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YouTube to Mp4 HD Converters Benefits, How To Use, Best Tools & FAQ

YouTube is one of the leading global social media platforms which allows users to upload, watch and share videos. You may never realize the importance of conversion tools unless you’re watching YouTube while travelling in a metro or rail and suddenly your Wi-Fi stops. Or you are on a road journey and then the internet connection starts misbehaving.

What would you feel? Angry! If watching the buffering video doesn’t irritate you, I don’t know what will! Though YouTube allows downloads that need to be renewed every 48 hours. But with YouTube to mp4 HD, one can enjoy unlimited access to the videos anytime anywhere.

What Are YouTube To Mp4 HD Converters?

YouTube to Mp4 HD Converters applications /software helps its users to download and convert YouTube videos online. Earlier, people used to watch buffered/glitches videos in case of poor internet connection. But with the enhancement of technology, one can find several apps known as converters or downloaders on the internet which help people to watch their favourite videos without glitches. Downloading the videos or audios in mp4 format allows easy and handy access to it anytime, anywhere.

Benefits Of Using YouTube to Mp4 HD Converters

There are numerous benefits of using YouTube to mp4 converters, let’s see a few of the major benefits here:

1. Compatibility:

The YouTube to mp4 converters is compatible with nearly every other device. You can easily watch numerous converted videos without re-downloading them on different devices. Plus, you don’t need to revisit YouTube pages to view them anymore.

2. Saves Space:

Converting videos from YouTube to mp4 helps to save a lot of space on your device. As you download the converter, you get to choose the file/folder where you want to store your video/audio. You can also insert a specific SD card and make necessary changes to your converter’s settings so that it saves the downloaded videos in it.

3. Quality:

Unlike other converters, YouTube to mp4 converters lets you download the video in the quality it gets uploaded. That means you can download high-definition YouTube to mp4 HD 1080p videos. Or you can select the video quality from the given resolution options according to your preference.

4. Time-Saving:

It becomes a time-consuming process to renew YouTube downloads or revisit the application, again and again, to view them which also drains the battery of your device. YouTube to mp4 converters acts as a time-saver and makes the video available in the internal storage of your device.

5. Saves Data:

YouTube to mp4 converters acts as a data saver by letting you download the videos on your device. No need to re-spend data to watch the same video over and over again. You can also download other videos to watch them later without limiting yourself to watching the video at the moment.

How Do You Use YouTube To MP4 HD Converters?

The YouTube converter mp4 HD usually has an easy to use interface which enhances your overall experience. No matter what device you use, the steps to download and convert videos remain quite similar. To download any YouTube video, follow these steps:

1st Step :- Open the YouTube application or in the case of computers/pcs you can use a web browser to access the app.

2nd Step:- Find the video that you want to make available offline or you never get tired of watching.

3rd Step:- Now, copy the URL of the video by clicking on the copy link option.

4th Step:- Return to your converter and paste your copied URL in the search area.

5th Step:- Choose convert to mp4 option. Select your preferred resolution choice.

6th Step:- Click the Download button.

Within a few minutes, your video gets available offline in the mp4 format.

Best Online YouTube To MP4 HD Converter Tools:

Though, there are tons of conversion tools available online that makes the choosing process a bit tougher. We compiled a list of our top converters you can consider while searching for them.


Y2mate is one of the most popular conversion tools online which helps in downloading and converting YouTube videos into mp4 easily. One doesn’t need to install the application to use it as the software is easily accessible from any web browser. If you’re looking for a converter with better quality, then your search ends here. The numerous other features are:

  • Y2mate allows bulk downloads of video from YouTube to mp4.
  • Supports download from 1080p, 4K up to 8k videos.
  • Easily customisable and allows the best quality audio downloads such as 320kbps.
  • It also supports numerous video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu etc.
  • Easy to use interface.

2. YMP4:

This is one of the most popular online conversion tools that let you convert videos into mp3 and mp4 formats. YMP4 supports 300+ video-streaming platforms including YouTube, Daily Motions, and Facebook etc. You can easily download and convert videos of any length free of charge. Though it doesn’t allow batch downloads, you can download as many videos as you desire easier and faster.  The application is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices.


The next best free conversion tool online is Flvto. The application allows downloads and conversion of videos without any time limit. It supports various HD formats such as mp3, mp4 and AVI. Other features are:

  • Convert and download videos from many sites.
  • Has an easy to use interface.
  • Faster downloads.
  • The app/software is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux and ios.
  • It is also accessible through Android devices.

4. ClipConverter.cc :

This online conversion tool lets you download videos free of cost. The best part about this tool is that you can access it directly from the site using a web browser plug-in. It allows fast downloading speed.

  • It supports numerous formats such as MP3, MP4, MP4A, AAC, and 3GP, AVI, MOV and MKV.
  • It also allows downloads in various resolutions like YouTube to mp4 HD 720p, 1080p 2K up to 4K videos.
  • The app supports various languages.
  • Allows bulk downloads.
  • The app is easily accessible from Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

5. ITubeGo:

iTubeGo is the next best online YouTube downloader on the internet. The best part about using this converter is that it supports downloads from more than 10,000 sites. It has inbuilt converter tools that makes it a lot easier to download and convert videos into the desired format. iTubeGo is suitable for multiple devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android, Windows, Mac and IOS devices. Plus, it also gives you a variety of audio and video formats. Other features include:

  • One can download videos, playlists and channels from YouTube.
  • It supports various SD and UHD video qualities from 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K up to 8k.
  • iTubeGo has an inbuilt browser by which you can easily search for your preferred video/audio without revisiting YouTube.
  • It allows batch video downloads.
  • It also has a set of formatting tools that you can use to edit videos according to your choice.

6. MP3 Studio:

This is one of the best conversion tools which allows ultra-high quality downloads at a faster downloading speed. Though the free version enables you to download and convert only three videos daily, the features of mp3 studio are worth the trouble.

  • It has a user-friendly interface designed to provide easy navigation to users.
  • Gives you a faster downloading speed.
  • Allows various resolutions up to 8K videos.
  • You can also convert videos into different formats such as mp3, mp4 and others.
  • Supports unlimited multi-downloads at once from different sites.
  • Supports 23 languages.
  • Allows private downloads and supports cloud services.
  • Supports various leading video-streaming platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud and more.


YouTube with its 2.3 billion active users per month is one of the trending social media platforms. For years, the platform has successfully served people across the globe in gaining popularity, subscribers and money. One can easily like, subscribe, comment, share, go live and upload videos on YouTube. But major inconvenience happens when you have to keep returning to the application to re-watch videos.

This becomes a time and data consuming process. To elevate this trouble comes the YouTube downloader mp4. It helps to convert videos into various formats and resolutions within minutes. In this article, we discussed the importance of it, the downloading process and the different converters available online. Still, having second thoughts? Go through our FAQs section to clear ’em.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is YouTube to mp4 converters?

Ans. YouTube to mp4 converters are conversion tools that help us to download and convert videos into desired formats and resolutions. These conversion tools help people to download videos from different video-streaming platforms.

Q. How to convert videos from YouTube to mp4 720p resolution?

Ans. To convert any interesting video into 720p resolution, follow the steps given below:

1st Step- Open YouTube and find a video you always desired to download.

2nd Step- Copy the URL on your clipboard.

3rd Step- Now, switch to your conversion tool and paste the URL in the search box.

4th Step- As the desired video appears on the result section, click download.

5th Step- Once you click to download a list of resolutions and formats appears. Choose the mp4 format with 720p resolution.

The video gets downloaded within minutes.

Q. Why do we need to convert YouTube videos?

Ans. Though YouTube offers video downloads you can’t view them without switching to the application and it also consumes a lot of space on your device. Plus, you can’t format or edit that downloaded video. These conversion tools help you to download and convert videos into formats that consume less space and can be used variously. It also makes them available on your internal storage, so you don’t need to access an application again and again.

Q. Is there any downloading limit?

Ans. No, there isn’t any downloading limit. You can download as many videos as you desire from these different conversion tools.

Q. Is converting YouTube videos to mp4 safe?

Ans. If you ask me, the one-word answer I could give is Almost. It is kind of safe most of the time. These apps are free and they mostly generate income from several misleading advertisements. So, don’t try to spend more time on these sites as you might click on the ads which can land you in a harmful situation for both you and your device.

Q. Is it illegal to use YouTube to mp4 HD converters?

Ans. No, it isn’t until you use it for professional use or reposting. That might land you in several copyright issues and eventually result either in taking down of the page or paying fines and don’t repeat the action ever again. Other than that, if you use it for personal entertainment it is entirely legal and you don’t need to worry about taking any permission.

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