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What To Serve With Fried Rice; You Should Try Now

More or less we all Indians are very much foodie. People like to taste different types of dishes whether it is in their house or in the restaurants. There are so many dishes, that people like to eat. Among those popular dishes, one of the most favorite dishes is fried rice for many of us. It is a very easy recipe to make in the house if you have all the basic ingredients in your house. If you search on the internet on what to serve with fried rice then you will see many tutorial results of it.

We often prepare fried rice in our house whether at lunchtime or in dinnertime. However, sometimes we get confused about what to serve with Fried Rice to make the taste of the fried rice better or yummy. One can see in the restaurants that they provide some side dishes with the fried rice to make the taste more delicious. Now we will discuss with all of you some easy recipes that you can serve with fried rice.

Few Amazing Side Dishes To Serve With Fried Rice

If you are tired of eating or tasting the same dish then you must try sometime new with the fried rice. It will help your eating more enjoyable and delicious. If you have the confusion on what to serve with Fried Rice then this article will help you out from your problem. Let us have a look quickly.

1. Dam Aloo:

Dam aloo is a very famous recipe that you can serve with plain rice, roti, or anything. Most of the time people prefer this recipe with puri or parathas. However, this is a perfect dish, which goes with fried rice also. If you want to make your eating amazing then you can try this dish with the fried rice. What to serve with Fried Rice, it can be a perfect option for you to make and provide to your family members.

2. Butter Paneer:

It is very much delicious and at the same time mouth-watering dish. In the restaurant, we often order it with fried rice. However, you can prepare this dish even at your home. If you have the question in your mind what to eat with fried rice then you can select this dish. It is a very easy recipe to prepare and within one hour, you can make butter paneer in your kitchen.

3. Aloo Curry:

Another best for you is that aloo curry. It takes a very least time to prepare. The taste of this dish is also very delicious. People who are having the problem of what to serve with fried rice; they can make this aloo curry side dish recipe.

4. Chicken:

Chicken is the most popular and favorite dish to a vast section of people. There are so many chicken recipes with many varieties and tastes. People eat chicken as it is a healthy dish also. Therefore, it is the most appropriate dish for everyone to make. One may select this chicken and prepare any dish with the help of it to eat with fried rice.


5. Fish:

Fishes are very much healthy for our healthy growth. Especially for the kid’s eyes, the oily fishes are very helpful. Thus, if you are thinking about what to make or what to eat with fried rice, then you can prepare a fish recipe to get a better taste of fried rice.


Therefore here I give a few recipes that will give a well accompany your fried rice and help the eating tastier. However, are many more recipes out there that will also go with fried rice; you just have to decide what to make. One can try all these easy and simple dishes one by one.

Indrani Ghosh
Indrani Ghosh
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