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Uconn Boneyard – Everything You Need To Know

Uconn Boneyard is a famous place at the University of Connecticut. There is a high chance that if you have already been to the University of Connecticut, then you have also seen its famous Boneyard as well. The breathtaking view of the location makes it pretty obvious why this vast cemetery is a well-liked tourist destination as well. Today, we are going to go through Boneyard’s past and some of its intriguing facts as well. 

Boneyard Uconn: An Introduction

Located on the eastern outskirts of Storrs, there is a sizable open-air historical excavation place known as the Uconn Boneyard. This location was initially found around the initial years of the 1900s. The Connecticut university has been using it as a storage facility for antiquated artifacts and human remains since the 1930s. The Uconn Boneyard is currently a well-renowned campus attraction, drawing tourists from everywhere to learn more about its unique and interesting past.

Why The Boneyard Uconn Was Founded?

A vast stretch known as the Uconn Boneyard is situated on the campus of Connecticut university. This ground originally served as the cemetery for the staff and faculty of the university. Nowadays, this Uconn Boneyard is famous as a spot to explore around and hang out for students with friends. 

What Is Present At The Uconn Boneyard Now?

An antique automotive graveyard, the Uconn Boneyard is home to several automobiles nowadays. The parking lot is accessible from I-84 in Storrs via exit 101. You can access the Uconn Boneyard throughout the day and there is no admission fee involved as well. 

The lot contains a huge number of 1950s-era automobiles. Trucks, sedans, farm tractors, and wagons are some of the automobiles that are available at Uconn Boneyard. Visitors can also get to see several other vehicles from older decades; however, a majority of these vehicles belong to the years of 1970s and 1980s only. 

There are many intriguing tales associated with the Uconn Boneyard. Once an automobile belonged to John Lennon.  Paul Newman, who is an actor, once owned another vehicle. You can also find the vehicle that was featured in “The Fast and the Furious” movie. 

If you find it intriguing to closely look at every car present there, then it is likely to take several hours to explore the Uconn Boneyard completely. Moreover, there are several fantastic locations to pause and take pictures along the journey.

How Can You Access The Boneyard Uconn?

Visitors can get to the Uconn Boneyard in West Hartford, Connecticut, by taking the I-84 eastward to exit 8. After this,  they can turn to the left at Old Farmington road. At the left, around a mile away on the road, the Uconn Boneyard is present. A parking area is accessible soon after entering the Boneyard Uconn

It could be a terrific spot to spend your day if you are someone who relates to anthropology, archaeology, and paleontology. Almost 58,000 human skeletons from over 150 years of deaths are housed at the Uconn Boneyard of the Connecticut University’s health centre. 

Along with burials from older West Hartford residents, the grounds also housed burial places from 1797 to 1867, during which the graveyard was shut down owing to overcrowding. The Uconn Boneyard also has the graves of thousands or more who died in both World wars I and II. 

The Uconn Boneyard can be accessed on all days during the hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, with the exception of significant holidays. Interested visitors are welcome to experience and explore the campus and acquire knowledge regarding Connecticut University’s past without paying admission. 

Tips For The Boneyard Uconn Visitors 

As we have already mentioned, the Uconn Boneyard at Connecticut University is among the most visited places on campus. This is the spot to go if you want to spend your afternoon doing something horrifically engaging. The following are some significant tips that you can follow when you go to the Boneyard Uconn:

  • Show up early since the Boneyard may fill up quickly.
  • Remember that Uconn Boneyard is vast, and prepare yourself to walk a lot. 
  • Since the region can be bug-filled, carry sun protection lotion and insect repellent cream. 
  • Be careful that you’ll find strict guidelines on what you are allowed to photograph and what not in the Uconn Boneyard as you try to click pictures. 
  • Remember to appreciate the silence and lovely landscaping of the Lame Deer statue. 

The Boneyard at Uconn:

The Boneyard is a notorious cemetery located on the campus of Connecticut University. The primary housing complex for the students located at the university campus is surrounded by a huge, dark field known as the Boneyard. Several students have reported witnessing unusual and mysterious events within and near the Boneyard over the years.

The majority of visitors to the Uconn Boneyard don’t notice anything unusual. Although, a small number of people assert to have witnessed paranormal activity in the cemetery or a nearby area. Several claim to have heard weird noises, observed frightening figures moving around, or sensed unsettling energies.

Many people think that fellow students who passed away in mishaps or due to other causes have plagued the Uconn Boneyard with their ghosts. Others think that evil spirits are residing in the Boneyard and intentionally causing harm to innocent students. Nobody is certain of the mysteries concealed at the renowned cemetery at UConn; however, if you enjoy ghost stories, it’s absolutely worth seeing!

Sports And The Uconn Boneyard: 

You must have already heard of the “Boneyard” if you follow Uconn sports. The boneyard, which lies on the eastern border of campus, is where old gear and mementos from UConn’s various sports teams are kept.  You might be surprised to learn that the past of the Boneyard is much more fascinating. 

The deceased students from the school were initially buried at this Boneyard only. Only six out of the ten students enrolled at Uconn full-time were actually residing at the campus. For this reason, the school decided to start burying the deceased students in campus thus creating a way for more students. As a result, the area of the Uconn Boneyard increased over time as more students were buried on campus. 

It now houses a wide variety of vintage gear and sports memorabilia from several sports teams at Uconn. You must visit the boneyard if you find it engaging to learn more about Uconn’s past. A visit is absolutely worthwhile. 

Uconn Boneyard

Uconn Women’s Basketball: The Boneyard

Among the most prestigious teams in women’s college basketball is the Uconn women’s basketball boneyard team. The legacy of the Huskies remains unparalleled with almost 600 victories. This does not imply, nevertheless, that all of their programs are without errors. The team’s dependence on ageing players is just one of these problems. 

An increasing number of their star players have retired as Uconn is ageing. Many players are now ineligible for current playtime and have little possibility of having an effect on the team going ahead as a result. 

For this reason, the players who are not needed anymore or are considered to be non-beneficial simply sit or stand around and this creates the ‘boneyard’. The Uconn Boneyard serves as a metaphor for the team’s difficulties. This also reminds them of how far they still need to go to be able to contend for championships.

The Uconn Cemetry: 

The crematory and cemetery of Connecticut University are housed in the Uconn Boneyard, which is a land filled region on the campus’ eastern side in Storrs. Among the biggest cemeteries in Connecticut, the boneyard is home to the remains of around 6000 people or more than that. 

First built in 1876, the boneyard had only one burial place at the beginning. The boneyard is expanded alongside the university. It now occupies an area of around 20 acres and is home to nearly 6,000 burials. Most of the gravestones are dated back to the initial years of the university, the time when the majority of the deceased students were interred in makeshift cemeteries at the campus.  Meanwhile, a large number of deceased academic and staff members at UConn are now buried in the boneyard.

Visitors can visit the boneyard every day between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is also a museum located where visitors can get to learn about mortuary science and funeral customs. 

Thousands of dead animals remain housed in the expansive Uconn Boneyard at Connecticut University. It is undoubtedly a remarkable location to explore and discover more about UConn’s past with regard to the death and disposal of animals.

Uconn Boneyard: Basketball 

Old clothing, sneakers, and other stuff are brought to the Connecticut university basketball boneyard as they are discarded. Present at the western end of the campus, there is a sizable area known as the Uconn Boneyard. It is the site of numerous historic structures and buildings, which are used for several purposes like storage and more. 


If unusual things excite you, then you must visit the Uconn Boneyard. This unique campus icon houses a variety of abandoned vehicles. Due to the prevalence of abandoned structures, it’s a wonderful place to go for a stroll or a picnic. It is also an excellent location for photographers.

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