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White Spots On Teeth After Whitening | Causes & Treatment

After teeth whitening, there are several possible causes for the happening of white spots in teeth. If you are noticing any uneven opaque patches on your teeth, you must never ignore these signs. These white spots are severely a great cause of concern for your teeth’ health. 

Moreover, white spots appear on the teeth generally due to the deficiency of minerals in your tooth enamel layers. So, these spots are not uncommon among patients, who have recently worked on teeth whitening. So, we are here to provide you with useful guidance and treatments for the white stains in the teeth. Let’s get started. 

What Are The Cause Of White Spots on Teeth After Whitening?

When you find any irregular stains in your teeth, you must not take them lightly. It is essential to find the perfect treatment for such problems and keep your cavity problems away. However, many dentists have found out the cause of happening white spots on teeth after whitening. Major problems like such spots arise due to hypo calcification. 

You must be wondering what actually hypo calcification is? They are basically the loss of calcium in the tooth enamel which certainly leads to discoloration. Due to the exposure to too much sugary diet or acidic diet, fluoride, or a huge plaque buildup. White spots are often more noticeable after orthodontic bands, and even brackets are removed.

Some Other Common Causes: 

Apart from the hypo calcification problem, some more common causes are seen in various people. Hypo calcified areas can easily be noticed as the calcified areas appear to be brighter than usual teeth. However, due poor oral hygiene, dental fluorosis, genetic or even heavy medication can cause white spots on teeth after teeth whitening

1. Poor Oral Hygiene: 

Cavity-causing bacteria grow mainly due to a high acidic environment and improper brushing as well as flossing techniques. Several braces and dental equipment make it a far more challenging task to achieve a proper clean-up of teeth.

Therefore, be diligent while brushing or cleaning your teeth. If not, then these poor bacteria remain there and lead to stains on the teeth. And then eventually destroying it by a full cavity. 

2. Dental Fluorosis: 

This damage happens when your teeth are exposed to a large amount of fluoride. Dental fluorosis is likely to happen in young children, as they hastily brush their teeth. So, when they brush, it is the parent’s responsibility to supervise it.

The toothpaste contains lots of fluorides and this is very harmful when taken in excessive amounts. Therefore, utilise less fluoride and decrease its consumption, especially just after the tooth whitening. 

3. Medications:

Some medicines may contribute to white spots on your teeth. And due to this reason, we find that some oral medications are not recommended for kids as they will have a direct impact on their tooth’s enamel. So if you find any white spots on your teeth after taking any medicine it is best to consult a dentist as soon as you can. 

4. Genetics:

White spots occasionally happen because of some genetic problems. If you know that the white lesions come a long way in your family genes, then you must be extra cautious regarding this. 

How To Prevent White Spots On Teeth After Whitening?

The best way to prevent white spots on teeth after whitening is by regular brushing of teeth. Stains may reappear after a few days and the best way to tackle this issue is to clean your teeth regularly without fail. Moreover, you should always be in touch with your dentist and do inform them if the stains persist for a long time even after proper care. 

Oral treatments such as brushing and flossing may well work for some people. While others may require regular professional teeth cleanings, diligent oral care, and timely whitening treatments. 

Treatment For White Spots

Some of the treatments for white spots on teeth are as follows – 

1. Washing With Hydrogen Peroxide Or Carbamide Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide can be easily used to break the stains on your teeth. Furthermore, it also brightens up the enamel which fades the white spots on the teeth. 

2. Enamel Microabrasion:

This tooth treatment has been used by dentists all over the world and it has been successful in removing the white spots. In this treatment hydrochloric acid and pumice are combined and applied to the tooth to treat white spots. 

White spots are an annoying thing to have and can really affect your overall appearance. The above-mentioned information will surely help you out in tackling white spots on teeth after whitening.  

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