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How In-Home Nursing Support Over 230,000 Disabled Individuals In Sydney

The number of disabled people in Australia is around 1 million, according to the Disability Discrimination Commissioner’s National Inquiry into the Employment of People with Disabilities 2015 report. Out of that, there is an estimated population of 230,000 disabled individuals living in Sydney. These people would have varying conditions such as physical disability, mental retardation or any other condition that prevents them from leading a normal life. 

These conditions can sometimes occur due to trauma or accidents and also can be inherited from the parents. People with disabilities need in-home nursing in Sydney to help them lead a normal life. In-home nursing services for disabled people in Sydney make it possible for them to recover comfortably at home by providing specially designed care plans for short-term and long-term needs. 

What is in-home nursing for disabled people?

In-home nursing for disabled people is a service provided by an in-home nurse. In-home nurses are registered nurses with specialized training in providing health care to patients in their homes. They offer the same level of care you would receive in a hospital setting, but they do it right at your doorstep.

Some studies show that Australia is over-reliant on these support services to provide care for the disabled and the elderly. However, it is equally important to acknowledge that these support services are critical in providing a dignified life to many disabled individuals and the elderly population of the country. 

Hence, it is always preferable that you talk with the professionals and take the assistance of these care providers if necessary. This might cost you some money, but it eventually helps make a lot of difference. 

How can you avail these services?

There are several ways you can avail this service:

  • You can contact the service by phone, email or social media.
  • You can find the service at their office
  • You can visit the website of the agency for detailed instructions

Once you are done contacting them, there shall be a call back from an agency representative. These individuals are well-trained in taking care of such cases. They will explain to you the entire procedure, inclusions and cost of such services. 

Specially designed services

  • The agencies offer specially designed services to meet the needs of people with a disability.
  • The nurses have been trained to give home care assistance and nursing support to people with disabilities, seniors or those recovering from surgery.

In-home nursing in Sydney

In-home nursing services can be a great option for people who need help with daily care but require the comfort of their own homes. Sydney has a huge population of elderly individuals and disabled individuals who do not necessarily have access to in-home care from family members.

Hence, availing such services in the city would not be a great issue for the care seekers. You need to select the nearest agency and talk with them about the requirements so they can make a personalized plan that suits your requirements. 


Hoping that you have liked the above article and learned more about in-home nursing services in Sydney. If you still have doubts about how these services work and how they will help you or anyone you know, it is always preferred to get in connection with an expert who would guide you in the entire process and explain the costs involved. 

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