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Basement Flood- Common Causes And How To Fix Them

If you’ve wanted to know why basements flood, this article will provide you with everything you need to know. When your basement floods, it can be something that is extremely frustrating. A basement is a great place to store items and possibly even have a spare bedroom or apartment; it can also be a huge problem when it comes to flooding in the home. Basement flooding can be difficult to clean up, and it can ruin furniture, tools, equipment, and carpet. Sometimes, it requires the help of professionals, such as those from ‘58 Foundations.

It would help to understand the reasons why basements flood so that you can take preventative measures to stop the flooding in the first place.

Why Do Basements Flood So Often?

The basement is in a precarious place in the home. The basement is built into the ground, so it is naturally closer to the sources of water. Apart from that, water tends to leak into the house and water only leaks downward. Since the basement is also at the very bottom of the house, any fault or pressure placed upon the foundation will cause problems for the basement. 

The basement is located upon the foundation of the house, and it is also carrying the entire weight of the house. Water generally looks for the simplest path to enter the home. When there are heavy rains, water can come into the house. When water comes into the house, it will either enter through the basement, or it will eventually leak down into the basement.

Other Reasons Why Basements Flood

The basement can also flood due to issues with the sump pump. The sump pump has the job of pumping water outside of the house from the basement area. If the sump pump is faulty, then the water that should be going outside of the house will come inside. Another huge issue can be backups in the sewage line. 

If there is an over-accumulation of water, sewage can get backed up, and it can come out through your toilet or through other pipes in the home. Not only is this a messy problem, but it also could be a health problem.

How To Prevent Basement Flooding

Unfortunately, basement flooding can be common, but there are certain things that you can do to prevent this from happening to your home. First of all, you want to make sure that the foundation around your home is repaired. Cracks in the foundation are one of the main ways that water can come into your house. 

You do well to get in contact with a trusted basement repair company that can come out and repair cracks in your home’s foundation. Apart from that, you do well to keep your home’s sump pump in good maintenance and keep your home’s gutters and downspouts cleaned as well.

Your Basement Doesn’t Have to Flood

Even though basement floods are common, that does not have to be the case with your basement. Prevention and repair can go a long way when it comes to basement flood protection. By keeping your home and appliances in good working order, you can maintain a dry and clean basement. 

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