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How to Pick the Perfect Sweet Display Cabinet for Your Restaurant?

A restaurant’s sweet display cabinet can make or break the overall look of your establishment. A beautiful, well-maintained glass case filled with yummy desserts is an inviting sight for hungry customers; however, if it looks old and dirty, diners will be turned off by your food business. If you want to pick the perfect sweet display cabinet that will bring in more revenue for your restaurant, then use these tips below!

Determine the size and shape of your display cabinet:

Make sure that you measure the space and determine what size will fit best in your establishment. You can do this by measuring from wall to wall or the length of the glass top, depending on where you want it located. Also, plan ahead when deciding how many windows are needed; ensure there is enough room between each window so all items within the case will be visible to customers.

Decide what type of glass you want:

You will have to decide if you would like a tempered, safe, or anti-shatter glass. These different types can impact the price and quality of your sweet display counter; also, keep in mind that some types may not be available depending on how large it is. If cost is an issue, then go with a less expensive option such as tempered or safety glasses but make sure they are still high enough quality for long-term use by customers!

Decide what type of glass you want

Determine where to place it:

Every restaurant has different counter space, so determine exactly where this item will fit best within your business. The top surface should be clear from any obstacles, such as electrical outlets or other appliances, to avoid issues down the road. In addition, the distance from the floor is essential to consider as well so that customers can see what you have available at all times during their visit!

Choose a style:

There are several different styles of sweet displays available at commercial kitchen supply stores, including corner cases, freestanding cabinets with drawers, and even refrigerated counters! Corner cases generally come in two pieces (the base and sides), but both types usually have shelves which makes them a great storage option. If you want to make sure your glass case is full of delicious desserts at all times, choose a freestanding cabinet with drawers.

Finally, pick out some display pieces that will look great in your sweet display cabinet! Displays come in different heights (usually between five inches and seven inches), so be sure to measure before buying new displays; otherwise, they won’t fit properly inside the case.

Consider how much storage you need:

If you have a lot of desserts, pick out storage options that will keep them organized inside the cabinet. If your restaurant isn’t so busy or you don’t want to spend too much money on displays and storage, simple shelves are an inexpensive option for keeping treats fresh in your display case!

Find which light is best for maintaining sweet’s quality:

Your sweet display cabinet will need a bright light so that desserts can be seen clearly from outside the case. If you have a small space, consider using LED lights because they run on less energy and last longer than traditional lighting options! You can also use a light bulb that emits specific wavelengths of color to retain the look and flavor of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Choose between open shelving or closed cabinets with doors:

While it might seem like an obvious choice to choose closed cabinets with doors, open shelves are actually better for displaying certain types of desserts. If your restaurant is located in a humid or rainy area, then you should consider using open shelving because moisture can damage the appearance and taste of food. Additionally, open shelving allows customers to view your desserts without obstruction, which can help increase sales.

Choose between open shelving or closed cabinets with doors

Consider which storage option will suit your needs best:

If you’re looking for something that’s sturdy but still affordable, then metal wire racks work wonderfully! They hold quite a bit more than plastic-coated wire racks do; however, they may not be suitable if there are children running around since their sharp edges could hurt someone. On the other hand, plastic-coated wire racks come at all different price points, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something stylish.

Pick a color:

The color of your display case can be an important factor in what draws customers inside. If you want to attract attention, then go with a vibrant hue like red or yellow; however, if you don’t want people staring at the cabinet, pick something more neutral, like black or white. Keep in mind that warmer colors tend to make desserts look better than cold ones do! If you want to remain consistent with the color scheme of your restaurant, then pick a color that matches your décor.

Choosing the perfect glass:

Keeping in mind what type of design you want is important, but so is picking a material for your display case’s frame and shelves. If you’re looking to save money, then go with plastic; however, if you have more of an upscale restaurant or bakery shop, then opt for stainless steel because it will last longer than other materials will. Tempered glass tends to be pricier than standard options are, but it’s worth the investment since it lasts indefinitely without scratching easily. It also looks cleaner when something spills on it since dirt doesn’t absorb into the surface! Tips to get started:

Choosing the perfect glass

The finishing touch is important:

Make sure everything is sparkling clean! Your display case should be easily accessible for employees, so make sure there’s enough space behind it for them to move around in when they’re restocking the shelves. Also, you should try to keep a light source on at night so that guests can see the desserts in your display case, even if they’re arriving after dark.


There are many options when it comes to choosing the perfect sweet display cabinet for your restaurant, but if you follow these tips and choose wisely, then diners will love all of the delicious desserts that they see in your case.

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