blooms represent fascination and desire. If you want to sweeten someone’s day, don’t hesitate to send orange roses, which symbolize grace and gratitude.


Chrysanthemums are one of the only flowers that originate from Asia, making them very exotic choices for Valentine’s Day. They come in many different colors, but if you’re trying to make an impression, you can’t go wrong with red, which represents love and passion.

If your best friends, siblings, or significant other are conservative, white chrysanthemums are appropriate to give as they mean purity and perfection.


Pansies are the little flowers that pack a big punch. They’re a great gift for almost anyone, but if you want to make a major impression, then go for violet pansies or purple ones because they represent royalty and elegance.

When it comes to yellow, this shade represents friendship so give them as a gift to your best friend or sibling. Pansy gift baskets are perfect for nearly every situation because the flower’s petal shape makes them unique and the design adaptable.

Calla Lilies:

If you’re familiar with Tuscany, then you’ll understand why calla lilies represent love and passion. Their white petals and reed-like stems make this flower an elegant choice for your Valentine’s Day gift.

This flower is appropriate for both men and women, but if it’s a bolder look that you want, then red Callas are the way to go. If he or she loves getaways, then orange, pink, or blue might do the trick.


If your valentine adores the outdoors, then sunflowers are a must-have for this year’s gift. They come in many colors, but yellow, orange, and red ones look best with sunflowers because they represent the Sun—something we can always use more of.

Whether he or she likes adventure or just basking in the warmth of sunlight, giving out these sunny flowers will be sure to put a smile on their face.

The Ultimate Valentine Flower Bouquets Guide

Did you know that there’s a method to arranging flowers to maximize the beauty and create a more attractive arrangement? Believe it or not, there’s an order which you should follow while selecting flowers for valentines day arrangement. Follow this easy step by step process:

First, choose the centerpiece of your arrangement; some examples are vases or baskets. Then select 2-3 varieties of flowers that complement one another (for example, red roses with orange carnations). Next, begin placing them in the container.

Start with your focal flower, then work toward surrounding it on all sides with other flowers. Be sure to fill any empty spaces as you go along so that there is no blank space within your floral arrangement. The arrangement of blooms plays a big part in the effect they’ll have on your valentine as well. 

Try to add some greenery like baby’s breath or eucalyptus to make it look alive and interesting. You can also add fillers like decorative stones, pretty bows, and other embellishments. However you decide to arrange the valentines day flowers, try adding these touching touches for that extra oomph!

How to Mix Flowers for the Best Floral Bouquets?

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect flowers, it’s time to put them together. If your goal is to make a memorable impression, don’t be afraid of mixing up different colors, shapes, and sizes. The best way to arrange your chosen blooms is by working with two or three main flowers that will stand out, then surrounding those with smaller flowers.

Arranging valentine’s day flowers is all about balance—making sure everything looks great from all angles. The trick here is putting together flowers with similar heights together. Put taller ones like daisies at the center, while smaller ones like carnations can be on the sides or corners where they won’t stand out too much. 

Make sure you don’t overcrowd one area with many small blooms because it’ll look like a big mess. For more added effects like hiding the stems and flowers that aren’t in full bloom, use greenery and vines to cover things up.

Ultimate Guide to Selecting Valentine’s Day Flowers:

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so pick out your favorite valentine’s day flowers and start arranging. However, if you’re clueless about where to start, then visit a local florist or search online for some inspiration. 

Need more ideas? Then be sure to check out our blog for more tips and tricks.

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