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Modern Youth, Why Bothered And Depressed?

Life is full of ups and downs. Good and bad conditions are present in this journey in the form of inns here and there, but stopping at the inn does not mean that the journey has stopped and the destination has stopped. Survival lies in moving towards the destination. But it is also not necessary to find a destination.

The job of the traveler is to keep moving towards the destination, to keep walking, and then this world is based on hope. Young people are the capital of a nation. These high-minded and high-minded people contribute to the development and prosperity of any country and nation.

Today, the youth are far from this concept of ‘self’. Today’s Modern Youth are surrounded by many problems. Modern youth are unfamiliar with the concept of self and suffer from psychological, social, and economic confusion. One of the major problems of the youth is that they are unable to differentiate between their needs and desires and suffer from anxiety and restlessness by forgetting the needs for the sake of desires. We would like to make this clear with a few examples here.


Ninety percent of our Modern Youth want a good education just to get a job. Critics also believe that our education system produces good employees. Instead of a good businessman. Now people will surely be surprised to read that what is the harm in doing a job? Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing a job if you look at it, but if you look at it in a nutshell, doing a job weakens a person’s creativity. Passion for growth and opportunities for growth shrink. This is the case in all government and private sectors. At the age where young people are, there is a desire to do something.

They have a lot of allergies which, if not used in a positive way, are either lost or misused. Speaking of business, of course, it is laborious work where work is done on a profit and loss basis. There is no proof of profit nor any prediction of loss. Whoever gets involved in business spends all his energies and even the Prophet remained associated with the business profession.

Its usefulness can be gauged from the fact that the Holy Prophet also liked the profession of trade. If you open the list of the richest people in the world, you will find that they are all businessmen, whether it is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Kalari page or Framcise Bettencourt Magerw and his family from Louvre France. All of them made the business a beacon for their growth. One of the main reasons why today’s youth suffer from depression is that they see everything materially while they want to be the richest person in the world.

That is, the alum did not hang and the color did not come out. So first of all it is important to know that there is nothing in life but hard work. The big business tacos we see today were ordinary people yesterday, but the important thing is that they didn’t want to be ordinary people and that dedication forced them to work harder than others. Hardworking and honest people always move forward and live a peaceful life.

Young people should keep in mind that they will have to work hard to achieve a high position in life. Use any skills that will help you convince them. You can also earn a lot of money for your mental and creative services but always make honesty and integrity your motto. Never trade your faith even if any power in the world stands against you. Follow the rules you have set. Success will follow in your footsteps.


Marriage is considered by Modern Youth to be nothing more than a burden and a responsibility, although it is true that marriage is a bond in which one is unable to escape from one’s responsibilities and one who does so fail. In fact, we create ambiguities about things that can be misrepresented. There is no doubt that marriage is a social necessity.

Now without looking at the whole issue, today’s young man spends his days and nights in the digital age. He refuses to recognize marriage as a social necessity because in his view, getting married and taking responsibility for a person and family is itself. Is nothing but ruin with their own hands.

He considers himself very socially secure and by talking to people of color he understands that he does not need any friends, secrets, or relationships. Now all the depression and mischief spreads with the same thought. You will be surprised that the above arguments prove to be correct in favor of Modern Youth. To understand this, let us try to understand the summary of the first sentence which said that marriage is a social necessity. Society is made up of human interaction. It is as if a man is the basis of society. Its interaction is the only means of survival of the society. Aristotle was very shrewd and intelligent. He explained a very complex philosophy in very simple words when he said that “man is a social animal”. In fact, to liken man to an animal is not meant to degrade him.

Rather, it was meant to explain that just as an animal has innate needs, so does a human have natural and innate needs.

Marriage is also a physical need, as it is very important to understand. Now the question arises that if it is a physical need of man, then why is it called social? And if it belongs to the human race, then what is the use of society in it! So understand that man is a part of a society where there are some etiquettes, principles and benefits, and a way of life. A man living in a society has to fulfill his innate needs not only by himself but also by the opposite sex living in society.

If the law of the jungle is applied to it, then the whole system will be in disarray. There must have been a decent way to meet the natural needs of two people. So this process started with Adam and Eve and thus man decided how to justify his natural needs in the eyes of society and not to make their fulfillment a cause of harm to anyone but this process by mutual consent. To perform Marriage is the most effective way to do this.

No matter how many religions of the world are looked at, the only legitimate and socially acceptable form of the relationship between a man and a woman is marriage, which is the source of the formation of a family and then society. Now, when the Modern Youth are dissatisfied with their natural needs, they go home in the mire of physical and psychological but also social and economic problems.

An example of this is that food is a basic human need. If a person insists that he will not eat, then what will happen? This body will be able to carry its load for the maximum number of days. As a result, he will be torn to pieces and die. And if one does not have one’s own food and in such a case he steals and eats, then he becomes a thief socially. In the same way, people who choose the wrong path to satisfy their sexual needs are always afraid of being caught.

The mental anguish they suffer after satisfying their ego is no less than a torment. No one knows better than the Creator what the merits and demerits of His creation are. So it is important to understand that the Creator who created man knows what his needs, desires, and attributes are. Men and women need each other, keeping in mind the same thing, a pure, sacred, and legitimate relationship. Was ordered to be established in a timely manner so that the welfare and survival of the society are not harmed. Is done.

If everyone comes with their own provisions, then considering marriage as a social, physical, and psychological need, deciding at the right age and time is the best way that will not only save you from many problems but also make life truly meaningful It will also teach me how to live.


Where human beings need other things in life, it is also very important to have peace. If there is no peace of mind and heart, then human life becomes worse than hell. Then whether it is wealth, fame, or beauty, nothing is of any use. The pursuit of peace is not hidden in materialism but it is related to spirituality. The young generation suffers from anxiety and restlessness. The main reason for this is materialism and distance from religion and unfamiliarity with the concept of spirituality.

Today’s young generation is so lost in the web of internet and social media that it is Allah’s religion and spirituality. Has been completely forgotten, the result of which is sometimes seen in the form of suicide and sometimes involved in crimes whether they are moral or social. The parents are also to blame. Strengthen the foundations of your children from an early age so that they will never be uprooted by a windstorm or a hurricane.

In order to make Modern Youth mentally strong, it is necessary to acquaint them with religion and not only put them behind material things but also teach them humanity. Let them try to strengthen their relationship with their Lord so that they do not become beggars from door to door, but ask their Lord for their needs and know the secret of success in this world and the hereafter.

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