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Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

This Valentine’s Day, shower your devoted best friend with extra affection. Whether you believe card companies founded Valentine’s Day or the legend of St. Valentine genuinely moves you, it’s especially special to include your pet in the festivities. Sure, your pet may not know that it is Valentine’s Day, but we believe that any occasion to indulge your pet is a good reason.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, Valentines gifts and a great way to show it to our cats is to make them feel like the wild cats they were designed to be. Bring out a wand toy and assist them in hunting and catching the dangling game on end. That is something your cat will remember you for the rest of his life. Dogs make the finest dates.

Make A paw Print:

All the pet owners consider their pets to be family members. There’s no question you’ve photographed them, but a paw print is a unique way to remember them. The first step is to gauge your dog’s comfort level with the procedure. Petting their paws to calm them down is likely to be beneficial, as does remaining calm yourself. You can make the imprint with washable or finger paints, handmade dough, or ink.

Go Hiking With Your Pet:

Don’t be surprised because this is a popular activity among many pets and their owners. Go trekking with your pet in a lovely hill towns for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Watch A Movie With Your Pet:

If your Valentine Day habit is to remain in your pj’s and watch any movie you like while wailing about how romance is dead, why not do it with your pet? Snuggles and popcorn are an unbeatable combination for a relaxing evening.

Plan A Picnic With Your Pet:

Walks and nibbles are probably two of your dog’s favourite things, so why not combine the two for a fun Valentine’s Day picnic? Grab a blanket and a basket full of dog-friendly snacks like apples with peanut butter, carrots, or pineapple slices. Don’t forget to bring a Frisbee for some post-picnic fun.

Get A Photoshoot Done With Your Pet:

Obviously, you snap a lot of selfies with your pet. What person doesn’t? But have you ever had a professional photo shoot with your four-legged best friend?  Have a Valentine’s Day pet photoshoot this holiday and capture the gorgeous images you’ll have for a lifetime. Find some fun objects, get some Valentine day flowers, dress in matching red costumes, and shoot the cutest images that scream your love for each other.

Spa Day:

Give your pet the gift of relaxation by taking them on a spa day. A trip to the groomer may provide your pet with a bath, combing, and nail trim all in one visit, making them feel better and ready for the rest of your Valentine’s Day activities.

Get A Pillow Personalized With A Picture Of Your Pet:

Our pets provide us with unconditional love, and what better way to show everyone how much we appreciate our pets than with a unique pillow made from your favourite photo of your pet?  These pillows allow you to cuddle with them when you are far away from your pets.

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