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4 Guidelines To Find The Safest Boarding Destinations For Dogs

Dogs are precious beings in an individual’s life. They make their person feel safe and provide them with unconditional love and care. There is nothing better than coming home from a struggling work day and smothered with puppy kisses!

Sometimes, dog owners decide to go on a work trip or an extended family trip where dogs are not allowed. They cannot leave their pet alone at home without any care. The best solution to this issue is to find a dog boarding that is well-known in the area. Hanrob is an example of a great service provider where the dog is taken care of with full attention and love. 

Dog owners are worried about dropping off their pup, equivalent to their child, in an unknown space. Not to worry, as the pet industry is booming with new daycares and board homes for dogs.

Due to the rise in demand for well-catered and top-quality service, pet daycares are popular as more people find them useful even for everyday purposes. The availability of new doggy daycares and stays has made decision-making tricky to select the best daycare for their pups.

The following section of the article will highlight the necessary characteristics to look for while finding the perfect temporary stay for the canine.

Characteristics to look for in a pet daycare and boarding:

It is always best to visit the dog boarding and check for the following:

Staff behaviour:

There are plenty of care centers having outstanding individuals working for them. Hanrob, for instance, has a team of dedicated people who strive to make the dog feel comfortable in their presence and acquaint them with the surroundings.

The establishment must follow animal welfare laws set by the government mandatorily. The best way to test the waters is by taking the dog to the establishment and seeing how they respond to the people. They are better at assessing the energy from the individual compared to their owner.

Sanitation and condition of stay: 

The following criteria to check for good boarding is to assess the sanitation of the enclosure. A few years ago, many pet care centers did not follow sanitation laws, but today, almost 99% of the establishments have clean and sanitary environments for the pets to stay in and play in.

A lawn environment or open grounds is also necessary to be present for the pets to play every day as exercise. Active dogs are healthy dogs, and healthy dogs are happy dogs! 

Food quality and hygiene: 

Dogs need to eat a nutritious meal consisting of meat like chicken and vegetables like carrots and other essential nutrients. The meals should be customizable if the pup has any specific dietary requirements as prescribed by the veterinarian.

There are several die-restriction meals available in the market for dogs with certain restrictions and allergies. The dog boarding must be highly sensitive to the requirements of their four-pawed adorable guests. 

Vaccination prerequisites and medical assistance: 

Boarding centers and daycares for pets must have a checklist for the dogs to check for their vaccination timeline before admission. Dogs are susceptible to ailments due to the spread of viruses or bacteria from other pets in the facility. They might come in contact with an affected pet and get severely ill themselves.

The facility must ensure all the dogs staying under their care have periodic vaccinations and proof certificates. They should also have an on-call vet available for any emergencies 24/7. It will allow their owners to feel stress-free while dropping them off at their temporary stay.

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