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Top 7 Factors to Consider When Picking a Pet Photographer

About 67% of US households own a pet. These homeowners spend about $10.3 billion on pet services in the span of a single year. Pet owners increasingly view and treat pets as family members now, too. As a result, some pet owners are more willing to spend on premium services, including pet photography. Not every photographer you find will have pet photography experience, though. Those that lack pet experience might struggle to get a good shot. Instead of wasting time and money, use these tips for picking a pet photographer.

Choosing a talented photographer with pet photography experience will save you stress in the long run. You can get stunning photos of your pets that will last you a lifetime.

Start your search for a talented pet photographer with these easy tips today!

1. Look for Years of Specialized Experience

Before picking a pet photographer, it’s important to find someone with relevant experience. Remember, someone uncomfortable around pets might struggle. The best human photographer might not know how to best photograph animals.

Instead, look for someone with years of pet photography experience. Consider the specific species and breeds they’ve worked with, too. 

You can choose a talented, experienced photographer who understands how to work with your type of pet. Their prior experience could streamline the entire process. 

In fact, it’s likely an experienced pet photographer will have a process in place. Ask about their plans for the photoshoot.

For example, how will they ensure your pet will behave or remain comfortable?

If your dog is uncomfortable or nervous, you might not achieve the best results from the shot. Instead, look for a pet photographer who has a tried-and-true plan in place.

Ask where the shot will take place, too. For example, will they host the photoshoot indoors or outdoors? Find someone with experience working in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Someone with well-rounded experience will have an easier time meeting your expectations. They’ll know how to work in different environments and settings. They’ll also have a better understanding of how to light and set up each space.

If the photographer you choose lacks the experience you need, they might waste your time. You could waste money if they fail to meet your expectations, too. 

2. Make Sure They’re Insured

Pets are sometimes unpredictable, leading to accidents, injuries, and damages. Even the best-behaved pet might misbehave if they’re nervous during a photoshoot. Before picking a pet photographer, ask if they’re insured.

Make sure to ask for a copy of their certificate of insurance to confirm they’re fully covered. Otherwise, the photographer might hold you liable if there’s an accident.

You might have to pay for damaged equipment or cover costs associated with injuries otherwise. 

Choosing a photographer who has insurance will give you peace of mind. You’ll know everyone involved is protected if there’s an incident. 

3. Review Their Portfolio

As you review your options for photographers, think about the end results you’re aiming for. Choose a photographer who suits your style preferences. 

You can make sure the photographer is the right fit by reviewing their portfolio. Take a look at the photos from their most recent sessions and clients. Does their style meet your expectations?

For example, you might want to find someone who can achieve a naturalistic photo style. Perhaps you’re more interested in an artistic, stylized look.

Before choosing a photographer, outline your goals. Ask them how they’ll achieve that style. Make sure they have proof they’re capable of meeting that style, too.

As you review their work, look for consistency and quality. Their work can indicate they have the right skill set for the task. 

Their previous work can confirm they have the hands-on experience necessary to achieve your goals. 

Reviewing photos from their most recent sessions will ensure they can meet the quality you’re looking for. Otherwise, you might waste time or risk miscommunicating your expectations. 

4. Confirm They’re Patient

It’s also important to find a photographer who can remain patient throughout every step of the process. Normal photography sessions are time-consuming. The photographer will need to set up and frame the shot.

It takes another level of patience to work with a pet, though.

Look for someone who can remain patient to get the best possible shot. They’ll need to remain patient with your pet, too. Otherwise, they might grow frustrated, causing your pet to feel stressed.

If your pet feels stressed during the session, the photos might not meet your expectations. 

5. Search for Creativity

It’s not enough to find someone with pet photography experience, though. They should also know how to think outside of the box. Search for a photographer who has a creative eye.

A creative photographer will know how to take photos unique to your pet. They’ll portray your pet’s personality within the photoshoot, too. 

As you review their portfolio, look for someone who can achieve different styles. Determine how they gave each session a special touch.

6. Read Reviews

Ask each photographer on your list for reviews from their recent clients. Check their website for reviews, too. Reading online reviews can help you learn more from pet owners who were once in your position.

Were the photographer’s clients happy with the results from their photoshoot? Look for any complaints about timeliness and professionalism. 

Reading reviews will help you gather the information you might not find elsewhere. You’ll find peace of mind knowing the photographer has earned the trust of their recent clients. 

7. Discuss Pricing

The median hourly wage for a pet photographer is about $16.35. Gather itemized quotes from three different photographers. Make sure you determine exactly what’s included in the quote.

Comparing photography costs is only part of the equation, though. Chances are, you’ll pay more for a more experienced photographer.

Tail-Wagging Talent: 7 Tips for Picking a Pet Photographer

Picking a pet photographer with relevant experience can save you time and stress in the long run. Use these tips to find a talented, reliable photographer. With their help, you can ensure the best results for your pet’s photoshoot.

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