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Where Is Maldives Located? Maldives In World Map

There out of every ten people, nine people have the dream to visit the Maldives at least once in their life. The beautiful beaches, clear waters, amazing weather and amazing villas are the main attraction of this place. However, a lot of people asked where is Maldives located? Well, if you do not know about the exact location of Maldives then be with us to know the answer, we will give the answer to your query in this content.

This is one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations For November where newlywed couples want to go for a honeymoon. Even many film stars also often visit the place as well to enjoy some times and explore this island as well. The bluish sky and slow wind help to take pleasure in this place too. You can check out this amazing island with your family, friends and partners as well.

Moreover, the best time to visit this amazing place is from November to April. Within these months one can go there and enjoy it fully. The hostility of those owners of the villas will surprise you and will provide full delight as well. Besides that, the beautiful sceneries of this place are amazing and enchanting as well.

If you wish to go to the Maldives then you will have to know everything about this place and will have to know Where is Maldives located and the exact location of this place as well. Hence, we will let you all know about the location of the Maldives in the below section. Let us come and know the location of this beautiful place.

#Where Is Maldives Located  And Maldives In World Map:

Taking about the location or where is Maldives located? Then we will suggest you all look at the world map first. With the help of this world map, it is will be easy for everyone to understand the exact location of the Maldives.

However, on the other side, it is totally an independent island which is in the north-central Indian Ocean. The Maldives has a total of 1200 islands coral islands and sandbanks. Every sandbanks and coral island divided into clusters and atolls.

Taking about the Maldives location on map then it is in the Indian Ocean.  You can see even the location of Maldives even on Google Maps as well.

Where Is Maldives Located

#Top 10 Things To Know Before Visiting Maldives

Moreover, there are lots of things about this beautiful island of the Maldives which you should know before going to this place. One should know the location of Maldives in world map and other important things related to this place as well.

There are very few people who live on this island that is why it is the lowest inhabitant place on the whole. However, a lot of people get confused about the Maldives in which ocean. Hence, we would like to inform you all that this beautiful island is in the Indian Ocean.

There are altogether two hundred islands in this Maldives and around twenty-six islands people live and rest of the places are inhabitant.

However, nowhere we will focus on few very important things about the Maldives which one should know well before checking out this place.

1. The Maldives Is Made Up Of Over 1,000 Small Islands.

Those who are unaware of the Maldives and its island then we would like to say that the Maldives is made with around 1190 islands. Surprised, right? Yes, it is a surprising thing about the Maldives.

However, there are so many small islands in the Maldives that one cannot see on the map. Moreover, one will have to zoom in, the camera on the world map to identify each of the islands. After that, there are thousands of people who want to know the Maldives in which country, for their information the Maldives in South Asia.

2. Not All Of Those Islands Are Inhabited.

There are over twenty islands where people are living in this beautiful place and the rest of the islands people are going for vacation and enjoyment. Even people are coming from different zones and countries just to visit this place at once and fully explore the whole island as well.

3. The Maldives Has Bioluminescent Beaches.

If you wish to see the bioluminescent beaches then you will find those beaches on this Maldives Island as well. Throughout the whole world, there only a few places have which have these bioluminescent beaches.

4. Resort Islands In The Maldives Play By Their Own Vacation-Friendly Rules.

People or the travellers who come to this place mainly stay at the beautiful villas or in resorts as well. All these villas and resorts are having some vacation friendly rules by the owners and some other people as well. Moreover, all the travellers will have to follow the rules of this place as well.

5. Essentially Every Resort In The Maldives Is On Its Own Private Island.

Moreover, the Maldives beach at night looks just mesmerising and the people enjoy this scenery very much. Besides that, each of the resorts situates on this island has its own private island, so that, the tourists do not face any kinds of troubles while roaming around the beaches or in these places as well.

6. The Best Time To Visit The Maldives Is November To April.

For all the Indian people the best time to visit this amazing place is from November to April. Within all these months you can visit the Maldives whenever you want. However, in the other months, there will be a little high heat of the sun rays which the people may not find pleasing as well.

7. Overwater Villas Are Stunning, But Can Be Overrated.

Taking about how many Maldives islands have then there are around two hundred islands. However, not all the islands have humans to live there, only in few islands have people.

8. The Drinking Water In The Maldives Is Different.

The taste of the water of Maldives is different. You may not find it pleasing as well. Therefore you will have to deal with this thing before visiting this place.

9. The Maldives Are Incredibly Safe.

If you are thinking that this place may lead to any kind of trouble for you while you are exploring this place then you are totally wrong. This place is wholly and incredibly safe for all travellers.

You can go to Maldives weather in June, in this month you can enjoy yourself a lot with your friends and family members. However, there are other months too for going to this place.

The Maldives beach at night will help you to enjoy fully and offer you lots of sweet memories as well to remember for a lifetime.

10. Visiting The Maldives Is Incredibly Expensive.

However, for middle-class families visiting the Maldives is quite expensive and a dream as well. Those who want to go to the Maldives can take a Maldives visa from India as well. Without a visa, you cannot go there and enjoy this beautiful place as well.

In addition, one can take Mumbai to Maldives flight to reach the Maldives as well. For the people of Mumbai, it will be easy for them to take the flights as well.

The Maldives glowing beach will hold your all attention and focus within it and astonished you at the same time as well.

Another surprising thing is Maldives underwater hotel which is another attraction for all travellers. It will offer them a view of underwater creatures as well.

#Fun Facts About Maldives

In this section, now we will talk about some of the fun facts about the Maldives that you may not know. Let us know the fun facts.

1. Maldives Equatorial Sunlight

In Maldives beach, the sunlight falls very highly and it can affect the skin very badly. In 90 degree angles, the sunlight falls heavily. Thus, be very careful about this equatorial sunlight. Moreover, you can stay at the Maldives best resorts as well.

 2. Maldives Sandbanks And Islands Shapes

The sandbanks and the islands of Maldives are magical. Some of the islands and sandbanks are hidden; some of them visible only in the monsoon and some are carried by nature as well.

Hence, the Maldives water villa is there to take, care of all the tourists and provide them with an entire joyful atmosphere.

3. Maldives Whale Shark

All the visitors can see the whale shark, one of the main attractions of Maldives. From Maldives water resort anyone can be enjoying watching them.

4. Maldives Origin

Many researchers are claimed that the Maldives formed from sunken volcanoes and almost six hundred years ago. The Maldives vacation cost is much expensive for the common people and they probably cannot afford the budget as well.

5. Lowest Country On The Planet

It is the lowest country on the planet and Maldives best island including lots of other islands as well. The travellers can go there and enjoy as well.

6. Maldives Deserts Islands

You can get fun while visiting the Maldives desert islands as well. A lot of people go there just to enjoy these desert islands. The Maldives glowing beach and desert beaches are extraordinary.

7. Maldives Coconut Trees

You will a lot of coconut trees on the beaches of Maldives and you can take a rest under the coconut trees as well.

8. Maldives Coral Sandy Beaches

Another fun fact is the Maldives coral sandy beaches. The tourists can go to sandy beaches as well to have some fun.

9. Maldives Sand Is Poop

The parrotfishes are one of the other fun things about the Maldives. These fishes contribute so much to the beauties of Maldives beaches.

10. Maldives Dhoni Shapes

However, there one can find all the dhoni shaped islands to roam on the islands and the beaches as well. Some of the beaches look so perfect that people look at those beaches surprisingly as well.

#5 Unknown Things About Maldives:

Therefore, there are a few more unknown things that remain to know about the Maldives. Let us join to know about the unknown things of this beautiful and amazing place. Moreover, where is Maldives located and in which ocean one will get to know it as well?

1. World’s First Underwater Cabinet Meeting

Nobody can think that underwater the meetings can be held too. The Maldives government introduces this amazing plan of doing underwater meetings keeping the thing in mind about global warming. It is quite unique and amazing at the same time to do meeting underwater. With the times, their lots of things that include in human life and people are accepting those things as well.

2. Flattest Country In The World

It is one of the lowest and flattest countries in the world. The whole country is made of islands. Around 200 islands are there in the Maldives and in 26 islands people are living too. However, the travellers or the tourists visit mostly on these 26 islands because the rest of the other islands do not all the facilities to live and enjoy properly.

3. Home Of Whale Sharks

The Maldives is the home of whale sharks. You can see them anytime from the resorts, villas and underwater as well. Hence, this considers one of the most beautiful things for the people who go to this place and explore all the exciting things as well. If you want to know where is Maldives located, then you can find the answer above as well.

4. 1190 Coral Islands And 26 Atolls

Within this lowest country Maldives, it has 26 atolls along with 1190 islands as well. However, on 187 beaches people lived and you will find luxurious hotels on 106 islands too. Thus, one cannot say directly that this island is that small.

5. A Sinking Paradise

Where is Maldives located? Well, this beautiful paradise located in the Indian Ocean. The underwater resorts and villas will provide you with the feel of a sinking paradise. Moreover, it looks like a small piece of heaven as well for all the people who go there to check out everything on this beautiful beach.


Therefore, in this piece of article we try to elaborate everything about the Maldives and where is Maldives located as well with you all. Moreover, some unknown facts about this place and important things before checking in to this place as well.

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