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Interesting Biryani Recipe Always Create A Good Mood

Tell me how many people like the biryani recipe? It is very difficult to control the greed when you see a big copper pot along the road and a coating of flour on its face. And once that smell goes away, there’s no point.

Thousands of diets, cholesterol, and fatty liver all come out of the head just peek Murray biryani. Speaking of biryani, it is the responsibility to find people whose mouths are watering.

Now we will tell you where it comes from? It is common in South Asian countries, especially Afghanistan, Myanmar, India, Arabia, and many other states. A special type of aromatic rice, potato, ghee, hot spices, and meat is cooked.

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There are various types of Biryani recipe such as _ Kachchi Biryani, Lucknow Biryani, Sylheti Akhni Biryani, Punjabi Chicken Biryani, Kolkata Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Thai Biryani, Sri Lankan Biryani, etc.

Some Mouthwatering biryani recipe:

You can taste different types of biryani if you travel all over India. Some of them are —

Mughal Biryani:


First, you have to boil the rice with salt. Large pieces of meat are mixed with various aromatic spices.

Then cook in a pan with ghee and other ingredients. Then mixed with fragrant rice mixed with kewra water. Keep the flame to its minimum low flame. Tightly close the pan.

Now it’s ready to steam 20minits. This biryani taste is marvelous.

When the smell comes to the nose, water comes to the tongue, and when you eat this amazing dish you will understand what a royal taste is.

Kacchi Biryani:

There is nothing different to say about Kacchi biryani, we go to different restaurants and order it. You can make this delicious dish at home if you want.


First, drain the water before cooking the meat. Then in a copper pot mix yogurt, ghee, cinnamon and cardamom powder, saffron for color, and at last meat.

Then add jaitri, a little of pepper, a little of Julian ginger-garlic, all spices to the meat. Now leave it for 45 minutes.

At last, add 2 cups (0.47 l) of milk to the meat. Boil water and cooked the rice. Next, chop the onion and fry the potato pieces with it.

Then pour the seasoned meat into the cooking pot and garnish it with prunes, khoyaskhir, rose water, and kewra water. Sprinkle fried potatoes and onions on it.

Now spread the boiled rice evenly on the meat. Put the pot in the oven and cover the pot with a lid and cover it with flour so that the vapor does not come out.

After 1 hour, reduce the heat and keep it down. Then open the lid of the mouth and serve ‘Kachchi Biryani’.

Sindhi Biryani:

This biryani is one of the mouthwatering dishes and now I will tell u, how to Make it at your home very easy.


At first, boil the rice, with salt, oil, cloves, and cook it. In another pot frying onion. Then add chicken, salt to test, tomato puree, turmeric powder, coriander, black paper, saplings of few green chilies, potato, yogurt, water, and now cook it.

Now get ready for layering. First, put a little ghee in the pot, then add the pieces of chicken, chopped mint and coriander leaves, Sindhi biryani spices, ghee, and added food color.

At the next level, we will prepare rice and related ghee, almonds, barista, yogurt for vapor. Then ready after 20-25 minutes. Can be served with salad.

Calcutta Biryani:

This biryani originated from Calcutta. Although it came from Awadhi Biryani as far as Lucknow, it has another specialty in Calcutta.


For the biryani spice, we need big cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, javitri, shah cumin, shah paper. Fry them on low heat for 2 minutes. Then marinate the chicken with yogurt, salt, turmeric, and chili for a while.

On the other hand, after soaking the rice for 30 minutes, in another pot, add half the amount of water, a little tbsp oil, salt, bay leaves, and cardamom. And boil the potatoes into 2 pieces and fry with salt and turmeric.

Now we are ready to cooking chicken. Put oil in the pan first. Then fry one by one with cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, onions. Now add ginger-garlic paste, chili powder, salt, biryani spice amount, rose water, kewra water, sweet perfume and boil with an adequate amount of water.

Now you have to pour the chicken and cook it. Since we have not used any color in the chicken, add a pinch of saffron with milk. Now we will heat it with ghee in a copper pot.

Then layer the potatoes, chicken, and rice one by one and in the middle, then add biryani spices, khoyakshir, prunes. However, it should be noted that there is a layer of rice on the top.

At the last step top, it with the barista, ghee, saffron soaked milk, and a little rice flavor and steam it for 40 minutes to make biryani.

Hyderabadi Biryani recipe:

We all know more or less about the nobility of this amazing biryani. This biryani is famous for its unique taste and authentic smell. Now we will tell u the cooking method-


At first, take a bowl for chicken marinated because it is the main step in cooking. So let’s see how to get started. Now add salt to taste, chili powder, turmeric powder, biryani spices, crushed ginger-garlic, a pinch of cardamom, then mixed chicken and refrigerate for the whole night.

Now you have to put a pinch of saffron in milk.

When you have to cook biryani, you always take India gate rice or Kohinoor rice because of the special aroma, and the rice soaks for about 30 minutes. For cooking, boil rice with water, cardamom, salt, cumin, paper, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, and oil in a pot and water should take up.

This time chop some onions and fry them in ghee until golden, at the same time we will fry the mint leaves and coriander leaves in the pot and give them to the chicken. Now we will cook the chicken for 15 minutes.

In the last stage, everything is ready for layering. This time put the chicken in a pot first, and then gives half-cooked rice, biryani spice, saffron soaked milk, ghee, rose water, and barista on it.


Biryani recipe is like a symbol of every country. And in one country the same biryani is prevalent. Salad, boiled eggs, raita, kebabs, cold drinks, etc is best for it. So, immediately, make it to your home in a hurry. Maybe, any guests in the house will like it.

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