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How to Get a Better Car Insurance Quote?

Unhappy with your car insurance quote? Car insurance can be a major cost for motorists to cover, especially for new or young drivers that are deemed higher risk. Several factors determine how much you pay for your car insurance, some of which are outside of your control, but there are also many that you can control. This means that there are always ways to get a better car insurance quote, and this is always worth looking into so that you can save money while still getting the level of coverage that you need. Here are a few ways that you can get a better insurance quote.

Reduce Annual Mileage:

One of the best ways to reduce your car insurance is to reduce your annual mileage. The more time that you spend on the road, the more likely you are to make a claim, which is why insurance companies will offer lower quotes for those that drive less.

Driving less will also save you money on fuel and maintenance costs, it is certainly worth looking into particularly if you switch driving to healthy alternatives, like walking or cycling.

Maintain a Good Driving History:

Your driving history will play a major role in your car insurance quote. You want to try to maintain a good driving history over the years to establish yourself as a safe driver. This means not getting into accidents, abiding by the speed limits, and avoiding any other driving offenses. 

Downgrade Vehicle:

Another factor that you can control is the car that you drive. A high-value car will always cost a lot more to insure than something small in the used car market, so you need to consider this when changing to a different vehicle. 

Use an Insurance Broker:

You will find that you get a different quote from every instance company, which is why it is recommended that you always shop around to get the best deal for the level of cover that you need.

The simplest way to do this is to use a trusted car insurance Montreal broker that can help you to find dozens of quotes online in just a few minutes. 

Increase Your Deductible:

If you are happy to increase your deductible, then this will always help you to get better quotes. Although this is an effective way to make car insurance more affordable, you will need to make sure that you will be able to afford this amount if you get into an accident. You should have the money tucked away somewhere to cover your deductibles, just in case you get into a car accident.

If you are trying to get a better car insurance quote, then these are the best steps to take that could make a big difference when combined. Car insurance can be a major cost to cover, but there are factors in your control that can help you to make big savings on your car insurance over time. Making sure you’re covered properly and at a rate that you can afford will bring you peace of mind.

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