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What Is The Tuition Fee Structure In The Caribbean Medical Schools?

Caribbean medical schools are a popular alternative with an affordable tuition fee structure and high-quality education. In fact, Caribbean medical school tuition appeals to students who wish to acquire a medical education abroad. If we talk about medical colleges in the United States or Canada. Earning a medical degree here can empty your pocket. The cost of attending a public medical school in the USA averages between USD 37,556 and USD 62,000. While students need to spend an average of USD 60,000 annually as per a report issued by the educational firm BeMo. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), around 73 percent of medical students pass with debt every year.

What Caribbean Medical Schools Offers?

On the other hand, the Caribbean is good in terms of cost. As medical universities guarantee students a well-rounded experience during their studies. If truth be told, the Caribbean medical schools are 10-20 percent more affordable than universities in America and Canada.

Additionally, top-tier Caribbean medical schools offer several financial aid and scholarships to matriculants to support them in managing their medical education expenses. So, we encourage you to apply to those medical universities certified by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority. For Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) or the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM). And also for a better learning experience and a bright future ahead.

Please note that accredited medical schools in the Caribbean offer an advanced curriculum. In line with the modern medical standard for the overall development of matriculants. Putting tuition and fees aside, the cost of living, accommodation and transportation in the Caribbean is way cheaper than its foreign counterparts.

A Comprehensive Overview Of Tuition Fee Structure In The Caribbean:

In top-tier Caribbean med schools, tuition and fees billed on a semester basis for matriculants in Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences programs. Tuition and fees for the Basic Sciences students are due upon registration. However, non-payment of tuition and fees before 15 days of the class resumption leads to canceling registration.

Students planning to enroll in the Clinical Sciences program need to pay tuition and fees prior to registration. And at least one month before starting the semester or clinical rotation. Matriculants enrolled in the Clinical Sciences program will bill for an entire semester irrespective of the commencement date. Notably, both Basic Sciences and Clinical Science students need to pay a USD 100 late fee if they fail to submit tuition and fees on time.

Coming to the course price, students enrolled in May 2021 semester have to spend USD 17,325 tuition per semester for Basic Sciences and USD 22,150 tuition per semester for the Clinical Sciences program. For September 2021 semester students, the cost of pursuing Basic Sciences is USD 19,950 tuition per semester, while it costs around USD 24,350 tuition per semester for Clinical Sciences.

Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change. So, students are encouraged to check the financial structure of the medical universities they want to attend. Explore top-tier medical schools and apply to the course now!

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