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Dishes at Italian Restaurants in LA You Should Try Once

If you are a fan of eating different Italian Cuisines and exploring your taste buds then you will find various dishes in Italian Restaurants in LA that are unique. They are also at the same time tasty and healthy.

Why Prefer Italian Cuisines?

When you search the internet about the various aspects of Italian cuisines; then you will come to know that it is not only the most popular all around the world but also has many benefits that make it the best.

  1. Whether you are ordering the dishes from any take-out or going to the restaurant; the chefs make it a point that the ingredients imported directly from Italy and also are fresh. This is the main point that makes Italian food unforgettable.
  2. The cooking style and ingredients used in different dishes that distinct from each other. But the one thing that is common in all dishes at Italian Restaurants in LA is that they use the minimum number of ingredients to make them.
  3. A great benefit of using fresh ingredients is that they are healthy and help in boosting the immune system. The Italians don’t use any kind of unhealthy alternatives for the ingredients that are not available. So making the dishes healthy.
  4. The two main health issues that people face that could affect the rest of the body are heart problems and bad digestion. But the Italian dishes have ingredients that can improve these two conditions; which will ultimately make the whole of the body system better.

Dishes Served At Italian Restaurants In LA A Must Try

But the above-mentioned points don’t mean that the Italian dishes at various restaurants including Burrata House will not be unique. Although the dishes mentioned below have common ingredients like pasta, rice, or even pizza. But the other components added are different from the conventional ones.

Pizza with Potatoes Topping

You must have eaten pizza a thousand times from Italy and Italian restaurants; but have you ever tried potatoes used as a topping or filling for the pizza? If not then find the place serving and try it once for a very unique experience.

Café with Ice Cream

Italians truly called coffee lovers because they use it most appropriately; that is in the breakfast and sometimes at the end of meals to digest their food. But a very peculiar way that they use to serve coffee is with a scoop of ice cream. Try this and encounter something different.

Sandwich Made From Ice Cream

There are several dolce or sweet dishes that Italian restaurants serve that use healthy authentic Italian recipes. But if you are looking for something uncommon then a sandwich made from biscuits with ice cream as the filling is delicious.

Salad Made From Grilled Octopus

The southern region of Italy is famous for its seafood and especially octopus. Yes, the octopus is a delicacy there so the famous dishes made use of this kind of seafood. The most popular of all is the salad that has a topping of grilled octopus.

Dishes Made From Burrata Cheese

It is a type of cheese that is made from mozzarella. The uniqueness of this cheese is that it can be eaten as it is made and also used in other different dishes like pizza, pasta, salads, and sandwiches.

Anchovies That Are Fried or Eaten

These are small fish that as primary sued for bait to catch bigger fish. But in the Sicily, Calabria, and Campania regions of Italy, they are either served with pasta especially spaghetti, or just fried and eaten as a side dish. In Sicily, anchovies are served on Christmas Eve as a part of the Festive of Seven Fish.

Dishes Made From Mushrooms and Truffles

Truffles and mushrooms belong to the same family of fungi but they are edible. The dishes prepared with them have a very different taste but they should be tried once at least. These two cousins use in almost all Italian dishes.

Simply Cooked Pasta Recipes

You must have tried many kinds of pasta dishes having multiple ingredients; but have you ever tried pasta with only salt and pepper? You should definitely try it as it will be a different experience for you.

Cuisine Created By Sea Urchin

Another very unique seafood is the sea urchin call Ricci Di Mare in Italy. Mainly the sea urchin cooked and served with pasta. The taste of this dish is simple but delicious at the same time. If you want to eat this unique Sicilian dish then order it from the restaurant nearest to you.

Cactus Plant in Dishes

In Italy, the cactus plant is known as Fichi D’India which is preferable eaten during the hot days of the summer season. The jelly carefully extracted from the plant by removing the thorns. The cactus plant used in a variety of Italian cuisines like salads, pasta and cooked with meat.

Special Stuffed Pasta

Have you ever heard of the enormous size of pasta that is served at Italian Restaurants in LA? No, then you should try them as they are stuffed with various ingredients like meat and cheese.

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