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What Is The Lowest GPA To Get Into Medical Universities In The Caribbean?

Medicine is one of the most popular professions across the world. Thousands of students apply to reputed medical Universities across the world.

However, getting into a good medical school in the US or Caribbean is far from easy. According to data released by AAMC, only 41.9% of students get accepted into a school. However, with this level of competition, there are many factors that can determine your chances of acceptance into a good medical school.

The GPA score of your undergraduate degree is an important determinant in your medical school acceptance. A high college GPA can increase your chances of getting into a good school while a low score will force you to improve your profile in other ways.

Read ahead to learn why Caribbean Medical Universities can be a possible solution to this problem and what kind of GPA you would require to take admission in a medical university in the Caribbean Islands.

Why Are An Increasing Number Of Students Applying To Caribbean Medical Schools?

Caribbean medical schools offer a cheaper and more affordable alternative to studying medicine. Reputed medical schools like the Saba University School of Medicine also offer different financial aids and loans for international students which can ease their financial strain.

Additionally, Caribbean medical schools also renowned for maintaining their academic standards and quality of education. There are many accredited colleges in the area that help their students achieve high USMLE scores and secure residencies with the best teaching hospitals in the US.

Lastly, most Caribbean medical colleges usually have less competitive GPA requirements. Which can make it easier for students to get accepted.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into A Caribbean Medical School?

Although GPA requirements might differ from one school to another, most medical colleges aim to admit meritorious students who can sustain a hectic workload. Most colleges in the US and the Caribbean have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.8.

What Else Do You Need To Get Into A Good Medical School In The Caribbean?

A high GPA alone wouldn’t guarantee you a spot in a good Caribbean medical college. In addition, there are plenty of other factors that will decide your entry into a good school.

Here are some other requirements you might need to fulfill to secure a spot in good Caribbean Medical Universities.

Pre-medical course requisites:

The most common course pre-requisites include one year each of biology, zoology, organic chemistry, general physics, math, and English.

A decent MCAT score:

An MCAT score of 512 is considered decent.

An acceptable score in an English efficiency test:

Most colleges accept an IELTS or TOEFL score.

Strong letters of recommendation:

Letters of recommendation from influential people in the medical world can clinch the odds in your favor.


In the end, we can just say, before admission to medical schools in the Caribbean, you need to find out the best one. Especially remember you should prefer that one which suits you. The atmosphere is also important for better studies, so remember this point also.

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