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How To Promote A YouTube Channel From Scratch In 2022

YouTube offers users to convey any information to a wide audience in a popular format. The video format is always the most advantageous because there a person does not need to spend energy reading text. All the work for him is done by a blogger who tells the information aloud.

Now many people want to start making content but don’t know where to start. Today we will talk about how you can promote your blog.

Create a strategy:

If you don’t have a well-thought-out strategy, you won’t be able to succeed. Your project should have a goal as an identifier of success, and in order to achieve it, you need to break it down into small tasks and gradually complete them.

You should clearly understand what you plan to do and who will be interested in it. To do this, think about what kind of people could be interested in your subject and draw up their general portrait. This is necessary so that you know how to interest people and what affects them. Also, when you buy YouTube subscribers for fast and efficient channel development, you will need to choose viewers with what characteristics you need.

When you have already understood who you are working for, design the channel in accordance with who is watching you. Add a description that briefly talks about what you do, create playlists, and schedule publications. All this is necessary for competent gradual promotion on the platform.

Video format:

When working on a channel, decide which video format is most in demand by your audience. These can be entertaining, informational videos, interviews, vlogs, and so on. You can choose a format at the beginning of your work, but in the future experiment with others and choose what works best.

The main thing on the eve of the release of each video is to make an announcement in which you will talk about the fact that there will be a new release soon. Warm up the interest of your viewers with announcements on YouTube and social networks.

The video format is also important to alert the audience before releasing new content after you buy real YouTube subscribers and you need to get new people interested. Be sure to encourage everyone to put notifications on your posts because this way people can instantly learn about your announcements and releases.

Video covers:

The preview is the first thing a user sees when scrolling through the feed or using the search. Mostly due to previews, many videos gain a large number of views. You should put high-quality pictures with the catchy text on them as a cover.

Clickbait headlines that go with the cover also work well. Create intrigue so that users want to know what you are really talking about.

Share your videos with friends:

To make it easier for you to get high stats, you can send links to them to your friends immediately after publication. This will help you get guaranteed views in a short amount of time. Also, ask your friends to share your content.

To make people want to be active, make calls to like, write comments, and share. This can be done in announcements, at the end of each video, in the description, and in the comments. Don’t be afraid to encourage users to take action because it really works. In any case, you have nothing to lose from this.


Having a successful channel is what many people around the world want. Of course, in 2022 it is very difficult to enter the platform and quickly achieve popularity, but it is possible if you follow a clear strategy. Work on the quality of content and constantly promote it. We wish you success in your work.

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