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What Are the Best SEO Audit Tools?

The competition on the internet is fierce, with only 9% of all content receiving traffic from Google. Even more concerning, only 4.5% of web pages receive ten or more visits per month. SEO issues are the primary cause of 91% of websites receiving little or no traffic. Thankfully, there are practical ways to address these issues and start to attract organic traffic to your website. One of them is to invest in the best SEO audit tools. 

The best SEO audit tools effectively dig deep into your website, discovering any SEO problems that might be adversely affecting your web pages. Once the SEO audit is complete, the tools provide actionable resolution insights. It’s the best way to get your website ranked highly and maintain that position.

If you are a brand, you should note that SEO tools do not come cheap. Additionally, you have a single login that is tracked by IP addresses. This means that if you are using multiple log-ins, you stand the risk of being locked out or your account getting suspended. Maintaining subscriptions for multiple SEO tools is an expensive proposition. This is why you need to work with specialized marketing firm in Atlanta that offers SEO services. 

In today’s blog, we take a look at some of the top SEO audit tools available today.


For well over a decade, SEMrush has consistently proven to be a highly reliable SEO audit software.

This SEO veteran features an all-in-one online marketing suite with over 40 intelligence tools. The tools work together to make SEMrush incredibly effective in keyword research, content optimization, paid ad research, social media tracking, and competitor intelligence.

As an SEO audit software, SEMrush’s Audit tool can crawl through web pages, flagging up any issues that relate to the implementation of your accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and HTTPS security protocols.

The tool also identifies problems with internal linking, JavaScript, CSS, meta tags, website crawl ability, page loading speeds, and SEO content. In total, SEMrush scans your website for more than 130 SEO and technical issues.

Users receive thematic reports after the audit. The software categorizes SEO issues based on severity. The tool then provides effective resolution insights.

The HOTH’s SEO Audit Tool:

Another powerful SEO audit software you can use to improve your web pages is HOTH’s free SEO audit tool. The fact that it’s free means that you can get comprehensive data on your website and web pages without spending lots of money on an expensive SEO audit service provider.

Using this tool is a straightforward affair. You enter your domain or web pages into the audit tool. You can also opt to enter your competitor URLs for comparison.

As soon as you’ve entered all the URLs and keywords you want to be audited, all you need to do is click “Scan Now.” The tool immediately gets to work, and within seconds, you get a comprehensive SEO report. You also get valuable insights on what to do to improve your website and web pages.


SpyFU is a widely popular name in the world of SEO. The software comes with an array of digital marketing tools that perform exceptionally well when it comes to keyword research, competitor research, backlink tracking, rank tracking, PPC research, and much more. 

Note that SpyFU doesn’t have a dedicated website audit tool. The software instead combines different tools that give you valuable insight into your SEO campaign. 

For instance, using SpyFU’s Keyword Research feature, you can find out which keywords you need to do away with. The competitor research feature points out any potential flaws in your competitor’s sites that are similar to yours.

SpyFU is highly effective in identifying ranking opportunities. It also quickly identifies any flaws on your website exposed by recent Google updates. The tool also vets your backlinks and helps eliminate any junk links and duplicates.


Ahrefs is a legendary name in SEO circles, with the software has been around for well over a decade. Ahrefs’ commercial Web crawler, AhrefsBot, is the biggest at the moment. 

Ahrefs is an all-inclusive SEO tool that features more than five tools. You get a:

  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Content Explorer
  • Rank Tracker
  • Site Audit Tool

The site audit tool is where all SEO auditing happens. The tool points out any problems with your site’s external pages, as well as issues with JavaScript and CSS resources. The tool also identifies:

  • Broken pages and redirects
  • Orphan pages and no-follow links
  • Duplicate pages
  • Missing or incomplete social tags
  • Low word count articles 
  • HTML tags that are poorly optimized
  • Page performance issues

Once Ahrefs has identified these features, it offers actionable tips for resolving them. 

An important feature of Ahrefs is that the tool can effectively crawl both your website’s mobile and desktop versions. The tool can also schedule automatic monthly, weekly, and daily site crawls, ensuring that your site remains optimized. You get a real-time crawl log, helping you see your site’s performance whenever you want to.

Google Search Console:

There’s no better way to know how your website is performing than to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. That’s what makes Google Search Console so popular. The tool provides an entire cluster of metrics on search performance. 

With Google Search Console, you can go back in time and see SEO issues on your site from 16 months ago. You get insights into your website’s indexation as well as any issues with accessibility.

The tool offers details on your site’s structured data, AMP, HTML, content quality, broken links, and more. The moment issues on your site are identified, Google Search Console instantly sends an email alert. You can thus address these issues promptly and get your site back to peak performance.

Use the Best SEO Audit Tools to Keep Your Site Ahead:

One of the best ways to help your site maintain a high ranking in search engines is through regular site audits. The good news is that there are digital tools to help with this task.

And for those on a budget, you’ll be glad to know that some of the best SEO audit tools are available for free. 

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