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Charlie Man | You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

Charlie Man was an animated stage musical comedy that comprises a lot of songs with beautiful lyrics written by Clark Gesner. This show began its stage performance off-broadway in 1967 with the characters created in the comic strip in newspapers called Peanuts by a famous cartoonist, named Charles M. Schulz. 

This show was later broadcast on Broadway. The show soon became very popular in those days at the theatre. Charlie Brown, you’re a good man did not include many casts, making the show a crowd-free casting. The popularity of this theatre show increases day by day not only due to the small castings but also due to its simple and remarkable staging. 

Let’s discuss this incredible stage musical show which had a very simple basic plot – a common day in the life of Charlie Brown. 

Who Is Charlie Man?

Charlie Man here is referred to as the character of Charlie Brown. In the play you’re a good man charlie brown, Charlie man is the main character who is a lovable loser and a child who possesses endless determination and hope. But he is not gifted with great luck and is always affected by his unbound insecurities. 

Moreover, Charlie brown character is pictured full of innocence bogged with permanent instances of bad luck. Due to these things, his peers often took advantage of him which made him distressed and disappointed. 

The voice of Charlie brown was given by Brad Kesten and the singing voice was given by Kevin Brando. Furthermore, personality-wise, Charlie brown character was very gentle, unsure and precious. His character depicts a dull child, but still, the character can be wise enough if he doesn’t overthink as one can clearly understand from the show. Because of this overthinking, he often procrastinates and leads a miserable and lonely life


In the early 1960s, Clark Gesner started preparing for the songs and began writing lyrics based on the comic strip peanuts characters of Charles Schulz. For publishing and using peanuts characters in these songs, he needed to get permission from the United features syndicate. But he was not granted permission to use any of the characters in his songs. Then, Gesner took a wonderful step and sent the recording of his songs to Charles Schulz as a demo. 

These recordings were accepted by Schulz and soon Gesner got permission to record all the songs. Later in 1966, Gesner finally recorded his songs which were sung by different singers for different characters. 

Singing voices of different characters:

  • Charlie Brown – Kevin Brando 
  • Linus – Clark Gesner 
  • Lucy – Barbara Minkus
  • Snoopy – Bill Hinnant

Later on 7 March 1967, the first performance of this show was staged at Theatre 80 in the city of New York. Though there was no real script, the young actors played with musical acting on ten songs created by Gesner. The peanut, a comic cartoon strip draws the story in the play with musical openings. The basic plot of the play was a typical day in Charlie’s life and thus this play was split into two acts.

You’re a good man Charlie Brown later came on television on 6 November 1985. It was first circulated on the CBS channel and became the most popular television adaptation. With the continuous episodes, it became the notable first animated cartoon of peanuts. 

The running time of this cartoon was made shorter than the musical stage play, also the number of songs were decreased. Patty, one of its characters, did not appear much, and thus she got replaced with Sally Brown. Later, again Patty got into the play when it was modernized on Broadway in 1999. 


In 1967, Charlie Brown, you’re a good man was first premiered at Theatre 80 in East Village off-broadway New York productions. The cast recordings got released in MGM Records, which was later in 2000, got to be released on Decca Broadway. 

In 1970, US Tours allowed approx 200 performances and in 1971, a broadway production began at John Garden Theatre did 32 performances of the play, Charlie Brown you are a good man. 

This show was also played at the west end in London and on television in 1986. The US Tour in 1998, again played in Skokie Illinois and it was revived on Broadway in 1999 with 150 performances. The original revived recording was broadcast by BMG in 1999. Manhattan benefit concert and off-Broadway revival York theatre company in 2008 and 2016 respectively, ran this show. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown?

Generally, it is a common phrase for the compliment but thinking of who Charlie Brown is, the meaning and interpretation of this phrase becomes deep and worth understanding. 

As per the character of Charlie Brown in the play, You’re a good man Charlie Brown means he is a good person who expresses his feelings and does what makes him feel happy. This phrase is for those who are crazy for their love and try to give their best and utilize every good quality they have been gifted with. 

In the play, Lucy said this phrase to Charlie Brown, depicting the good qualities of Charlie man. If someone calls you by this phrase, it means that you treat every person with respect and are worthy to succeed in every sphere of life, even though you suffer most of the time and feel less confident or nervous about it. 

Moreover, around 1989, there was a song named Simple man charlie daniels, which illustrated the related meaning of the phrase ” You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.” In the song Simple Man, Daniel somehow expresses an honest man’s review who does good things and utilizes every quality to have justice or just to lead a happy life. But still fails by his luck, and finds himself frustrated due to people who trick him and get away with anything. And for this, he blames society and himself. Charlie Daniels simple man is a song album of duration three minutes, which was labeled as epic during that time. 

Who Says You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown?

It was Lucy who said You are a good man, Charlie Brown. To understand why and how she said this phrase to Charlie man, you must come across the summary of this play. and here it starts. 

The play begins with the conversation between Charlie Brown and Linus. And then quickly shifted to the more introduction of the Peanuts gang. And all the characters of this play shared their observations on Charlie Brown. One of the characters called Lucy termed Charlie Brown as a failure face. 

With the continuation of the play, the relationship between all the peanut gang’s characters was intensified. These relationships between them will be of no surprise to the one who has seen a comic strip. For example, Lucy’s relation with others, like her obsession with Schroeder and feeling of happiness while taunting Charlie Brown. Moreover, Charlie Brown was portrayed as the lover at a distance with the girl of intriguing personality. 

Later in the play, characters finalized their things, which made them happy. Then, the group of peanut gang started leaving the stage, where Lucy comes to Charlie Brown and shakes his hand by saying:” You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.” In the end, Charlie was left in solitary with a soft smile on his face. 

How Many People Are In You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown?

There have been several characters who played their particular roles in You are a good man Charlie Brown. Generally, there were six main characters in the Peanuts gang. And others were supporting and minor characters. Some of the characters appeared in animated cartoons too. 

Major Characters List With Their First Appearance: 

  • Charlie Brown – In 1950
  • Snoopy – In 1950
  • Schroeder – In 1951
  • Lucy van Pelt – In 1952
  • Linus van Pelt – In 1952
  • Sally Brown – In 1959

Supporting Characters:

  • Shermy (1950-1969)
  • Patty (1950-1995)
  • Violet Gray (1951-1996)
  • Pig-Pen (1954-1999)
  • Franklin (1968-1999)
  • Eudora (1978-1987)
  • Frieda (1961-1985)
  • Lydia (1986-1999)
  • Peppermint Patty – In 1966
  • Woodstock – In 1966
  • Margie – In 1971 
  • Rerun van Pelt – 1972
  • Spike – 1975

Characters Came On TV And Movies:

  • Russell Anderson
  • Babette
  • Silas Brown
  • Camp bullies
  • Dolly
  • Freddie Fabulous
  • Fifi
  • Violette Honfleur
  • Jacques
  • Lila’s cat
  • Mary Jo
  • Mimi
  • Molly and Rover
  • Mora
  • Pierre
  • Polly
  • Sandy
  • Snoopy’s fiancée
  • Felix van Pelt


Charlie Man was indeed a fascinating show which has a lot of lessons for the viewers. The show has been loved by people around the world for its simplicity and the ability to attract the attention of the audience at once. The show also has an alias song named Simple man Charlie Daniels. This song has also gained popularity as much as the show Charlie Brown. The singer of this song is Charlie Daniels, who is also a part of the singing band name The Charlie Daniels Band. If you ever find time from your busy schedule, do watch the show:  you’re a good man Charlie Brown.

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