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Eyelash transplant- With All Details

Are you suffering from short, weak, or damaged eyelashes? Looking for the best way to restore their thickness permanently? Eyelash Transplant would be the best choice!

Long and beautiful eyelashes never go out of fashion. Some souls are blessed with this attractive appearance but not everyone is having this natural beauty. Mostly, the loss of lashes can be seen due to any sort of skin infection or through excessive use of extensions or mascaras. In women, there is a huge demand for lengthy eyelashes as it looks attractive than the smaller ones.

Recent research has proved that around 45% of women have faced thin lashes due to the overuse of makeup and pulling. So in terms of eradicating such difficulties, there should be the avoidance of unnecessary usage of such products as the excess of everything is bad.

To acquire the denser, lengthy, and growing eyelashes permanently, there is no other best option that the Latest Fad Eyelash Transplant. It’s the most dominant beauty enhancer treatment which makes you look gorgeous by adding more beauty to your face and eyes. Eyelash transplant in Dubai

In this article, we’ve compiled all the necessary information related to the Eyelash Transplant that you must know and also all its unseen realities that you should be aware of.

Eyelash Transplant

A most widespread transplantation practice is executed to restore the fullness of lashes enduringly. The whole procedure is performed on an outpatient basis so within a few hours you will acquire the life-changing results you’ve ever dreamed of.

It’s based on the idea of extracting the hair follicles from the backside of the scalp to place it on the eyelids where necessary.

Please note that the whole technique demands high expertise and care of the practitioner so make sure that the doctor is expert enough to provide you the best successful results.

The technique behind handling the weak, broken, and missing Lashes!

Dealing with damaged and lost lashes isn’t a difficulty anymore due to the Eyelash Transplant. Unlike the extensions and temporary makeup techniques, it’s the safest and effective approach to get back the lost growth of lashes on eyelids. Conversely, while using artificial techniques, doctors usually advise the gentle placement and removal of the fake lashes to prevent further damage.

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In the very first session of Eyelash Transplant, the patients should inform the aesthetic demands of their lashes and the reason behind its loss. In case, when they’re not aware of it, necessary tests are usually advised. The plus point of attending an initial session is that your doctor will determine the exact demand of hair follicles that are needed to be placed on eyelids.

On the treatment day, you will be given local anesthesia and after that, the extraction process gets continued. Around 2-4 hair follicles would be enough for this transplantation, which is usually acquired through the FUE technique as it’s the latest and modern one. After this, extremely small holes are made on the eyelids in the relative direction and at a suitable angle to implant these extracted grafts.

The whole process will take a maximum of two hours to complete.

Do Eyelashes look Natural after Transplant?

In short yes, but with some terms and conditions.

Acquiring natural results is the most common query that every person wants to know. Before we get into its details, you must be aware of the most important fact that, when you undergo this surgical practice, please ensure the expertise and qualification of the doctor whether is he expert enough or not.

This is because, the natural results of lashes are dependent upon the accurate viewpoint, precise direction, and suitable density, which is beyond the capacity of a junior doctor. Only an expert can deliver the natural results of eyelashes. However, this transplantation approach doesn’t involve any artificial substance so there will be zero chance of getting an unnatural appearance.

Moreover, if you’re living in Dubai, finding the best surgeon for Eyelash Transplant isn’t a big deal as the world’s best doctors are serving their quality time in this city.

How long it would take to grow the Eyelashes?

The newly transplanted hair will fall out after two to three weeks of treatment and complete results might take up to a maximum of three months. However, it’s the rough estimate of time as coming to an exact conclusion would be difficult due to the variance of outcomes from individual to individual.

Moreover, the newly emerged eyelash hair should be trimmed a bit, regularly so they get blend nicely and gives you a charming, beautiful, and natural look to your face.

How much does it cost to get the Eyelash Transplant?

The cost of Eyelash Transplant varies from country to country due to their different currency rates. However, in UAE or Dubai, the cost would start from AED 12,000 but when we compare this to the USD it would range from $3,500 to $7,000 which is the most expensive and not affordable to most of the patients.

If you’re seeking eyelash implants cost at reasonable, the best option would be Dubai, as the rates of Dirham are quite less expensive than dollars. Although, Dubai has the best surgeons who deliver promising results. Furthermore, a lot of clinics are offering travel packages and accommodation facilities for abroad patients so they can get this transplantation therapy at their ease.

For best services eyelash implants cost, Dynamic clinics would be the best option. As one of the most well-known surgeons Dr. Naveed is currently serving his quality time in this clinic.

When do Eyelash Transplants fail?

Most rarely, due to some sort of accident or cancer side effect patients can suffer from permanent loss of lash gap which can be very difficult to treat even with an Eyelash Transplant. As long as the eyelid is healthy and functions well, transplantation can be performed for restoring beauty. Conversely, it won’t work if the eyelid has lost its senses.

Thus, we cannot say that Eyelash Transplants Fail in such conditions but still, they cannot provide you the desired results.

Important facts to consider after Eyelash Transplant!

Undergoing this transplant doesn’t mean that your job ends here, there are some important facts you should take care of.

Like every surgical technique, this transplantation practice also demands some guidelines that need to be followed for riskless results. Though, please have a look at some important Do’s and Don’ts you must consider:

  1. Take all the prescribed medications regularly.
  2. Avoid unnecessary touching your eyes.
  3. Apply cold compressions on your eyes to minimize the post discomfort.
  4. Don’t rub or put pressure on the treated area.
  5. Sun exposures should be escaped for a few days from treatment.

Risks and Side effects!

Every technique is associated with complications no matter whether it’s surgical or non-surgical. But in terms of getting 100% riskless results, expert hands matters a lot!

The risks involved with Eyelash Transplant are much rare than any other surgical practice, as this transplantation procedure is based on the natural idea of implanted grafts. In case your surgeon isn’t well experienced you will have to deal with:

  1. Discomfort
  2. Blur vision
  3. Itching
  4. Scarring

Please note that these above-listed complexities are temporary and usually fade off after 2-3 days of treatment.

Wrapping it up- Is Eyelash Transplant a good decision?

Going under the Latest Fad- Eyelash Transplant is the best choice someone can ever make. Though, without facing any side effects or complications you will acquire long and beautiful eyelashes permanently. However, before you decide the treatment location make sure that their doctors are expert enough to deliver the results you’ve ever wanted. In the Dynamic clinic of Dubai, 100% of patients have noticed the visible growth in their eyelashes and gets satisfied with the results.

For restoring the lost eyelashes with improved thickness and density, Eyelash Transplant is the safest and effective transplantation procedure you must get!

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