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Google Ads – A Beginner’s Guide

There was once a time when the only way to get on the first page of Google search results was a top ranking; then along came Google Ads, which allows you to place an ad right next to the top related search results! By using the space on that page for ads, Google was onto a winner, and let’s face it, traffic is traffic and the top spots are accessible with Google Ads.

Set a campaign budget for Google Ads

As an advertiser, you get to choose the budget for your PPC campaign; if you are using an SEO agency, they would advise you on budget and placement they would take control of all campaigns, and should you be pleased with the results, there is always the option to increase your budget. If you are new to PPC, talk to Australia’s leading PPC marketing agency and let the top guys manage your campaigns.

Optimise for mobile devices

Smartphone and tablet use is on the rise and to maximize your reach, you should optimize for all digital devices. This is something for your PPC agency to deal with, along with cyber-security, which is an integral aspect of online marketing.

Matching with the top keywords

The key to successful PPC is aligning your ad text with the top search terms; you have to take the guessing out of the equation by doing in-depth keyword research and making sure you incorporate top search terms into your ads. This can lead to a user typing in those exact keywords and your ad comes up next to the top results and you get a click which can lead to a conversion.

Ad auctions

Google Ads uses an auction system that works at the speed of light; you preset your bids and very often you end up paying less and still get good results. Google creates Ad Ranks that determine where you are in the queue; if all this sounds a bit complicated, it is, which is why you need a top-rated PPC management agency in your corner. 

Keeping track of performance is critical, as it allows you to adjust ad text whenever you think it would help. Talk to Australia’s leading SEO agency to find out more about how to win with Google Ads.

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