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Subtle Guide to Understanding Internet Speed In 2022

We’ve all come across the same question: what is the best internet speed to have? We search online, and different answers come up but nothing satisfies our query. That’s because there’s no definite way to determine how much internet speed is needed for a given process.

That’s what we’re here to see. This guide will illuminate the most prominent processes, their internet speed, and some tips on improving internet speed at home. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Internet Speed – Why Is It Important?

The first thing that you need to be concerned about is the internet speed itself – why is it so important? We often hear that we need a certain speed for running some tasks, downloading stuff from the internet, etc.

In addition, we view different internet providers offering various internet plans, comprising internet speed limits. The primary reason behind everything like this is that speed is quite important for interacting online.

The internet speed is associated with the data packets that are to be transferred from the source (requesting server/device) to the destination (requested server/ device). These data packets carry information, for which internet speed is as necessary as oxygen for us.

If your internet speed is slow, the packets won’t transfer with sufficient speed. Hence, the usual error we often see i.e. ‘unable to process request’, shows on the screen because the packets couldn’t get to their destination on time.

Therefore, you need to have solid speed from someone reliable to enjoy a good online presence. You can even check out some exciting offers from Comcast plans that will suit your internet needs for the matter.

How Much Do You Need It?

Now that you know why internet speeds are so important, it’s time to take the matter ahead and check how much speed is needed for various tasks. For this purpose, we’ve compiled a list of common processes and their respective speed requirement:

Process NameRequired Speed (in Mbps)
General Browsing: Web BrowsingStreaming videosVoIP calling working from home
Online learningSocial media

13-40Less than 15-10 (more if server-related processes are involved5-105-10 (with fast uploading and streaming involved)
StreamingStandard Streaming SDHigh-Definition Streaming HDUltra-HD streaming UHD/4K
gaming online multiplayer/soloExtensive multiplayer/ gaming tournament

It’s to note that you’ll probably find these values different on different sources. The reason why this happens is that each process doesn’t involve a set of actions but rather involves different actions occurring together.

What Affects Your Internet Speed?

With all said and done, you still need to identify potential reasons that cause your internet to slow down in the first place. Here are some of the common menaces that cause internet sluggishness:

Too Many Applications & Users:

The first instance occurs when there are too many applications running on your system. Every application consumes the internet, in some amount, increasing overall consumption. In addition to this, too many users on a network also result in the same situation. Every user has their own way of using the internet; hence, the usage will definitely affect the entire internet experience.

Poor Connection Type:

Another reason for slow internet is the type of connection that you’re using. As of now, fiber optics is the best connection type that you should get your hands on. Apart from this, coax cable internet, DSL, fixed wireless, etc. are other connection types that you can opt for too. However, the quality of the internet service depends upon the service offered by the provider too.

Unnecessary Programs Running:

If you have too many programs running, even in the background when not in use, then you might experience slow internet too. Many apps are designed to run in the background and even launch themselves automatically when the device is initiated.

Unclear Cache:

The cache holds frequently used processes, making it easier to load them whenever needed. However, to keep the processes in ready-to-use processes, it consumes the device’s resources as well as the internet, which ultimately reduces the overall speed.

How to Improve Your Internet Speed At Home?

With the abovementioned reasons, it’s now easier for you to understand what might be the reason for the slow internet in your space. However, let’s not forget that if there’s an issue, there’s a way out too. Below are some of the tips that you can work on to improve internet speed at home:

  • Upgrade your internet router and place it in an open location where its signals aren’t affected due to electromagnetic waves from appliances
  • Switch to a fiber optic or get your internet connection from someone reliable
  • Clear your device and browser cache to enjoy a good speed internet
  • Check your devices for firmware updates. Install updates so that bugs are removed
  • Switch to Ethernet for most devices or use powerline adapters to connect via electrical cords
  • Install security updates for safeguarding your device from malware
  • Check for internet throttling from your provider’s end

Closing Thoughts:

Well, there you have it! A definite guide on internet speed and how to manage it properly. Considering what we’ve illustrated above, you can keep a check on your speed and get good speed at home without any hassle.

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