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3 Shades of Kashmir- Spring, Autumn & Winter

Many a time you must have come across the phrase, “Kashmir is a Haven on Earth” and there are supporting reasons for this claim. If you ask me, I would say that Kashmir merges with the season underway and starts effusing the beauty of nature, as the divine would intend to. If you truly want to know Kashmir, you will need to visit this place in three different seasons and bask in the idiosyncratic hues of those seasons.

Hues of Spring:

If you are visiting Kashmir anytime between March & April, you will truly understand what Spring really is. This is the time when nature is blossoming and it is like a canvas painting where every bit depicts a different shade. The grounds are covered with green velvety grass, and there are blossoms all around you. You can find cherry blossoms, blooming apple orchards, groves of peaches, and millions of differently colored grass flowers during spring in Kashmir. 

When you walk through the valley, you will be enveloped with the fruity fragrance that is getting exuded from thousands of fruit-bearing trees around you. You will also see miles and miles of land covered in mustard fields (which feels like someone has blanketed the land with some yellow sheets).

This is quite a pleasant season to be in Kashmir because the temperature is not at its extremes. As you approach the end of April and the start of May, the temperature slightly rises during this time. This is also the time to harvest all the produce. If you happen to visit Kashmir anytime between mid-march to mid-April, do not forget to check out the Tulip gardens of Srinagar. This is the only window that you can see in this garden (given the fact that there are very few Tulip gardens across the globe, you would not want to miss this opportunity).

The Golden Autumn:

If you walk into Kashmir from September to November, you will fall in love with this place for a lot of different reasons. The temperature during this period is anywhere between 18° C to 25° C, of course with colder nights. Visitors look forward to visiting Kashmir this season because everything seems to be covered in shades of gold. Apart from that, you are always in the presence of beautiful mists and subdued fruitfulness. 

The land is covered in fallen yellow and red color leaves and the valley looks ethereal because of it. There are visitors across the globe who vouch for the fact that Kashmir looks the most beautiful in Autumn. This is also the time when people store for the harsher winter season; also, the time when one of the most exotic Kashmiri saffron is harvested

Some places that you can visit during this season, within Kashmir, are Betaab Valley, Yusmarg (the place is blessed with magnificent views during Autumn), Sonmarg, Shalimar Garden, Kishtwar, Gulmarg, etc. You can plan your trip systematically so that you get the maximum out of your trip. One unique natural phenomenon that you cannot miss during this season is seeing green majestic Chinar trees (local to this state)turn to different shades of gold; a sight to behold and reminisce about. 

Tint Snow of Winter:

Oh! The love for snowfall; no place better to experience it all than Kashmir. This is the season when every color disappears from Kashmir and gets replaced by tint blue; everything becomes snowy in winter. There are a lot of activities that you should not miss, now that you have mustered the courage to visit Kashmir in winter (it is icy cold!).

You should start by getting a ride on a gondola in Gulmarg; you just cannot miss this one. This is one of the highest cable car rides in the world and also the largest one. It covers a 5 km distance and every meter of this ride is worth remembering. The panoramic view offered in this ride is unmatchable. The next thing that you can do in Gulmarg is skiing; come to Gulmarg, get your ski gear, and go at it. 

If you want to take a professional course here, even that is possible. You can book many adventurous activities online, and not waste your time in queues. After a cool skiing session, do not miss having hot Kahwah (a drink local to Kashmir) from the nearby “Tapris”. You can also make an online booking for various

If you are a trek lover, you can explore the Chadar Trek, which becomes possible because the Zanskar river freezes and turns into a thick sheet of ice. While taking the trail, you will feel you are living inside the ice-age movie! If you are yearning to see the beauty of expansive snow-capped mountains, you need to head to Sonmarg; this place is breathtakingly beautiful in winter.

 If you are in the mood for extreme adventure, then you can also go camping in some beautiful but lesser-known places like Nubra Valley, Gadsar, and Nichinni. One tip: be prepared to fight the extremes of winter and come fully prepared for it. Check out online stores for all the essentials that you can need to fight this extreme winter. 


It is not for nothing that some places hold a special place in your heart; Kashmir is one of those places. Any nature lover would just come and become one with this place because this place has that vibe. If you haven’t experienced the beauty of this place, then it is high time to check it off your list soon!

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