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What Techniques Could The Scrum Master Use?

What techniques could the scrum master use is a crucial question to ensure effective team management. Teamwork is one of the most important things to focus on within an organization. A scrum master can energize the whole team just by the right selection of words. 

A scrum master should be someone who can change his/her personality according to the requirements and keep the team moving. The team can only perform well if the scrum master is effective enough to manage the team. 

Well, fulfilling different responsibilities and working on various roles can hamper scrum masters’ key work areas. This is why the question of what techniques could the scrum master use to work efficiently and manage the team in the best way possible. 

Not every knowledge can be obtained just by reading from books, it is quite essential for a scrum master to come out and work with the team from the ground level to communicate and understand them. Let’s find out some of the most useful solutions for the question- what techniques could the scrum master use

Scrum Master- Roles And Responsibilities 

The role and responsibilities of the scrum master change frequently as they are the only ones who will be accountable for the results. Scrum masters change their roles from being a coach, coach facilitator, and servant leader to someone who can cheer the team up, and work as an evangelist. 

There are no such fixed techniques that a scrum master could use, as they must be ready for contingent changes according to the needs of the moment. Check out the below-mentioned techniques scrum master can take while changing his responsibilities as per the requirements. 

What Help Does Scrum Master Offer?

The scrum master is helpful for the investors and the project team members in a great way. It is responsible for leading efforts to overcome hurdles in a situation when issues may appear in a project. There could be possible requirements for changes in project management because changes are commonly seen in the environment of the business. Or the requirement for changes may also arise due to technological complexities. In these situations, a scrum master offers assistance. 

The scrum master must be acquainted with all of the team members’ preferred tools for development in order to effectively manage the difficulties and setbacks that can occur during a project. To offer the best possible assistance to software developers, a scrum master must have extensive features. 

A scrum master can also be an excellent substitute for a team leader as they have solid management abilities. As a team leader, it could ensure accountability, uphold targets and good ideas, and engage the entire team in the project as well. 

What Techniques Could The Scrum Master Use

What Techniques Could The Scrum Master Use During Scrum? 

The most useful techniques among what techniques could the scrum master use during scrum are active listening and open questions. These techniques will help the team in communicating in the best way possible. 

It is essential to contact a technical specialist for some specialized techniques to get their help in making the final decision. Every member should be able to visit the HR department to register their concerns. 

Let’s learn what techniques could the scrum master use

Advanced skill learning: 

To apply useful techniques, first, the scrum master needs to have advanced scrum skills. Transparency, adaptation, and inspection are the key factors of a successful scrum master. Using respect, courage, commitment, and focus can definitely bring success. 

Scrum implementation: 

A scrum master must be knowledgeable enough to build a comprehensive and reliable project plan. To gain subsequent knowledge, a scrum master should have all the necessary certifications to win the trust of any organization. 


Headship is another technique that can be used to answer the question, what techniques could scrum master use as scrum master should be aware of the fact that he/she is responsible for managing the development process. The scrum master should start establishing good relations with the product holder to ensure success. This way, they can easily track the progress of the work and get regular updates. 


A team can not work without having good communication skills, harmony, and coordination between them. The scrum master should look for options to create the best out of their existing members. The scrum master must encourage members to work effectively and efficiently in a team without any conflicts. 

Project management: 

From building plans to implementing them, the scrum master should keep a high level of energy in the organization during this period. The scrum master can prepare product backlogs and maintain them to ensure high efficiency. Small details should not be avoided to keep everything perfect. 


The scrum master should be courageous enough to take risks. Steps and plans should not be avoided just because they have some amount of risk. 

The Best Technique That Scrum Master Can Guarantee: 

What techniques could the scrum master use that can ensure effectiveness in the organization? Here are the two best techniques that a scrum master can use: 

  1. Make a good relationship with the development team to contact them directly for the business requirement goals. 
  2. Another useful technique is to bring all the developers together and create a development team. 

I hope, by now, you know what techniques could the scrum master use to work successfully. Let’s get to know about some skills required in a scrum master. 

Technical Skills Required In A Scrum Master: 

A scrum master should possess top-quality skills. Below, we have made a short list of qualities required in a scrum master. Let’s have a look at them: 

  • Communication and being a good listener. 
  • Always open to introducing engineering practices.
  • Persistence and flexibility.
  • The scrum master should be optimistic and a servant leader. 

Responsibilities Of Scrum Master During The Sprint: 

We have already discussed what techniques could the scrum master use, check out the three major responsibilities of a scrum master during the sprint. 

  • Organizing daily scrum meetings, also known as daily standups. 
  • Head the sprint planning meetings and make everyone aware clearly of the plan and process. 
  • The last but most important, asking for feedback for the members regarding the sprints. Accepting the valuable recommendations and working on the drawbacks of the completed sprints.


Maintaining a productive Scrum environment for team members so that they can comprehend the concept and techniques to produce the finest caliber work is the responsibility of a scrum master. The right techniques used by the scrum master can enhance the productivity and profitability of any team immediately. 

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